Zynga accused two former workers of stealing its confidential informatio

Zynga accused two former workers of stealing its confidential information and use it for the launch of Scopely products on Tuesday. Scopely company was also one of the defendants in this lawsuit.


These two former workers are Massimo Maietti and Ehud Barlach. Maietti worked as the creative director of Project Mars and resigned from Zynga in July. While Barlach worked as general manager of Hit it Rich! Slots and resigned from Zynga in September.

Maietti was accused of stealing confidential data from Zynga and Zynga implied that Barlach may steal confidential data as well. They were accused of violating employment contract as they worked for another company soon after they left Zynga.

Zynga claimed:” Maietti logged in Zynga’s Google Cloud Drive account on July 4, 2016 through Google Chrome browser. The history record showed that Maietti download 10 files which acquired permission under his job duties. He used Google Chrome to compressed these 10 files and downloaded them to File Download folder. He copied 9 of compressed files and send them to external USB.”

” Maietti pulled out the external USB then and moved the compressed files into recycle bin but save the data in USB. It was tested that Maietti moved 20,000 files and folders into recycle bin to cover what he did.”

The investigators found clues while investigating why employees resigned from Zynga. They found that Maietti took over 14,000 files from Zynga and about 20GB sensitive or top class confidential information.

Zynga mentioned Derek Heck in the lawsuit. He worked as project manager of Wizard of Oz slots and Willy Wonda Slots. He deleted 24,000 files and folders in the last month he worked for Zynga.

Scopely and Zynga made no comments on this piece of news yet.

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