You have chance to beta test PS4’s next major update now

If you are a user of PS4, able to access the internet as well as having a master account, then you may be taken into consideration of experiencing the beta test for the console’s next major update.


Sony will introduce the beta programme on September 2 for the test. And it allows the PS 4 users to sign up to be a membership to beta test via the PSN Beta website. The update has not been released yet, so it may be a great attraction for the PS fans.

PlayStation senior product Manager Adam Grant wrote on the PlayStation Blog indicating that the company will run a beta programme to test its new features before they launch the next major system software update for PlayStation4.There are always lots of aspects to be considered before a new app is launched.

He added:”if you would like to experience the PS4 at the new features in advance, and would like to give us your precious feedback about the service for our improvement, don’t hesitate, sign up via PSN beta website as soon as possible.”

The beta testers are allowed to roll back to their previous PS4 system software update whenever they like during the programme test.

Sony just offers limited applicants to experience this test. So you need to hurry up to sign up when you are available.


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