Tumblr supports web Live Photos and has Laphs open source

Live Photos is a new file format made by Apple for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus which can catch the image 1.5 seconds front and back.


Live Photos is a combination of static image and short video which can be a unique displaying experience for users. Apple is not the only tech company has this technology. Samsung, Google and some tech companies started developing such technology.

The world biggest light blooging Tumblr announced to support Live Photos on its mobile app in the late of last year. Ten months later, Tumblr imports Live Photos to its web edition. In the meantime, Tumblr announced to have a JavaScript library named Laphs (Live Anywhere Photos´╝ëopen source for the application of other web developers so that they can apply Live Photos on any different webpage.

Now, if users wish to view the effect images of Live Photos on webpage, users need to hold and click the mouse continuously to activate its function. To fully activate the function of Live Photos on webpage to make sure the successful display on browsers, Tumblr will receive a static image ectype named .jpeg and video ectype named .mov and transfer.mov into .mp4 format after users posted effect images of Live Photos through iOS device.

After that, Tumblr will apply Laphs solution to integrate .jpeg and .mp4 formats and import it to Tumblr webpage experience to create the playback of Live

There is a concentric circle icon on the top left of Live Photos on Tumblr. Tumblr plans to introduce Live Photos to Android devices in the near

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