The public and officials are afraid FBI’s misusing its license plate scanner data


The public concern that the surveillance of big brother is beyond phone calls’ and emails monitoring. The public is also being watched when they drive. They have to accept the reasons given when they were monitored by patrolling police and traffic cameras. They raise privacy concerns as they use the license plate scanners.

It is not the first time they raise those questions, however, according internal FBI documents that its action must be in accordance with American Civil Liberate Union. Even the officials who work in the Bureau doubted that if they are watched by the data.

What the public concerns most is that the automatically license plate readers can rapidly collect the data of the drivers in the area. It can trace the data fast and get fairly clear picture of drivers’ activities. It can record tens of thousands of people each time and write down what they are doing.

The FBI’s Video Surveillance Unit can check out the information quickly and locate the sites for crime investigation, but there is not much regulation stated about how the readers work. When they intended to spy the behavior of criminal suspects, there are lots of ways that FBI can check off the information from specific groups.

We have not idea what the specifics of license plate scanners, so we say little regulation. The data from ACLU-acquired documents that FBI stopped buying plate readers at present as the Office of General Counsel was against with LPR privacy issues.

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