T-Mobile and Sprint received more iPhone 7 orders that stimulated Apple share increased

Apple share increased by about 3% on September 13 owing to the reports concerning iPhone 7 pre-orders made by T-Mobile and Sprint.


Apple released two new iPhone models at its autumn product release on September 7. However, Apple announced that it would not release the pre-orders of opening weekend this year. The media assumed Apple lost faith in the sales of iPhone 7.

T-Mobile claimed that they received the largest pre-orders for iPhone 7 on a single day. While Sprint announced the two models pre-orders of iPhone 7 increased by 375% yoy.

It is worth noting that the leading mobile operators are AT&T and Verizon in smartphone market in United States. They have been the iPhone cooperative dealers for a long time. There are no reveals of opening weekend sales for iPhone 7 from these two companies.

Thanks to this good news, Apple share increased by 2.84% on Tuesday. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be available at retail stores on this Friday.

Apple iPhone encountered first decline since 2007 in past two quarters. The decline in sales volume was over 10%.The Nikkei reported that Apple upstream suppliers received 30% fewer mobile component orders. The Wall Street analysts felt negative against the sales volume of iPhone 7.

There are also Tech media reported the first evaluation concerning iPhone 7. Many media thought iPhone 7 is lack of highlights. But some experts felt iPhone 7 is still the one that owns best performance in the market.

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