Microsoft Surface Book is ready on sale for$ 2399, 30% increase of battery life

Since the release of Windows 10, Surface Studio becomes the most concerned product. If you wish to purchase new model with powerful Surface Book or Surface Dial, you can access these two products today.



As an updated product, new Surface Book deployed NVDIA 965M video card to replace 940M. Its graphics performance increased by twice, and battery life increased by 30% with 16 hours of working. Microsoft still applied Intel Core processor instead of the latest Kabv Lake processor. It is more practical to enhance its battery life than upgrade its processor.

It is a pity that Microsoft won’t allow you upgrade the old iPad to newest version though you can do in theory. The new Surface Book has better performance but weights lighter. It is under 4 pounds and with longer battery life.

Surface Dial is also on sale today. However, consumers need to wait until December 15 for its official delivery date. Though Surface Dian is designed for Surface Studio, it is not a matter for you to purchase to apply on other devices. The most featured character of Surface Dial is to be displayed on the screen by dimmer control. However, this feature is only available for Surface Studio ( or devices that updates of Surface Book and Surface Pro fixed hardware). Without using screen control, Surface Dial is compatible with all desktops.

In terms of prices, Surface Book with Performance Base starts with $2399,while Surface Dial configured with 256G ROM and 8G RAM AND i7 processor is sold at $99.

Apple acquired partial technology of Omnifone to enhance music app performance

TechCrunch reported that Apple just acquired partial technology of Omnifone for $ 10 million. Omnifone is a global music platform.


It had been reported that this acquisition started from this July, however, the difference is Apple did not acquire Omnifone completely. The acquisition is excluded the patent portfolio of Omnifone.

In addition, Omnifone employees revealed the change of personnel on LinkedIn profiles. There were about 16 Omnifone employees’ profiles showed that they work for Apple, most of them are engineers.

TechCrunch assumed that those engineers were poached to work for projects of iTunes and Apple Music so that Apple integrates Omnifone new technology to iTunes and Apple Music apps.

It is unclear which technologies of Omnifone were acquired. Omnifone has over 50 patent portfolios concerning musical technologies, including digital media recognition, streaming media and download technology.

Omnifone was established in London in 2003. The operation of music cloud platform is its core business, including the tech support of MusicStation. In addition, Omnifone offers tech support for the music services of Samsung, Blackberry, Sony, Vodafone,and PonoMusic.Samsung Milk Music is based on the application of Omnifone.

Apple has been paid much attention to its music business in recent years. It is considered as a new strategy to solve the problem of smartphone growth.Apple earnings in Q3 showed that its music business revenue increased by 24% yoy, up to $630 million. That is one of the reasons why Apple seeks for potential music companies to acquire or cooperate.

Google Capital buys more shares of Snapchat

Google Capital, Alphabet subordinate investment department, had announced to rename as CapitalG last Friday. In the meanwhile, it revealed that it would buy more shares of Snapchat. However, Google Capital did not confirm the date, reason and share ratio of investing Snapchat. Winnie King, Google spokesman, confirmed that Snapchat is one of the companies that Google Capital invests on. Snapchat spokesman made no comment concerning financial details.


Google Capital was established in 2014. It specializes in investing on mature enterprises. It stated its goal on official website that it aims to make investments

Customized Amazon Prime comes to Chinese consumers

A blue Prime logo pops up at the side of commodities’ price when you open Amazon China website. Amazon released the customized Chinese Prime membership system one week ago. Amazon offers free delivery service for customized Amazon Prime members yearly if they buy over 200 yuan goods for cross-boarder orders, while no limit to domestic orders when they purchase the blue Prime logo commodities.


China is the first country that Amazon offers free-delivery service for cross-boarder orders among 12 membership countries. This service covers 9 million terms on Amazon China and about 4 million terms from oversea markets.

In United States, consumers need to pay$ 79 to become Prime memberships so that they can enjoy freely two-day shipping service. It costs a lot for logistics and labor in United States. Therefore, the subscription fee for Prime sounds reasonable and convenient.

Prime Membership system is a key to Amazon business. It obtains a variety of users. Prime membership, marketplace and AWS are considered as three pillars of Amazon by Jeff Benzos.

Amazon Prime members are over 65 million so far. Wall Street analyst predicted that Prime service contributed $ 7 billion revenue in cash to Amazon.

It is hard to copy that business mode in Chinese market. Oversea shopping is demand point that Prime found in Chinese market. Chinese consumers have great demand on overseas commodities now. However, they balance the delivery fee and delivery time for their purchases. They would rather choose cheapest delivery mode. Amazon aims at attracting more Chinese consumers by introducing customized Prime service.

It hopes to introduce Prime service to more Chinese consumers before November 11th and Black Friday. By August, 2016, Chinese consumers made over 10 million oversea orders Amazon oversea sites, increased by 400% yoy.

It faces the competition from and in China. Time will tell us whether Prime service works in China.

Google Daydream View is coming soon

Google made announcement through blog on November 2nd that Daydream View would be released on November 10. In the meanwhile, Google opens Google Store for this VR helmet which is priced at $ 79. From now on, consumers can make pre-orders for Daydream View helmet.


Daydream View helmet is also available from Verizon and Best Buy in United State market. Other retailers and mobile companies will also sell this VR helmet in Canada, UK, Germany and Australia.

Daydream view is the first helmet that Google aims at supporting Daydream VR platform. Daydream VR platform is made under the compatibility of Android Nougat operating system. Judged by the current situation,its VR helmet needs to connect with Google Pixel and Pixel XL mobiles. Google is supposed to release other smartphone devices that compatible with VR helmet in a few months.

By far, Google only provides one color option for Daydream View VR helmet,that is, dark bluish grey. It will release other two color options for Daydream View later, they are dark red and snowy white. All models of Daydream View are made of soft cloth and foamed materials and configured with plastic framework. The accessaries of Daydream View include a plastic monitor, charging with USB-C. Consumers can either purchase an independant cable or apply the USB cable of Pixel phone.

Google also launches all kinds of apps for Daydream View, including VR news apps of New York Times and Wall Street Journal, FPS of Gunjack and Danger Goat.

How Google makes profit after it restructured the parent company as Alphabet

Alphabet, Google parent company, released its Q3 earnings report three months ended on September 30 on October 29. It obtained stable growth as it did in Q2.


The earnings showed Alphabet received $ 22.551 in revenue in Q3, increased by 20% yoy. Its net profit in Q3 was $5.061 billion, increased by 27% yoy. This growth rate was similar to the performance of Q2 earnings. The Q2 revenue of Alphabet increased by 21% yoy, while net profit increased by 26% yoy.

In fact, Alphabet received excellent earnings reported for 4 quarters in a

Google Express online shopping covers 90% of United States

Google Express quit the delivery of Fresh food lately. This action helps it to spread its business quickly in United States. It was reported last month that Google Express was introduced to some more eastern cities in United States, serving over 70 million consumers. Google Express is similar to Amazon Prime, covering about 90% districts of United States.


Google teamed up with many famous retailers to provide goods. What does it mean to consumers? This action of Google may replace the service of Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime obtained many existing users and its service is quite good. However, its subscription fee at $ 99 per year keeps many potential consumers away for a try to shop online.

With Google Express, more and more citizens can shop their favorite goods without going out. Google Express provides a variety goods from retailers and offer several subscribed options: $ 10 monthly subscription fee, $ 95 annually subscription fee or $ 5 a single delivery.

It is worth noting that the single delivery charge is based on the same store. If consumers make orders on different stores, he may need to pay several times of $ 5. By contrast, Amazon Prime charges a fixed fee for each good at $ 5.99, delivered in a few hours at the soonest.

The partners include Costco, Kohl, Walgreens, The Vitamin Shoppe and Petsmart. The supply of goods that you made on Google Express are from local retial stores. Consumers don’t need to wait long till they receive them.

With a single click on the button of any partners, consumers can check all goods online, such as pets food, gadgets, home furnishing, health products/cosmetics, baby products and daily provisions.

Apple will release Q3 earnings on Tuesday: iPhone 7 sales is concerned

Apple adjusted the Q3 earnings meeting from October 27 to October 25. iPhone 7 sales volume will be one of the focuses of Q3 earnings.


Apple released to models of iPhone in the beginning of September and introduced them worldwide in the same month. Thus, the new iPhone will affect the sales volume and revenue of smartphone business in Q3.

New York Times predicted that the Q3 earnings will show the public how iPhone 7 performs. The accident and recall of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 may contribute to more sales of iPhone 7 as many potential consumers quit purchasing Note 7 when this scandal revealed.

The crisis of Note 7 started from the beginning of September. Note 7 was stopped selling. Earlier in September, Samsung Electronics started recalling Note 7 and offered alternative update phones to consumers. However, there were still accidents occurred with the new phone. Finally, Samsung announced to stop selling and producing Note 7 for good.

It is well-known that Apple and Samsung obtained most market share of high-end smartphone in US. The public assumed the Note 7 recalls will finally benefit Apple. Samsung Electronics also took measures to relieve the affect of Note 7 scandal.

Apple suffered difficulties to obtain more market share for iPhone. It declined by 1.5% in Q1 and Q2. The reason for sales decline was that iPhone 6s with fewer updates. Apple aimed at attracting more new consumers to purchase iPhone 7 to rebound smartphone sales.

Some Wall Street analyst predicted that Apple sold about 45 million iPhones in Q3. The smartphone sales is said to decline by 9% yoy by the end of September.

The sales in desktop, smartphone, laptop and watch all suffered decline with more than 10 % in the first half of this year. IDC statistics showed that Apple PC is with a 13% drop. iPhone 7 has turning point to obtain more share, while other hardware business sections are hard to get their turning points.

Pokémon Go revenue reached $ 600 million in 90 days

App Annie reported that Pokémon Go reached $ 600 million in revenue, becoming the fast-growing mobile game.


Though the user growth of Pokémon Go slows down a bit, it still becomes the most successful mobile game in history. App Annie found that its developer Niantic Labs received $ 600 million in revenue from July to September. This game made a record to receive so much revenue in such a short time.

Pokémon Go just took 90 days to reach $ 600 million in revenue in consumer spend. By contrast, Candy Crush Saga spent more than 200 days to reach the same revenue value. While Puzzle& Dragons spent 400 days and Clash of Clans spent more than 500 days to reach $ 600 million revenue.

In the meantime, App Annie also did research of total time spent in top 20 games among players. It found that the total time of Pokémon Go players spent is almost the total of other 19 games time spent. Pokémon Go accounts for 45% of total time spent among 20 games. The other 19 games just account for 55% in total.

App Annie claimed that the most impressive aspect of Pokémon Go is that it turned player’s time spent from non-mobile to mobile time. Pokémon Go did not take up the playing time of other games. Its innovative AR gaming setting inspired players spent much time on mobile games.

Pokémon Go enjoyed a great popularity when it was released at the beginning. Though its popularity declined a bit in the third month, it can still be considered as the No.1 mobile game in terms of players’ time spent on it.

eBay introduces ShopBot of Facebook Messenger

eBay just imported personal shopping assistant ShopBot of Facebook Messenger. This ShopBot helps consumers to search the most reasonable items on eBay.


ShopBot is still on trial. Users can apply this assistant through the log-in page or search eBay ShopBot on Facebook Messenger. Once users start using ShopBot, they can use the natural language:” I am looking for a pair of black suede shoes.” Then ShopBot will ask users the related questions and search the similar items for options. Users can also upload the image of some item so that ShopBot can search the similar items on eBay based on the image.

RJ Pittman, who works as eBay CPO,claimed they aim at providing causual shopping environment on eBay for consumers no matter they are seeking for some items or inspiartion by browsing website.

The release of ShopBox is one of the investments that eBay made in AR field. In the early of this month,eBay announced that it would acquire Corrigon company for classifying images automatically. Earlier this year, eBay acquired machine learning startup ExpertMaker and SalesPredict.

Pittman said AI technology can provide the ability of situation analysis, prediction model and machine learning. To integrate AI with a great amount of items and exclusive boutiques on eBay, it will offer a more comfortable and humanize shopping experience for smartphone users.

Facebook Messenger applied ShopBot to many robots since its release in April. Domino applies ShopBot to deliver Pizza, SkyScanner uses it to help you book cheaper airflight tickets. Though it is the first time that ShopBot applied on Facebook Messenger, eBay claimed it would be applied to more other social networking platofrms.

eBay addressed that ShopBot is still on trial and will be improved with time goes.