News Use Across Social Media Platforms report: 44% adults get news on Facebook

Pew Research Center did a lately survey that about 6-in-10 adult Americans get news from social media platforms, 18% of them are regular readers.


As a part of research in social media and press industries, Pew Research Center use the data from 9 social media platforms to analyze their readers’ coverage ratios and attributions. The survey was made between Jan. 12 and Feb. 8, involving 4,654┬áinterviewees

The news plays different roles on different social media platforms. 66% of Facebook users get news from this platform and 59% Twitter users get news from Twitter, while 70% Reddit users go to Reddit. Tumblr only gets 31% of its users share. The other five social media platforms get maximum at 20%.

The the use of different social media platforms, Facebook leads the pack. About two-thirds Americans get news from Facebook which means about 44% of American adults do that on Facebook.

YouTube is the second popular media platform for coverage ratio,up to 48%. However, only about one in five YouTube users get news from YouTube. The percentage of American adult readers on YouTube is about 10%. The coverage ratio for American adults on Twitter is 16%, with more Twitter users to get news from it.

Most social media users get news on one site, such as Facebook. 26% of social media users get news on two sites, while 10% of them get news on three or more sites. The user shares are duplicate.

Some news users are seeking news with intentions, some are not. Instagram, Facebook and YouTube news users most likely to happen upon news online, but LinkedIn, Twitter and Reddit news users are more evenly divided between news seekers and non-seekers.

Concerning the groups of news users, Instagram attract more youth and non-white. The top 5 active social media platforms are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and LindedIn. Besides Facebook, the other 4 platforms attract more female news users.

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