News Media evaluated 13 tech companies have competitive AI technology

MIT Technology Review evaluates top 50 most intelligent tech companies each year. According to the statistics of news media,20% tech companies of this list reply on AI to make profit. The evaluated 13 tech companies are below:


NVIDIA: It specializes in chip business and acquired Irish startup Movidius in the beginning of this year. It made achievements in “AI in a box”.”Ai in a box” can be wildly used, such as VR, self-driving and drone.

Facebook: Oculus contributed to Facebook performance when it was listed in MIT Technology Review. AI technology is performanced well on Facebook social networking platform.

Baidu: The capitalization value of Baidu reaches $ 55 billion. It is launching Deep Speech 2 now.

Line: The application of Chatbot brought it vitality.

Microsoft: Microsoft just set up an AI team with 5,000 workers and will attempt to intergrate AI technology into all platforms and experiences..

Enlitic: It applies X ray of AI technology to check the potential human health problem. It may help doctors to find cancers in advance and work out treatment methods.

IBM: AI technology becomes an important part for IBM business mode. IBM has invested a great amount of money and spent a lot of time in AI.

Tesla: Tesla self-driving system applies camera and radar to realize real-time perception of the surroundings. It is reported that the application of AI technology reduced 50% of car accidents.

Improbable: It is British startup for producing operating system. It avails of AI technology and Deep learning to stimulate the operating and allows users to edit rules and make custom setting.

Fanuc: As one of Japanese leading robot companies, Fanuc applies AI to enables its robot to learn by itself. A robot only takes 8 hours to accomplish the learning of a new skill.

Alphabet: Most of applications made by Alphabet apply AI technology. Google Search and Deep Mind are wildly known.

Bosch: It wishes to embrace AI technology to get a better future. It is predicted that AI technology will bring extra billions of dollars to Bosch.

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