Netflix releases Flixtape to edit playlist

Netflix announced to release a new tool: Flixtape. With Flixtape, users can make a Playlist of their favored movies or shows to share with families and friends.


“Flixtape looks like a mixtape. In fact, Flixtape is a collection of Netflix programmes,” said Netflix spokesman. Users can apply this new tool to create a playlist based on some school or theme before they share programmes with families or friends through text messages, emails, Facebook or Twitter.

However, Netflix decided to limit the programmes of playlist that users created with Flixtape. Flixtape editor will show three recommended programmes which are able to be deleted, and add new programmes not more than 6.

Netflix has been displaying the trends for users and showing them what their friends’ favorites. However, it failed to provide a simple way how users share their favorite programmes with friends. Flixtape is the one to solve such problem. It works similar with Mixtape. Flixtape aims at helping users to build the personal playlist.

If users have no idea to add which programmes to collection, Flixtape website offers several prefabricated playists for their reference, such as ” The Family Reunion Flixtape” or “The Besties or Frenemies Flixtape.” Users can select a theme and click” Next” button, then Flixtape displays the recommended playlists.

So far, Flixtape function runs independently and hasn’t integrated into Nexflix application yet.

To improve content service, Netflix has been releasing several new tools in past few months. It introduced speed test tool in May.

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