Microsoft Surface Book is ready on sale for$ 2399, 30% increase of battery life

Since the release of Windows 10, Surface Studio becomes the most concerned product. If you wish to purchase new model with powerful Surface Book or Surface Dial, you can access these two products today.



As an updated product, new Surface Book deployed NVDIA 965M video card to replace 940M. Its graphics performance increased by twice, and battery life increased by 30% with 16 hours of working. Microsoft still applied Intel Core processor instead of the latest Kabv Lake processor. It is more practical to enhance its battery life than upgrade its processor.

It is a pity that Microsoft won’t allow you upgrade the old iPad to newest version though you can do in theory. The new Surface Book has better performance but weights lighter. It is under 4 pounds and with longer battery life.

Surface Dial is also on sale today. However, consumers need to wait until December 15 for its official delivery date. Though Surface Dian is designed for Surface Studio, it is not a matter for you to purchase to apply on other devices. The most featured character of Surface Dial is to be displayed on the screen by dimmer control. However, this feature is only available for Surface Studio ( or devices that updates of Surface Book and Surface Pro fixed hardware). Without using screen control, Surface Dial is compatible with all desktops.

In terms of prices, Surface Book with Performance Base starts with $2399,while Surface Dial configured with 256G ROM and 8G RAM AND i7 processor is sold at $99.

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