Microsoft spends $152 million to build new Irish campus

Microsoft’s new Irish campus that locates in Dublin was announced to break ground today, reports on October 21,2015.


Its new Irish campus exactly locates in Leopards town, the south of Dublin. It plans to spend $152 million to this campus, covering an area of 370,000 square inches. Its total building area takes up 7.4 acres.

Independent Ireland reported early today that it is Irish campus where Microsoft will gather its 1,200 employees who work in Dublin.

Cathriona Hallahan, head of Irish branch suggested Microsoft further expand its business in Ireland. Hallahan said: ” we emphasis on developing the investment projects in Ireland and will approve that we can attract European talents. We consider the Irish projects as our green channel to march into European markets.”

Ireland becomes one of the vital parts for Microsoft’s business. Ireland lost its Celtic Tiger leadership since the financial crisis burst in 2008. Ireland encounters at an all-time high in economic recession and unemployment rate. Therefore, Microsoft’s investments in Ireland will create some job opportunities for many people.

Microsoft claimed that the foundation-stone laying ceremony of Irish campus is to congratulate the 30th anniversary of Irish branch. The Irish branch is the first data center that Microsoft built in oversea.

It is worth noting that Irish data center is also the place where Microsoft store private emails and other accounts information.

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