MacNN is said to be closed on July 1st: 21 years of reporting Apple news


MacNN, which has been reporting Apple news for 21 years, is about to shut down on July 1st.

Charles Martin, whose editor of MacNN, posted this news on its website. The news named End of the road for MacNN: 21 years of changes for Apple, and for us.

“It was amazing that we have run such a long business. Among the existing IT websites, only TidBITs and Macworld are older than us. Now, we are told to end this website,” quoted from the news.

Martin wrote that we were kidding ourselves, it was the worst thing that Apple became an IT giant to our website. It turned out to be true. There are a lots of news concerning Apple reports on different websites. It is no need to keep running a customized websites for Apple news.
MacNN was established in 1995. It was only available on Mac operating system then. With the development of Apple firm, it is easy to obtain the Apple news in variety of websites. MacNN has difficulties to become the outstanding one among them.
MacNN considered other websites who reported Apple news as members of family instead of competitors. News websites such as Business Insider, BuzzFeed and The Verge are more popular ones. Some smaller websites faced difficulties to keep running. Gigaom was close down last year and ReadWrite was acquired by Wearable World. IDG stopped publishing MacWorld magazines in 2014 and keeps running MacWorld website.

MacNN still has a lot of active fans on its forum. The website will keep running till the end of this month.

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