IPv6 will replace IPv4 soon in North America


A report came from The Wall Street Journal predicting that North America will run out of available IPv4 addresses by sometime this summer.

IPv4 addresses are the identification tag which are used by computers, smartphones, laptops, and servers to figure out the rest of the internet who they are and what they are connected to the Web for.

We had already found the problem a few years ago, this evidence came from the litany of articles published on the issue dating all the way back to 2011.

ICANN hands over last IPv4 blocks, World IPv6 Day will lead us a new steam.Many of major tech companies have been making change since the news came out for years ago. The outcome of this change did not go well because of the increased costs.

At present, even if they are in short supply and the cloud providers have no problem to pay upfront for IPv4 address about $11.25 to register. However, Amazon, Microsoft and Salesforce still have been working hard to avoid the upcoming problem.

IPv6 was firest approved in 1998 and it is popular in the consumer market, however, it will take some more time to see widespread adoption on the backend as consumers need to buy new routers, servers, and switch to accommodate the standard.

If possible IPv6 addresses run out eventually too? No one can give an exactly answer yet. Thanks to backup of engineers, its design accounted for IPv6, creating a 128- bit string of possible combinations compared to IPv4 32. It indicates that there will be 340 undecillion addresses support us for use of the next few years usage.

There is no fixed date when the coffer will run dry yet, anything could be happened.

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