Intel plans to carry out wearable device department job cuts

It is reported that Intel will carry out wearable device department job cuts. Intel acquired Basis, which is a wearable device manufacturer in 2014. It integrated Basis brands into its New Device Group then. Intel was plan to explore in wearable device market and released pressure to its rival Qualcomm Inc.


Intel acquired Recon in June of 2015 then. It specialized in manufacturing helmet devices.
However, the plan of exploring wearable device went wrong this summer.

In June, Intel recalled Basis Peak smart watch which encountered with overheating problem. It stopped selling Basis Peak instead of changing another device for users. Intel will take further measures to stop supporting softwares of Basis Peak by the end of this year.

It is obviously that Intel encountered frustration in wearable market. The acquisition of Basis did not bring Intel much profit besides it released Titanium smart watch.

According to the confirmed source, Intel is planning to cut investments on wearable devices, and even gives up this market. It plans to carry out New Devices Group and New Technologies Group job cuts.Intel just integrated New Devices Group into New Technologies Group last April. It was considered as a sign of dis-satisfactory of wearable device department.

Intel has informed some of employees in these two groups concerning job cuts. Many of them will resign from the company by the end of this year.

Besides job cuts, Basis Ruby, a new smart watch which is under manufacturing may come to an end.

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