IBM plans to launch the fastest supercomputer Summit

Since China launched the fastest supercomputer Sunway TaihuLight, IBM revealed it plans to launch a faster supercomputer than Taihulight. Its new product is called Summit. It is said that its performance will work much better than TaihuLight.


TaihuLight’s performance ranked first among supercomputer top 500 list. Its running speed is three times faster than the one that listed first three years ago. TaihuLight is the first supercomputer that doesn’t apply the American semi-conductor technology.

It is estimated that Summit will be delivered to Oak Ridge National Laboratory of the Energy Department by 2018. Its computing performance will be updated a quarter faster than its original performance index.

It initially set 150petaflops for Summit’s performance, 200petaflops for deliver peformance. The planned performance index of TaihuLight was 93 petaflops and that peak performance was 124.5 petaflops. It is said that this IBM Summit is worth of $325 million.

Summit will apply IBM Power 9 processor and NVIDIA Volta GPU to deal with Mathematics copocessing. The predecessor of Summit was called Titan supercomputer which had over 18,000 nodes. Summit will have about 3,400 nodes, each of which has 500 GB RAM and 800 GB NV RAM.

To increase the I/O for consumers, IBM will apply the InfiniBand EDR node to connect the internet. If things go well, Summit could solve any urgent computing challenges all over the world.

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