GoPro may have developed better if it had continuously teamed up with DJI

Since 3D Robotics announced the job cuts and implied that it would quit drone market, GoPro became the challenge-able rival of DJI. GoPro drones were found faults since the release and led to job cuts as 3D Robotics did.


To get out of the trouble, GoPro announced to cut jobs and reconstruct the business last week. The job cuts evolve in 200 positions, accounting for 15% of workforce.Tony Bates, who is responsible for GoPro Media Business, will resign from the company by the end of this year. GoPro also planned to shut down the offices in Los Angeles and Austin and move
its office workers of San Francisco to San Mateo.

GoPro just cut 7% of workforce in January and ends its Entertainment department.

Motion camera is the main business that GoPro left. GoPro was too confident it would explore a remarkable market share in drones.

Before 2013, GoPro and Dji had close cooperations. They were perfect partners as GoPro camera obtained much market share in international market, and Dji also did a great performance in drones. DJI Plantom started receiving great feedback then.

GoPro and DJI planned to product a drone marked with GoPro logo together.However, GoPro wished to take two thirds profit which led to cooperation failed. Shortly, GoPro announced launch drone business and DJI stated launching camera business. If they continuously had worked together, GoPro may have developed better.

GoPro underestimated the launching issues of a drone. It takes risk to launch new products as always.

GoPro revealed that it would launch a quad-rotor called Karma in last May. However, it failed to deliver Karma on time this May and postponed its release date till September 20.

Karma was found with faults during operation on the 16th days it released. GoPro then recalled 2,500 sold Karmas. The company made no announcement when it will be resold. GoPro reached its prime time in 2014 and went declining since then. Its latest earning showed that GoPro’s total revenue of Q316 was $241 million, declining by 40% yoy and its net deficiency was $104 million.

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