Google has acquired many AI companies to develop AI technology

Google keeps acquiring AI companies in the road to artificial intelligence.

Google built AI department in 2011. So far, there are about 100 teams using machine learning technology, including Google Search, Google Now and Gmail. Google products and services are mainly depending on AI technology, for instance, Google applies deep learning technology to improve search engine, recognize Android cellphone command and test images of Google+.

Google announced to regroup the company, established parent company Alphabet in August, 2015. However, the acquisitions of AI companies made by Google started in 2006. Let’s learn some startups it acquired in recent years.


DeepMind was acquired by Google on January 26, 2014. DeepMind was considered as the most popular AI startup then. Though it was acquired by Google, DeepMind has authority to operate the business independently. Its goal is to product software which can be of an independent mind. To develop all kinds of AI softwares, DeepMind applied machine learning technology to train its AI to accomplish missions with the help of a great amount of data.

DeepMind mainly develops in the fields of Game, Medical Treatment and Computing. was acquired on 19 September, 2016. The API of helps computer to learn the transforming of human languages by voice recognition, plan recognition and context.It assisted developers to created assistants which are similar to Siri, chatbot, App and smart appliance.

Mooodstocks was acquired on July 6, 2016. It was established in 2008 as a small startup. It specialized in image recognition technology and released Moodstocks Notes. It will keep launching its own visual image recognition tools even after it joined Google’s Paris research and development team.

Dark Blue Labs, a deep learning company, was acquired on October 23, 2014. It dealt with data framing and algorithm development and was merged into DeepMind after acquisition.

Jetpac, where its headquarter locates in San Francisco, was acquired by Google on August 17, 2014. It edited city tourist service in virtue of Instagram’s sharing tool. Jetpac can analyze the city characters by its food, decorations and photos. It had three smartphone apps before it was acquired, including city tourist assistant, image analyzer and image detection tool.It was merge red into Picasa after acquisition.

There are still many other startups out of listed. If you are interested, you can search more news concerning Google acquisitions made in recent years.

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