Google Ben Galbraith: what is the future of mobile web

Google Developer Day was held on December 8 in Beijing. This conference was mainly for Chinese developers. It was considered as the biggest developers conference that Google held in China in recent years.

Scott Beaumont made a welcome speech and lectured as the first person. During his lecture, he talked about the booming of mobile internet and more and more Chinese developers engaged in mobile app development. Their apps have been distributed to worldwide users through Google Play.

Actually, Google revealed the most popular top 5 apps of 2016 on Google Play, CastBox launched by Chinese developer ranked in the 3rd place.

He also stated that Google has been encouraging mobile web innovation and supporting developers to start a business. Google hopes to help Chinese developers to launch excellent quality apps with innovative technology and one-stop solutions under a healthy and open mobile ecosystem.

Ben Galbraith, Google global developer product director, announced that Google had linked three global developer websites into They are, and The websites are designed in Chinese which Google aims at offering convenience for Chinese developers.

In accordance with Galbraith statement, users can browse the content through mobile web and swtich to bargain link after Alibaba applied PWA.

Galbraith claimed that Google will offer developing ports of AI and machine learning for developers in views of the implementation of AI first strategy. The opened AI systems included TensorFlow and

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