First-ever Portable Bluetooth stereo speaker from Marshall


The Kilburn is aimed to be the brand’s first-ever portable Bluetooth stereo speaker, which is cooperated by Marshall Headphones and Marshall Amplification.

The new speaker has a stylish look and it seems like a roadie would be wheeling in and out of the rock concert venues. The Kilburn is made smaller, without wheels, coming instead with a leather strap to carry. It measures over 9.5 inches across and5.5 inches high, weighing at 6.6 pounds for a frame. It makes a new break through to ensure the users to enjoy music well

In addition, the speaker contains a4-inch subwoofer beside two three-quarters dome tweeters powered by a Class D amplifer. It provides Bluetooth function for streaming from a smartphone or other device. The speaker is with 3.5mm headphone jack for wired connections. It can be used for 20 hours of listening at 50 percent volume, so it is power-saving.

The strap of Kulburn shows Marshall’s gift for nostalgic design, which taking the example of the company’s seminal guitar and bass amps, coming with the fabric liner. As far as the sound quality concerned, Marshall stated in its press like this: “ Kulburn has excellent sound quality for midrange and highs when is played. The strap ensure you to have your for listening while leather grip enable relaxing and portable travel. ”

Marshall creates two colors for this new speaker: black and cream. If you are interested in it, you can check it for MarshallHeadphones for more information. This new speaker will be on the market soon.

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