Compensation gap by gender is huge in US Tech industry

To female IT employees, Atlanta might not be a best city to work. Comparably, a pay comparison website, made a survey concerning the compensation gap between men and women among the Atlanta technical companies. It turned out that the compensation gap is huge.


Jason Nazar, whose CEO of Comparably, claimed the company investigated over 10,000 employees who work in technical companies. The questionnaire involved in genders, races, educational background, which city they work, what the positions are, and even share percentage.

Altanta had the largest compensation gae by gender with 72%, while Salt Lake City had the smallest gap with only 10%.

To female employees who work in Atlanta technical companies, this feature is frustrating. Their average wage is about $ 43,000 less than males’. Minneapolis ranked by second with a 52% of compensation gap.

The compensation gaps were better in other cities. In Dallas, the women’s median compensation women were $ 95,900, while men’s were $110,000. In Salt Lake city, the median compensation of women was only $ 8,200 less than men’s.

Though the compensation gap shrank a lot, the whole situation in the tech industry is still frustrating. The median compensation gap was only about $ 8,000 in the better performance cities. In some city, the median compensation gap reached about $43,000. The worst was to younger females as their basic salaries were huge gaps compared to males’.

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