Clash Royale did not perform in past months

Tencent purchased 84% of Supercell stock share in June, whose estimated value reached $10 billion thanks to this deal. It seemed Tencent overstated the assessment of Supercell judged by its current performance.


Supercell debuted Clash Royale which combined with fights and Twisted Fate in the beginning of this year. Clash Royale was considered as the second Clash of Clans. Clash Royale was applied with the same art style and enjoyment and rivalry as Clash of Clans did. It was supposed to be another champion of mobile game.

The estimation of Superdata denied this guess. Clash Royale suffered revenue decline four months in a row since March, declining from $133 million in March to $62 million in July.

The performance of Clash Royale did not perform well in the rating of App Store either. AppAnnie pointed out, it ranked top one for three months since March in the list of top-earning games at App Store. Its earning rating fell to top 10 in August which was fewer than Clash of Clans’.

Supercell stated its goals on website that it aimed to launch games which can be played for years. It seems Clash of Clans reaches its goal. It is a bit early to say whether Clash Royale could be played for years or not.

There are heat competitions among game developers. Pokémon Go which released in July and developed by Niantic has become a world-class game. But the release of Pokémon Go is not the main reason for the decline of Clash Royale. Its decline owed to the design itself.

Balance performance is an aspect that Clash Royal failed to handle well. Though Supercell released balance dispatch each month, the effect doesn’t sound well.

It is not a good start for Tencent. No one can promise its future. Supercell did not hand over its operation to Tencent yet. It is hard to say how far this game goes.


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