Chinese Programmers survey: half of them are males

Programmers have been concerning by the public. In 2014, IDC revealed that there were 18.5 million programmers, while Chinese programmers accounted for 10%.With the rapid development of tech fields, there are great demands on programmers.


Programmers Geographical Distribution

According to the survey ove half of programmers are from Beijing (23.55%), Guangdong (16.53%), Zhejiang(12.81%) and Shanghai(12.40%).Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong consider as the most developing areas in terms of economy and technology, they attract more programmers to start their career there. Zhejiang is said to build a Chinese silicon valley where attracts a great amount of entrepreneurs which offers advantages for employment and
development of programmers.

Programmers Age Composition

The statistics showed that most of programmers are under 35 years old. Over half of them are between 20-30 years old. There are also some genius
teenagers among them.

Programmers Sex Ratio

Programmers are male-oriented in this field. It figured out that the sex ratio is over 12:1 from this survey.Many of male programmers are single,is up to 52.46%, while females are 46.9%.

Programming Languages that skilled

The programming languages that they are mostly good at are Java(43.03%), JavaScript(32.38%), HTML5(32.38%), PHP(25.41%). In addition to the above languages, C, Python, Objective-c, C++ and Node.js are often applied by programmers.

Annual Salary

To who work under 3 years as programmers, 25% of them earn less than 60,000 yuan per year. There are also 25% of them get 200,000-300,000 yuan within three years. Most of programmers make annual salary at about 100,000-200,000 yuan.

To who work more than 3 years and under 5 years, 90% of them get monthly payment at 10,000 yuan. Only 10% of programmers earn under 100,000 yuan for a annual salary. There are even one in six programmers earn over 300,000 yuan, and under 500,000 yuan each year.

To who work over 5 years and under 10 years programmers, their annual salary is under 60,000 yuan accounts for 2.7%, 150,000-200,000 yuan accounts for 21.62%, 200,000-300,000 yuan is one third. There are also one fifth programmers make over 300,000-500,000 yuan each year.

Programmers mainly distribute in developing cities and where technology companies concentrated. In terms of computer languages, most of programmers are skilled in applying Java, JavaScript, HTML5 and PHP.

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