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How Google makes profit after it restructured the parent company as Alphabet

Alphabet, Google parent company, released its Q3 earnings report three months ended on September 30 on October 29. It obtained stable growth as it did in Q2.


The earnings showed Alphabet received $ 22.551 in revenue in Q3, increased by 20% yoy. Its net profit in Q3 was $5.061 billion, increased by 27% yoy. This growth rate was similar to the performance of Q2 earnings. The Q2 revenue of Alphabet increased by 21% yoy, while net profit increased by 26% yoy.

In fact, Alphabet received excellent earnings reported for 4 quarters in a

Netflix releases Flixtape to edit playlist

Netflix announced to release a new tool: Flixtape. With Flixtape, users can make a Playlist of their favored movies or shows to share with families and friends.


“Flixtape looks like a mixtape. In fact, Flixtape is a collection of Netflix programmes,” said Netflix spokesman. Users can apply this new tool to create a playlist based on some school or theme before they share programmes with families or friends through text messages, emails, Facebook or Twitter.

However, Netflix decided to limit the programmes of playlist that users created with Flixtape. Flixtape editor will show three recommended programmes which are able to be deleted, and add new programmes not more than 6.

Netflix has been displaying the trends for users and showing them what their friends’ favorites. However, it failed to provide a simple way how users share their favorite programmes with friends. Flixtape is the one to solve such problem. It works similar with Mixtape. Flixtape aims at helping users to build the personal playlist.

If users have no idea to add which programmes to collection, Flixtape website offers several prefabricated playists for their reference, such as ” The Family Reunion Flixtape” or “The Besties or Frenemies Flixtape.” Users can select a theme and click” Next” button, then Flixtape displays the recommended playlists.

So far, Flixtape function runs independently and hasn’t integrated into Nexflix application yet.

To improve content service, Netflix has been releasing several new tools in past few months. It introduced speed test tool in May.

MacNN is said to be closed on July 1st: 21 years of reporting Apple news


MacNN, which has been reporting Apple news for 21 years, is about to shut down on July 1st.

Charles Martin, whose editor of MacNN, posted this news on its website. The news named End of the road for MacNN: 21 years of changes for Apple, and for us.

“It was amazing that we have run such a long business. Among the existing IT websites, only TidBITs and Macworld are older than us. Now, we are told to end this website,” quoted from the news.

Martin wrote that we were kidding ourselves, it was the worst thing that Apple became an IT giant to our website. It turned out to be true. There are a lots of news concerning Apple reports on different websites. It is no need to keep running a customized websites for Apple news.
MacNN was established in 1995. It was only available on Mac operating system then. With the development of Apple firm, it is easy to obtain the Apple news in variety of websites. MacNN has difficulties to become the outstanding one among them.
MacNN considered other websites who reported Apple news as members of family instead of competitors. News websites such as Business Insider, BuzzFeed and The Verge are more popular ones. Some smaller websites faced difficulties to keep running. Gigaom was close down last year and ReadWrite was acquired by Wearable World. IDG stopped publishing MacWorld magazines in 2014 and keeps running MacWorld website.

MacNN still has a lot of active fans on its forum. The website will keep running till the end of this month.

Compensation gap by gender is huge in US Tech industry

To female IT employees, Atlanta might not be a best city to work. Comparably, a pay comparison website, made a survey concerning the compensation gap between men and women among the Atlanta technical companies. It turned out that the compensation gap is huge.


Jason Nazar, whose CEO of Comparably, claimed the company investigated over 10,000 employees who work in technical companies. The questionnaire involved in genders, races, educational background, which city they work, what the positions are, and even share percentage.

Altanta had the largest compensation gae by gender with 72%, while Salt Lake City had the smallest gap with only 10%.

To female employees who work in Atlanta technical companies, this feature is frustrating. Their average wage is about $ 43,000 less than males’. Minneapolis ranked by second with a 52% of compensation gap.

The compensation gaps were better in other cities. In Dallas, the women’s median compensation women were $ 95,900, while men’s were $110,000. In Salt Lake city, the median compensation of women was only $ 8,200 less than men’s.

Though the compensation gap shrank a lot, the whole situation in the tech industry is still frustrating. The median compensation gap was only about $ 8,000 in the better performance cities. In some city, the median compensation gap reached about $43,000. The worst was to younger females as their basic salaries were huge gaps compared to males’.

Apple WWDC Prevue: Siri and Apple Watch might be its featured products

Apple announced on this Wednesday that the WWDC will be held at 10 am, on June 13, in Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. The meeting will be lasted till June 17.


WWDC has been an important meeting for global developers since 1983. It becomes one of the pageants for technical developers each year. Apple usually debuts some updates or new products at WWDC. WWDC attracts a great amount of developers to visit and learn Apple’s tools and technology.

Apple did not display any new hardware at last WWDC, but it rebuted some updates for its software and tool kits such as Apple Watch and Xcode.

iOS updates

The analysts predicted that there will be some updates for iOS 10. Apple might release a reversion of App Store, adding the subscribed search feature.

iOS system might be updated with new features in remote control to cater for the application of Apple TV 4 which was released in last autumn.

It is possible updated with Home application to control the smart appliances.

Siri is supposed to be added with voice email record feature.

Siri may be the main topic at this WWDC and Apple would take much time to introduce its new features. The confirmed source indicated that Apple will debute the API for Siri at WWDC.

Apple Watch updates

Apple has possibility to introduce new generation of Apple Watch at this meeting though there is no reveal indicating that. If it releases Apple Watch 2, the experts pay more attentions to the battery life and thickness of two generations.

Apple is required to launch the native apps for watchOS. Therefore, Apple may spend some time to discuss the independent working principle of Apple Watch.

Apple Pay updates

It previous leaked that Apple would integrate Apple Pay to other websites through mobile browser Safari. Users can use Apple Pay to shop on other websites once they input the credit card or debit card information. It will enhance the usage rate of Apple Pay.

As the third-party partners need to integrate Apple Pay to their websites, Apple might release the related developer toolkits where WWDC is the best platform.