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Regular subscribers have to pay more for video content on Netflix

American streaming video service supplier Netflix announced it will increase the subscription fee among over its 22 million US subscribers in the following months.


Started from May, 2015, Netflix increased the charging standard to $ 8.99 to its new US subscribers. It made another adjustment last October, increased to $ 9.99. However, the previous two adjustment did not mean a lot to its regular subscribers. It meant that its regular subscribers only need to pay $ 7.99 or $ 8.99 per month to enjoy the service valued at $ 9.99 per month.

These favorable polices will come to an end to its regular users in the following months. Netflix claimed that the firm will end those measures in succession in 2016. It will carry out the charging standard to its regular subscribers from May. The process may take for a while but it will send notifications by email to those subscribers.

Netflix revealed that the regular subscribers account for ove half of its US subscribers. It announced on Monday that it has 45.71 million subscribers in US that means at least 22 million Netflix subscribers are affected the new charging standard.

Netflix predicted that only a few subscribers are unsatisfied with the new charging standard as the regular subscribers get accustomed to using Netflix service. And Netflix keeps improving its service and importing more contents.

United bank of Switzerland analyst assumed 3% to 4% subscribers will cancel their subscription.

Netflix indicated that it will carry out the same charging standard to its international subscribers though most of its subscribers are from US.

HTC’s Aero phone will be released on September 29

It reported that there will be some major smartphones released on September 29. It will be a busy day on the tech calendar as the report indicates HTC is also planning to release its new flagship smartphone in Japan on the same day.

Google has reported that it will release its new Nexus and Nexus 6 handsets on September 29. What will happen? Will the companies face much competition for introducing their new products?

The news of HTC that will release Aero handset comes from Twitter tipster@UPleaks. Who transalate text from a Janpanese invite that reads “double flagship”.

As its previous reports, we have learned that HTC is working on another attempt at a flagship handset after its commerical failure of the HTV One M9. The device is rumored to call Aero and indicates it is upcoming to the public.

There were reported implying that the Aero would be introduced at an event on September 6, however, HTC just announced a launchpad for the mid-range Desire 728.

HTC faces an embarassed situation as it was demoted from the index of Taiwan’s 50 lagerest companies as its shares dropped rapidly in value. It will attract more attention from its failure case if it could launch a successful flagship for the public again.

Top Gear launches a new website indicates it finally entered 21st century of internet

According to the report, Top Gear has entered to the 21st century of internet as it launched a new website.

From the picture we can see that, Top Gear’s new website comes with the features behind-the-scenes footage and min-films and a host of car reviews and news from the show.


There is a message on the website states: ” welcome to the all-new” when you visit its website. After years’ effort of constructing the website, now it comes true. The company has entered the 21 st century of internet. Its website can be accessed on mobile cellphone devices as well.

It may be a shock to the public by its change, but the stuff that people knew, loved, and love-to hate from TopGear can be still accessed on the website. The website is designed to bring more positive news and information to the public than ever.

It indicates that the people can find the heaving hi-def video archive of Top Gear telly clips that provides exclusive behind-the scenes footage which people could not find anywhere. Those exclusive footages are with a host of new-car films from the TG magazine crew.

Top Gear just signed up the contact with Chris Evans, and Suzi Perry was surprised to work with him as she talked in an interview.

Evans indicated that it will be a feature to cooperate with a female co-host for the new Top Gear.