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Intel plans to carry out wearable device department job cuts

It is reported that Intel will carry out wearable device department job cuts. Intel acquired Basis, which is a wearable device manufacturer in 2014. It integrated Basis brands into its New Device Group then. Intel was plan to explore in wearable device market and released pressure to its rival Qualcomm Inc.


Intel acquired Recon in June of 2015 then. It specialized in manufacturing helmet devices.
However, the plan of exploring wearable device went wrong this summer.

In June, Intel recalled Basis Peak smart watch which encountered with overheating problem. It stopped selling Basis Peak instead of changing another device for users. Intel will take further measures to stop supporting softwares of Basis Peak by the end of this year.

It is obviously that Intel encountered frustration in wearable market. The acquisition of Basis did not bring Intel much profit besides it released Titanium smart watch.

According to the confirmed source, Intel is planning to cut investments on wearable devices, and even gives up this market. It plans to carry out New Devices Group and New Technologies Group job cuts.Intel just integrated New Devices Group into New Technologies Group last April. It was considered as a sign of dis-satisfactory of wearable device department.

Intel has informed some of employees in these two groups concerning job cuts. Many of them will resign from the company by the end of this year.

Besides job cuts, Basis Ruby, a new smart watch which is under manufacturing may come to an end.

Why AmazonFresh did not make a success? reported that Amazon’s fresh service AmazonFresh has been released for 9 years and still performed flat. The main reasons for its failure are its service price, products quality and geographic factor.


However its other services made great success. Amazon launched the Amazon Prime service in 2005. It has been welcome by its subscribers since its release. The subscribers can enjoy its free delivery service within two days and the welfare of watching online videos and reading ebooks.

Following the Prime service, it launched the first storage service, that is, the rudiment of Amazon Web Services. This project obtained $ 2 billion annual revenue now.

It is said that Amazon Prime is the main income source for AWS so far. It has 51 million subscribers around the world. The sales volume of AWS increased by 70% last year.

AmazonFresh disappointed the consumers and investors for some point. Its performance is far behind AWS.

AmazonFresh was expanded to Los Angeles after 6 years it had been tested in Seattle. This service has been promoted in several cities. Prime Now which launched in November, 2014 has been expaned to over 10 cities, its increase rate runs faster compared with AmazonFresh.

The analyst assumed its subscribers would speed up AmazonFresh’s expansion, however, it did not. NPR predicted that this project would be introduced to over 40 cities by 2014. 9 years after it had been released, it only obtained 0.8 % market share in grocery industry.

It charges $299 subscription fee for AmazonFresh each year, including the standard Prime service. Genral speaking, the Fresh orders are free to be delivered when the orders are over $50. To the Prime subscribers, it doesn’t sound reasonable to pay more $ 299 each year. Whole Foods and Kroger only charge $149 annual subscription fee for whose purchase over $35 each deal.

Amazon has teamed up with U.S. Postal Service, UPS and FedEx to deliver fresh orders. However, the operation mode of grocery delivery is different from others. It only works in densely populated regions.

Amazon was introduced to the top five density cities, its market potentiality seems to be saturation. It will face much challenge to expand more market share.

Amazon launches Prime Now for carryout service

Amazon announced on Tuesday that it will offer carryout service for its Prime memberships in selected areas of Los Angeles. This means Amazon will offer its prime members who live in the shinny south California a one-hour delivery on thousands of products.


Amazon claimed that it teamed up with Umami Burger, Baby Blues BBQ, Hurry Curry of Tokyo and some other restaurants for the carryout service.

In addition, Amazon offers the delivery service for Sprouts Farmers Market and Ehrewhon Natural.

The prime memberships can order the products made by the mentioned retailers via Prime Now application. At present, Prime Now is available on iOS, Android devices and Amazon’s own device.

Amazon will extend the Prime Now service in the selected areas in the future. Judging from Amazon’s announcement, it will charge additional fee for the Prime Now service in the future.

Even if it surprised the public that Amazon starts its career in carryout service, it is an interesting trial. Amazon has been trying to start the fresh courier business, and it open a store for fresh delivery already.

Amazon also faces the competitions with Postmates, Doordash, Seamless and Uber in carryout service. Amazon has superiority in free delivery, but this advantage will be gone soon.

Amazon promised to extend the Prime Now service in other districts in Los Angeles in the following days, however, it did not reveal whether it will offer such service to other cities in US.

Google took over Fly Labs to strengthen Google Photos

Fly Labs, US video editing tools startup confirmed on November 8 that it was taken over by Google. This startup company once launched several video editing tools and claimed to edit more than 20 million vidoes.

Fly Labs will be added to Google Photos in Mountain View branch. Google Photos was made to store photos in this May. Last month, Google announced that the active users for Google Photos was over 100 billion. Google hopes to popularize this application.


When Fly Labs announced this news, it claimed with pleasure : ” Google Photos will be a new application for your daily life memory. It is supported by Google machine learning and computing visual technology. Its application complies with the reason that we built the company. We look forward to blending our technology in Google Photos.”

In addition, Fly Labs added, its applications are free to use now. There are no more purchase requirements while running them. Its applications will be free to download in three months.

Google doesn’t make any official annoucement cocnerns this news yet. It is unclear how much of acquisition price for Fly Labs. Bue the financing limit for Fly Labs is under one billion dollars. The scale of company is small.

Fly Labs focuses on iOS and launches photo or video editing tools for it. It is unclear why Google took over Fly Labs. But it is interesting to see how Google integrates Fly Labs’ technology into Google Photos. Google Photos can automatically select and store the best photos from Android and iOS devices, the strength of editing photos and videos will make it more attracted.

E-book sales drops down as readers return to the pysicial books

In the past five years, the readers prefer the digital books much, and the writing books encountered a cold period. Right now, the printed books are much popular again in comparison to the past five years. There has been an unexpected twist for this situatin.


New York Times quoted the statistics from Association of American Publishers indicates that a 10% decline of E-book sales appeared in the first give months of this year.

Even though the digital books become popularity, the printed books are still in a firm position to fight with. Not all the people love to read to digital books. Many of them prefer to read both of the digital and print ones. So there are still great demands on print. Print is refusing to diet out.

The statistics from Forrester Research also show the sales of e-reader are declining as it compared the sales of e-readers with 2014 and 2011. The e-reader sales reached 20 million in 2011, while it dropped down to 12 million last year.

One of the reasons for the e-reader decline is high e-book prices. It is not cheaper to read for digital ones. Many of the e-book contents cost as much as their print counterpart. If the e-book subscription services still charge much from its readers, they may lose many of its fans. As a result, many readers will return to print.



Nintendo plans to make a gaming console without an opticial disc drive


News leaked from a recent patent application that Nintendo has plan to launch a gaming console without an optical disc drive.

The rumored gaming console is not sure whether it is related to the company’s upcoming games system that code named of NX.

According to the patent’s abstract, it is said that it is an example system includes an internal hard disk drive storing a programme and/or data, it has a communicating unit transmitting/receiving a programme and/or data via a network as well as a processor executes a programme stored in the hard disk drive to perform game processing.

The patent’s abstract implies the example system do not contain with an optical disk drive for reading out a programme and/or data from an optical disk.

The rumored gaming console is said to support some kinds of “display unit” games which is similar to the capabilities of the Wii U GamePad.

It reported that the NX gaming system will be roll out in the beginning of July 2016. Nintendo might be ask its supply partners for production trails for the new gaming console this October. Surely, there will be more specs and details unveiled from the company.

Amazon restricts Prime Sharing benefits among its membership

According to the latest report that the new Amazon Prime members can not share their subscription with up to four friends as the Amazon has checked its Households settings.

With this change, the members can share the subscription to two adults and four children at the same address.


To apply the sharing perks, the two adults must authorize each other to use all credit and debit cards which are associated with the account so that to shop online.

Clicking the Family Library option will allow the parents to share the digital content with their kids. The kids don’t need their own accounts to watch children moves or shows.

Before this new restriction coming out, the Prime members are able to share their subscription with four friends. When they shop, they could enter a different shipping address due to different personal details.

Amazon offers many benefits for Prime memberships, including free two-day shipping, the access to instant Prime Video streaming, Kindle Owner’s Lending Library and Prime Early Access.

The change does not affect much to the regular memberships as it only disable the new sign-ups to Amazon Households to share the subscription with up to four friends as the it did before.

Amazon has plans to open “drive thru” grocery store

There were previous news about Amazon working hard on delivering goods to residents quicker with different means of transportation. To attract more clients, it still works hard to make more useful proposals.

The US residents in some states can older groceries from Amazon Fresh, but they are likely to move a step further to offer service for more clients.

Silicon Valley Business Journal reported that the Amazon company hopes to open its first “drive-thru” grocery store in the near future.


With this grocery store, the shoppers can place their order online and pick up their goods with a scheduled time instead of having the Amazon staff delivered. They can pick up the fresh ones as they like.

It is reported that Sunnyvale, California will be the first place for opening the grocery store. And there is evidence showing that a real estate developer has presented his plans for a 11,600-square-foot building.

It is obviously that the local people will be able to find the grocery store at 777 Sunnyvale Road. It can hold eight cars to wait to collect groceries.

In addition to this, Amazon is going to open more grocery stores throughout Silicon Valley.

It is said that Amazon Fresh delivery service will be introduced to London as well in this September.

22,000 sign request for BBC to stop broadcasting Britain’s Hardest Grafter

There are over 22,000 people signed the request for BBC to stop broadcasting the upcoming ” poverty porn” show called Britain’s Hardest Grafter.

The show will invite some low-paid contestants to compete with each other and they will work hard to win a cash prize. The “poverty porn” show has been compared with Benefits Street on Channel 4.

The campaign called was launched by James Pauley against the programme, and this campaign has won over22,000 supporters so far.

Pauley said this is another hit for “poverty porn” made popular in programmes like Benifits Street.There is trend of voyeuristic things developed during the show. It caused bad effect as unemployment and poverty are serious social issues and they should not be the subjects of cheap game show format. They can not used to design to exploit some of the most impoverished in our life for entertainment.

The BBC spokesperson defended the show on The Independent recently and pointed out that Britain’s Hardest Grafter is a serious social show for BBC Two, and this show revealed how people work hard to earn break in play a different blue collar role as the show explores the truth about Britain’s work ethic during the series. The contestants will earn what they do as a prize.

Apple and Google Attended a classified British Spy summit

google and apple 6

There was news reported that Apple, Google and Vodafone attended top classic meetings with spy chefs from seven countries last week. During the meetings, they discussed the consequences of Edward Snowden’s leaks.

The news confirmed by The Intercept that the executives from the firms argued privacy and security with the spy agents or chefs which are known as CIA, GCHQ or others agents from Australia, Canada, France, Germany and Sweden.

This three-day conference was organized by the Ditchley Foundation in an 18th- century building in Oxfordshire. Oxfordshire is a place famous for questions of mass surveillance a and intelligence operations since the summer of 2013 as Snowden’s whistleblowing activities.

Duncan Campbell was one of the a select number of investigative reporter to the conference, and he said, it surprised the attendees, there was agreement leading different opinions to Snowden that love him or hate him, had changed the landscape. It leads the problems become transparency, and this change providing more information about intelligence events privacy. The consequences of Snowden let us aware of privacy issues.

A programme for the event indicated the types of questions that were set, like “ are we being misled by the term mass surveillance:, and “who should command the intrusive intelligence operations, for example the spy activities.

Snowden, the ex- CIA employee recently addressed at an interview on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver that he told us about his leaks of files including top secret information on surveillance programme.

He said he understood what he turned over. It may cause all-time bad effects. He insisted that there is difference between understanding what means in the documents and reading it.