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Tatsumi Kimishima will Nintendo‘s new president

Nintendo presient and CEO Satoru Iwata sadly passed aways at 55 in July. Its managing directors Shigeru Miysmoto and Genyo Takeda were selected to operate the company in the interim in order to find a new president to run the company.

Nintendo announced on September 14 that it will appoint its managing director and head of human resources Tatsumi Kimishima to be its new president.Miyamoto and Takeda remain their positions at the company and will return to their other duties as a new president being selected.

Kimishima is familar to top-level leadership at Nintendo. He was selected as president of Nintendo of America in 2002. He got promotion to be the CEO of Nintendo of America in 2006 and kept in the same role until Iwata’s assumption of duty in 2013. Beofre Kimishima works for Nintendo, he worked as CFO of the Pokemon Company.

He has proved himself with leadership skills, and he will be a unique president than Iwata was. Miyamoto and Takeda remain in top-level positions. They will work together to keep the enthusiasm spirit within the company.

Miyamoto, the creator of the Mario, Zelda and Pikmin games, he will be in the role of creative issues, while Takeda will handle with technology issues.

It will be the test for Kimishyma’s leadership skills in the following years. Now the company teams up with DeNA to launch its first mobile games NX which is expected to be released next year.

Apple TV will import Guitar Hero Live, Skylanders SuperChargers and Geometry Wars 3



There will be several games imported to Apple TV this autumn.

Guitar Hero Live, Skylanders Superchargers will be launched on Apple TV soon. The former one was previously reported that it will be there.

Apple TV’s functioning is compatible with Guitar Hero Live’s Bluetooth Guitar controller. Therefore, the users can experience it on a console as well as Apple TV.

Jamie Jackson, Guitar Hero Live creative director, addressing that they are eager to offer an opportunity to bring back Guitar Hero with a new way as Guitar Hero live had been accepted and applied by many fans. The feedback of Guitar Hero Live came well.

He continued that they are excited for the new launch of Guitar Hero Live next month. The fans will be able to play the game on consoles, mobile handsets and Apple TV this autumn. It will make their lives more exicted and fantacy.

The Skylanders will be also launched on Apple TV, and Geometry Wars 3 will come with all of the same 3D action.

Harmonix, the Rock Bank developer, working on a game for Apple TV, titling Crossy Road which is a multiplayer version.

Apple TV’s remote will be updated and launched in Ocotber. It features a touch pad and allows for motion gestures.