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Pokémon Go revenue reached $ 600 million in 90 days

App Annie reported that Pokémon Go reached $ 600 million in revenue, becoming the fast-growing mobile game.


Though the user growth of Pokémon Go slows down a bit, it still becomes the most successful mobile game in history. App Annie found that its developer Niantic Labs received $ 600 million in revenue from July to September. This game made a record to receive so much revenue in such a short time.

Pokémon Go just took 90 days to reach $ 600 million in revenue in consumer spend. By contrast, Candy Crush Saga spent more than 200 days to reach the same revenue value. While Puzzle& Dragons spent 400 days and Clash of Clans spent more than 500 days to reach $ 600 million revenue.

In the meantime, App Annie also did research of total time spent in top 20 games among players. It found that the total time of Pokémon Go players spent is almost the total of other 19 games time spent. Pokémon Go accounts for 45% of total time spent among 20 games. The other 19 games just account for 55% in total.

App Annie claimed that the most impressive aspect of Pokémon Go is that it turned player’s time spent from non-mobile to mobile time. Pokémon Go did not take up the playing time of other games. Its innovative AR gaming setting inspired players spent much time on mobile games.

Pokémon Go enjoyed a great popularity when it was released at the beginning. Though its popularity declined a bit in the third month, it can still be considered as the No.1 mobile game in terms of players’ time spent on it.

Pokémon Go created over $500 million in revenue in 63 days

App Annie reported that Pokémon Go, an AR game released by Nintendo, created over $ 500 million in 63 days after release. Pokémon Go hit a record among Nintendo’s mobile games.


App Annie predicted that the revenue of Pokémon Go by the end of this year will be reached to $ 1 billion with such development speed. It will be just 6 months to reach such achievement.

John Hanke, Niantic Labs CEO,announced that Pokémon Go has been downloaded for over 500 million times at Apple release. Nintendo and the Pokemon Company will debut the wearable product Pokemon Go Plus on September 16.Pokemon Go Plus allows players to catch the numen without using mobiles. When Pokemon Go Plus gets close to where numen locate, it will flicker with blue light.Then users can press the button to catch them. If it works, the light will
become colorful with seven colors. If it fails, it will become red.

Nintendo and The Pokemon company plan to introduce Pokémon Go to Apple Watch by the end of this year.

Pokémon Go is launched by The Pokemon Company which Nintendo owns 32% of its share and Niantic Labs. Niantic Labs is an independent company that splits
off from Alphabet.

Pokémon Go has created over $ 500 million via iOS and Google Play store worldwide. The introduction of Pokémon Go to Apple Watch will contribute to more
profits. Danielle Levitas claimed that there are 1,762 games on wearable platforms, increased by 25% yoy.

There are also experts analyzed that the downloads of Pokémon Go declined. It is inevitable that its revenue will decline in the future.

While SuperData Research revealed taht the current revenue of Pokémon Go is $395 million. Its figure has a gap from App Annie’s.

Clash Royale did not perform in past months

Tencent purchased 84% of Supercell stock share in June, whose estimated value reached $10 billion thanks to this deal. It seemed Tencent overstated the assessment of Supercell judged by its current performance.


Supercell debuted Clash Royale which combined with fights and Twisted Fate in the beginning of this year. Clash Royale was considered as the second Clash of Clans. Clash Royale was applied with the same art style and enjoyment and rivalry as Clash of Clans did. It was supposed to be another champion of mobile game.

The estimation of Superdata denied this guess. Clash Royale suffered revenue decline four months in a row since March, declining from $133 million in March to $62 million in July.

The performance of Clash Royale did not perform well in the rating of App Store either. AppAnnie pointed out, it ranked top one for three months since March in the list of top-earning games at App Store. Its earning rating fell to top 10 in August which was fewer than Clash of Clans’.

Supercell stated its goals on website that it aimed to launch games which can be played for years. It seems Clash of Clans reaches its goal. It is a bit early to say whether Clash Royale could be played for years or not.

There are heat competitions among game developers. Pokémon Go which released in July and developed by Niantic has become a world-class game. But the release of Pokémon Go is not the main reason for the decline of Clash Royale. Its decline owed to the design itself.

Balance performance is an aspect that Clash Royal failed to handle well. Though Supercell released balance dispatch each month, the effect doesn’t sound well.

It is not a good start for Tencent. No one can promise its future. Supercell did not hand over its operation to Tencent yet. It is hard to say how far this game goes.


Apple becomes the biggest platform partner of Zynga

Zynga carried out the mobile strategy for promoting games and it worked a bit. It just released its Q1 2016 earnings recently. Its expected income reached $182 million which was beyond the experts’ expected at $ 162 million.


The revenue in Q1 2016 made even with the last quarter and increased by 8% in comparison with the same period in 2015.

Zynga received $187 million in revenue in this Q1. The mobile game industry received $34.8 billion in revenue in 2015. Zynga has been working hard to maintain its leading position in mobile game industry, it released many Slot Machine games and the famous crossword puzzle game” Words With Friends.”

Zynga confirmed that Apple is its biggest platform partner at present. Its cooperation with Apple is more than the one with Facebook’s. The daily active users on mobile games of Zynga increased by 7% compared with Q4 2015.

Former vice president of Electronic Arts Inc, Frank Gibeau acted as Zynga’s new CEO. Gibeau claimed that he found Zynga has advantages in modes of business when he joined the company. The comany will carry out effective strategies and focus on team work.

Zynga was famous for FarmLive that being released on Facebook. With the keen compitition goes, King and Supercell become the new leaders in social games and Zynga switched to mobile games industry. Its Slot Machine games such as The Wizard of Oz AND Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory came to success. Words with Friends which has been released for 6 years received sales increased in Q1 owing to some new features.

Zyngy expected to receive $ 160 million and $170 million in income and $170 million and $180 million in revenue in Q2. There will be no new games released by Zynga in Q2. It will release CSR 2 in Q3 and Dawn of Titans in Q4. What’s more, the FarmVille: Tropic Escape will be released in the second half of this year.