Black Friday: Google encourages people to use Android Pay for Charity

The Black Friday is coming soon. Google would like to take this opportunity to popularize Android Pay. It announced today that each time people use Android Pay from November 24 to the last day of December, will get one dollar donation to support the public education.


What’s more, if people use Android Pay for shopping on Black Friday, that is on November 27, Google will double the donation for public education. Google limits the donation amount at $ 1 million to avoid consumers’ unlimited enthusiasm for charity.

Google attaches importance on the popularization of Android Pay, judging from this promotion. Android Pay might be the priority project in its future developing strategy.

Speaking to other technical giants what owns payment app, Apple Pay uses increased stably. It is rumored that Apply Pay teamed up with the four major national banks in China and will be introduced in China next Feb. As to Samsung Pay, it promoted with $ 50 gift card to encourage Amercian Samsung users to use its payment app. In addition to this, Samsung also did a small payment test in China.

It seems Android Pay still has long way to enter mainland market. The competition for obtaining more market shares become intense. Will Apple and Samsung be threats to Alipay if they are introduced to China?

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