Bankrupted VR startups: content is the biggest obstacle to develop VR technology

Expensive price, fewer products of VR are not the main reasons for the slow down of developing VR. Content attraction is the key to success.

Virtuleap is a startup company to help developers show their VR concepts to the world. Amir-Esmaeil Bozorgzadeh stated in an article that the biggest obstacle to develop VR technology is the lack of attractive VR content.


Vrideo was entrance platform and established in 2014. It aimed at being the VR YouTube. It quit game field and shut down the company last week. In VR industry, these two years were equal to 10 years. Vrideo raised $2 million in 2015 to develop VR, however, it still failed as it spent all that money.

The reason why Vrideo failed was that it failed to provide attractive VR content. Virdeo could not go further as it failed to atttract more users.

This year is the key year for VR products. Many enterprises provided VR helmets for families with attractive prices. However, the pressure goes to content developers. They have to create interesting and attractive content so that users can enjoy and love them.

Nic Mitham, CEO of WEARVR, claimed that it was hard to popularize VR if it lacked of content or excellent content when users experienced VR.

Hess Barber, president of First Contact, addressed that the biggest problem that VR industry faced was the lack of high performance VR content.

Therkel Sand Therkelsen, founder of CopenX, assumed it was the key point to seek for solutions to edit new content instead of providing the same service and stories in this new platform.

Therkelsen added:” Developers need to ask themselves why they are editing VR content and where is its value.”

The diversity of VR content would help to attract more users and popularize VR technology better. No one wishes to expend money in similar services or products which they had accessed to.

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