Apple will release Q3 earnings on Tuesday: iPhone 7 sales is concerned

Apple adjusted the Q3 earnings meeting from October 27 to October 25. iPhone 7 sales volume will be one of the focuses of Q3 earnings.


Apple released to models of iPhone in the beginning of September and introduced them worldwide in the same month. Thus, the new iPhone will affect the sales volume and revenue of smartphone business in Q3.

New York Times predicted that the Q3 earnings will show the public how iPhone 7 performs. The accident and recall of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 may contribute to more sales of iPhone 7 as many potential consumers quit purchasing Note 7 when this scandal revealed.

The crisis of Note 7 started from the beginning of September. Note 7 was stopped selling. Earlier in September, Samsung Electronics started recalling Note 7 and offered alternative update phones to consumers. However, there were still accidents occurred with the new phone. Finally, Samsung announced to stop selling and producing Note 7 for good.

It is well-known that Apple and Samsung obtained most market share of high-end smartphone in US. The public assumed the Note 7 recalls will finally benefit Apple. Samsung Electronics also took measures to relieve the affect of Note 7 scandal.

Apple suffered difficulties to obtain more market share for iPhone. It declined by 1.5% in Q1 and Q2. The reason for sales decline was that iPhone 6s with fewer updates. Apple aimed at attracting more new consumers to purchase iPhone 7 to rebound smartphone sales.

Some Wall Street analyst predicted that Apple sold about 45 million iPhones in Q3. The smartphone sales is said to decline by 9% yoy by the end of September.

The sales in desktop, smartphone, laptop and watch all suffered decline with more than 10 % in the first half of this year. IDC statistics showed that Apple PC is with a 13% drop. iPhone 7 has turning point to obtain more share, while other hardware business sections are hard to get their turning points.

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