Apple Music obtained 20 million subscribers 17 months after its release

Music Business Worldwide report indicated that Apple Music obtained 20 million subscribers 17 months after its release. However, this figure is hard to compare with Spotify’s subscribers.


At the press conference of iPhone 7 in September, Apple claimed its Apple Music subscribers reached 17 million. That is, the subscribers of Apple Music increased by 3 million in past three months.

Music Business Worldwide addressed that Apple firm confirmed this latest data.

Though Apple achieved this milestone performance in such a short time, its subscribers are still much fewer than Spotify’s. Spotify subscribers increased by 12 million in 2016 and this figure increased from 28 million last year to 40 million this year. While subscribers of Apple Music increased by 10 million, from 10 million at the end of
2015 to 20 million this year.

The success of Spotify that it obtained so many subscribers is that it offers reasonable subscription service.

It is said that Apple considers cutting down the subscription fees of Apple Music. So far, the individual subscriber needs to pay $9.99, and family price pays $14.99 and student pays $4.99. It offers more reasonable options to students at present.

Apple Music has its advantage in comparison with Spotify. It is integrated into Apple music app which is pre-installed in iPhone. When users make new settings of iPhone, the system will notify them whether they would like to apply Apple Music.With this feature, it may help Apple Music obtained more subscribers in 2017.

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