Apple admits more efforts need to be done on Apple Music

Apple has ackowledged that it requires to make more efforts so as to improve its Apple Music.

Oliver Schusser, the vice president of iTunes said the company has been managing to make modifications to the streaming service that launched in this June, reports the Guardian.


Schusser told the reporter that there will be a lot of work need to be done to enhance Apple Music’s performance.

He said the company focuses on editional and playlists on Apple Music. It sounds appearently that their teams all around the world work on that focus. The company is now working on adding new features on Apple Music and weeding out some certain things on it.

He claims that the Apple Music Connect is performing better as more and more artists connecting to their fans. But the company isn’t stagnant. They are working on the improvements for it for the rest of the year.

In response to critics of the Apple Music’s usability, he said that Apple Music is their priority and they have received a lot of feedback from the customers. Apple Music was a big launch in 110 markets instantly. It is no doubt that they got a great amount of feedback. Apple is engaging to make Apple Music better with the help of customers’ feedback.

The Apple Music Festival addressed a load of new acts on September 3, including Take That, The Weekend and the Chemical Brothers.

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