Apple acquired partial technology of Omnifone to enhance music app performance

TechCrunch reported that Apple just acquired partial technology of Omnifone for $ 10 million. Omnifone is a global music platform.


It had been reported that this acquisition started from this July, however, the difference is Apple did not acquire Omnifone completely. The acquisition is excluded the patent portfolio of Omnifone.

In addition, Omnifone employees revealed the change of personnel on LinkedIn profiles. There were about 16 Omnifone employees’ profiles showed that they work for Apple, most of them are engineers.

TechCrunch assumed that those engineers were poached to work for projects of iTunes and Apple Music so that Apple integrates Omnifone new technology to iTunes and Apple Music apps.

It is unclear which technologies of Omnifone were acquired. Omnifone has over 50 patent portfolios concerning musical technologies, including digital media recognition, streaming media and download technology.

Omnifone was established in London in 2003. The operation of music cloud platform is its core business, including the tech support of MusicStation. In addition, Omnifone offers tech support for the music services of Samsung, Blackberry, Sony, Vodafone,and PonoMusic.Samsung Milk Music is based on the application of Omnifone.

Apple has been paid much attention to its music business in recent years. It is considered as a new strategy to solve the problem of smartphone growth.Apple earnings in Q3 showed that its music business revenue increased by 24% yoy, up to $630 million. That is one of the reasons why Apple seeks for potential music companies to acquire or cooperate.

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