Alipay is introduced to Tokyo’s Narita Airport and available for Chinese tourists

Though the news of Chinese overseas shopping declined, Chinese outbound tourists did not decrease. Japan becomes the preference destination for some parts of Chinese tourists. According to the data provided by Japan National Tourism Organization, Chinese tourists accounted for 3.07 million among 11.71 international visitors for the first half of 2016.


With the visit to Japan, Chinese tourists also brought their payment habit to Japan besides sightseeing. Alipay was introduced to Japan in November, 2015, aiming at those Chinese tourists who visited Japan. It has been introduced to those high-end consuming places. So far, Alipay is accessable to about 4,000 stores include the following ones:

International Airports: Tokyo’s Narita Airport, Kansai International Airport

Home Appliance Vendors: BIC CAMERA,YAMADA,EDION, Joshin

Department Stores: Takashimaya, DAIMARU,Tokyu,Odakyu, Tobu,Kintetsu

Duty-free stores: Don Quixote,LAOX Takeya

Garments: United Arrows BEAMS, UNIQLO

Convenience Stores: 7-11, Rawson, FamilyMart

Drugstores: Kirindo, Welcia

To attract more Chinese tourists, Tokyo’s Narita Airport offers convenience for Alipay introduction. Alipay is accessable to Fa-So-La, TAX FREE, and AKIHABARA stores in No.1 and No.2 terminal buildings, as well as all famous brands stores in brand mall.

The supported merchants of Alipay in Tokyo’s Narita Airport have increased to 71 stores by November 4. To match up the promotions made by Alibaba on December 12, the merchants will be increased to 300.

Chinese tourists will be able to shop, pay bill for meal with Alipay soon. In the meanwhile, Alipay will offers promotions of duty-free stores based on LBS, or brands connection.

Alipay will be introduced to more international airports in the future. Toyko’s Narita Airport is its first attempt.

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