Alipay compatible with iPhone 6S, adding 3D Touch feature

iPhone 6S has been released for a while. Those softwares no matter hot or not has been gradually updated to support the new mobile devices.

Each iPhone product has its own signature function. The major feature of iPhone 6S/ 6s Plus is 3D Touch. There are more and more softwares updated to be compatiable with its 3D Touch feature since iPhone 6S being released. It turns to Alipay now. According to confirmed resources, Alipay has made another update on iOS terminal, adding support for iPhone 6S and its new functions.


Besides to Alipay, Wechat also updated to support 3D Touch feature. Apple Watch and MacBook products had supported sensing technology before 3D Touch came to us, only that it was called Force Touch.

The foreign medias made comments on iPhone 6S as the most sincere iPhone since its release. 3D Touch becomes a major functions to compete with other rivals.

iPhone 6s can sensitive sense your touch with potency dimension. You can click, swipe, do Multi-Touch on its predecessors, while you can also Peek and Pop features iPhone 6S. When you use the 3D Touch, you will sense its response besides viewing the screen.

You can experience Alipay on iPhone 6S with this new update. It offers convenientce for your daily need.

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