A Ford app allows you to control your electric car from wrist

Ford’s latest app for the Apple Watch and Android Wear that allows the electric car owners to control their cars with the mentioned wearable devices.

The app is called MyFord Mobile. Its fuctions come as remote climate controls, locking, and unlocking, range and charge status and even more. It will be more convenience with this new app when you drive Ford.

MyFord Mobile will show you the walking directions to your parked car. It happens that many car drivers may not remember the exact locations of their parked cars. It will be easier to find your car with the application of this new app.

This software is suitable for those who own both a smartwatch and an electric car. You can also apply this app to C-MAX Energi, Focus Electric and Fusion Energi cars.

MyFord Mobile’s core app for iOS and Android also upgraded some new features for the new version, it is added the pinch zooming on Google Maps and an alert that guides you locate the nearest charging station.

Ford is just one of the automakers that applies the smartwatches to control cars. The previous news from BMW concerned that it is testing a watch app in order to lets users to control the Knight Rider style car from their wrist.

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