5 features that iPhone 7 might update

ValueWalk reported that the expectation to next generation has been a hot topic to the Apple fans. The public starts discussing what suprises will the iPhone 7 bring to us.

iPhone 6S had just been released for two months and many of iPhone users are still under the adjustment of new handset. However, the Apple Fans start predicting what new features it might modify.

iPhone handsets are popular in Indian market. The sales volume of iPhone 6s made a new record. It offers more time for Apple to study and launch its next generation iPhone 7. Even though iPhone 6s seems to be perfect, there are still many aspects required to modify. After all, every bean has its black.

There are five features it might update: Screen, Camera, Design, Waterproof and Eye-tracking.


iPhone screen seems to be out of date in comparison with the Android handsets. It was reported that Samsung has much chance to be the supplier of iPhone 7 to provide OLED screen. But this rumor was denied by KGI securities analyst.

It is supposed to update its screen resolution. Many of its rivals use 2k or even 4K screens. Even though it brought 3D touch for iPhone 6s, its resolution is still weak. Its contact ratio is lower.

What’s more, it might update the antireflective coating technology as it applied for iPad.


Camera becomes a factor to enhance the cell phone’s competitiveness. Many mobile manufacturers update their technologies of camera, and the superiority of iPhone fades away. It is rumored that iPhone 7 camera will come with 16 mega-pixel and apply ISP image processor.

According to Apple’s traditional, iPhone 7 will be applied new design language to bring us bran-new appearance. iPhone design is always a main factor to lead the fashion.

It will make a great achievement for its waterproof feature for iPhone 7. It will be convenient to use the cellphone in rainy days. It will be well-connected with Apple Watch as well.


IBTimes reported that Apple is launching a unique eye-tacking system. We might be able to experience such technology on iPhone 7 in the future. Such technology will be iPhone 7’s gimmick.

It is definitely that Apple will update new features for its next generation iPhone products. No matter what features it updates for iPhone 7, we will see in the third quarter of 2016.

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