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Alibaba share increased by 38% in past months, hedge funds lost $61 million interest

Alibaba quoted share in US increased by 38% since this June, hitting the highest record in past 21 months. Ali has potential to make the best quarterly performance since IPO. According to Bloomberg news, hedge funds have reduced their 2.2 million Ailbaba holdings in last three months, losing interest at about $ 61 million.


The reduction of Alibiba share holdings untimely let hedge funds suffer more difficulties. Some hedge funds suffered great capital loss on the impact of investors’ negative investment.

Charlie Wilson,portfolio manager of Thornbug Investment Management Inc., claimed they sold the Ailibaba share holdings last year. He stressed that the investment of Thornburg Developing World Fund run better than 91% of same traders in past five years.He added:”The commercialization of Ailibaba surprised us. We realized that we made the wrong decision after we sold the its share holdings. We plan to repurchase some Alibaba share holdings after

Alibaba share was once the favorite for hedge funds. Third Point company and Soros Fund Management both revealed they had great amount of Alibaba holdings. Bloomberg statistics showed that hedge funds held about $14 billion of Ailibaba holdings by September 30, 2014.

The hedge funds who reduced Alibaba holdings in Q2 included Pine River Capital Management, Discovery Capital Management and Passort Capital.While Pine River sold all of Alibaba holdings.

However, some companies buy into Alibaba holdings appropriate when the mentioned three hedge funds sold holdings, including Viking Global Investors. SEC documents showed that Viking Global Investors increased Alibaba holdings to 4 million shares, with a value of $ 321 million. Those shares value increased by about $ 100 million since June 30.

AQR Capital Management, Citadel Advisors and Balyasny Capital Management also increased Alibaba holdings in last quarter. Their spokesmen made no
comments on this piece of news.

iPhone 7 series have been introduced to more 30 countries and regions

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were able to pre-order on September 9 and officially released in 28 countries on September 16. Apple continuously introduced them to more 30 countries and regions last Friday.


In addition to this, Apple also announced to expand some more 20 markets for Apple Watch Series 2, Apple Watch Edition and Apple Watch Series 1. In the meantime, Apple debuted the latest smart watch Apple Watch Hermès.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus was initially introduced to Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg,Mexico, Netherlander, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, The United Arab Emirates, UK, US and etc. Apple claimed that it will release new edition of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in Indian market from 7 October.

The new added 30 markets for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are The principality of Andorra, Bahrain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Greenland, Guernsey Island, Hungary, Iceland, Isle of Man, Jersey Island, Kosovo, Kuwait, Latvia,
Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Maldives, Malta, Monaco,Poland, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia and Slovenia etc.

Apple Watch Hermès was also debuted in 18 countries and regions on last Friday, including Australia, Belgium, Canada, Mainland China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Macao, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, The United Arabic Emirates, UK and US. While Apple Watch Series 2 had been debuted to 26 countries and regions on September 16.

The new markets that Apple added for Apple Watch Series 2, Series 1, and Apple Watch Edition included Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Cayman Islands, Croatia, Czech Republic, Salvador, Greece, Guam, Hungary, Jersey Island, Kuwait, Macao, Monaco, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia,Slovakia
and US Virgin Islands.

Chinese Programmers survey: half of them are males

Programmers have been concerning by the public. In 2014, IDC revealed that there were 18.5 million programmers, while Chinese programmers accounted for 10%.With the rapid development of tech fields, there are great demands on programmers.


Programmers Geographical Distribution

According to the survey ove half of programmers are from Beijing (23.55%), Guangdong (16.53%), Zhejiang(12.81%) and Shanghai(12.40%).Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong consider as the most developing areas in terms of economy and technology, they attract more programmers to start their career there. Zhejiang is said to build a Chinese silicon valley where attracts a great amount of entrepreneurs which offers advantages for employment and
development of programmers.

Programmers Age Composition

The statistics showed that most of programmers are under 35 years old. Over half of them are between 20-30 years old. There are also some genius
teenagers among them.

Programmers Sex Ratio

Programmers are male-oriented in this field. It figured out that the sex ratio is over 12:1 from this survey.Many of male programmers are single,is up to 52.46%, while females are 46.9%.

Programming Languages that skilled

The programming languages that they are mostly good at are Java(43.03%), JavaScript(32.38%), HTML5(32.38%), PHP(25.41%). In addition to the above languages, C, Python, Objective-c, C++ and Node.js are often applied by programmers.

Annual Salary

To who work under 3 years as programmers, 25% of them earn less than 60,000 yuan per year. There are also 25% of them get 200,000-300,000 yuan within three years. Most of programmers make annual salary at about 100,000-200,000 yuan.

To who work more than 3 years and under 5 years, 90% of them get monthly payment at 10,000 yuan. Only 10% of programmers earn under 100,000 yuan for a annual salary. There are even one in six programmers earn over 300,000 yuan, and under 500,000 yuan each year.

To who work over 5 years and under 10 years programmers, their annual salary is under 60,000 yuan accounts for 2.7%, 150,000-200,000 yuan accounts for 21.62%, 200,000-300,000 yuan is one third. There are also one fifth programmers make over 300,000-500,000 yuan each year.

Programmers mainly distribute in developing cities and where technology companies concentrated. In terms of computer languages, most of programmers are skilled in applying Java, JavaScript, HTML5 and PHP.

Tumblr supports web Live Photos and has Laphs open source

Live Photos is a new file format made by Apple for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus which can catch the image 1.5 seconds front and back.


Live Photos is a combination of static image and short video which can be a unique displaying experience for users. Apple is not the only tech company has this technology. Samsung, Google and some tech companies started developing such technology.

The world biggest light blooging Tumblr announced to support Live Photos on its mobile app in the late of last year. Ten months later, Tumblr imports Live Photos to its web edition. In the meantime, Tumblr announced to have a JavaScript library named Laphs (Live Anywhere Photos)open source for the application of other web developers so that they can apply Live Photos on any different webpage.

Now, if users wish to view the effect images of Live Photos on webpage, users need to hold and click the mouse continuously to activate its function. To fully activate the function of Live Photos on webpage to make sure the successful display on browsers, Tumblr will receive a static image ectype named .jpeg and video ectype named .mov and into .mp4 format after users posted effect images of Live Photos through iOS device.

After that, Tumblr will apply Laphs solution to integrate .jpeg and .mp4 formats and import it to Tumblr webpage experience to create the playback of Live

There is a concentric circle icon on the top left of Live Photos on Tumblr. Tumblr plans to introduce Live Photos to Android devices in the near

Microsoft closes down Skype London office

Microsoft is about to close down Skype London office and dismissing most of its employees there. Britain opted out of EU which caused some impacts on economy. To pacify the enterprises, British Tech industry implied that its market would keep open and prosperous in the future.


Microsoft claimed in its statement that the reason why it would close down Skype London office was to integrate its engineer department. Some employees of Skype and Yammer worldwide will be affected. The reorganization is in negotiation phrase to reduce the impact. The statement reads that:” we will try our best to offer hands during the work reorganization.”

Skype is an online instant messaging service which was created in London in 2003. Microsoft acquired Skpye for $ 8.5 billion in 2011. Skype has about 400 employees in London.

Russ Shaw, whose co-founder of Tech London Advocates, expressed the action of Microsoft was disappointed. Skype is a landmark tech enterprise in Europe. Russ Shaw worked as vice president for Skype Europe,Middle East and South Africa. He left Skype when Microsoft acquired it.

Some Skype former workers claimed the dismiss of Skype was expected. Many of Skype officers left the company in past three years. They mentioned the important decisions were made by European office in the past, but now the decision are made by Redmond. Skype is no longer an independent enterprise.

T-Mobile and Sprint received more iPhone 7 orders that stimulated Apple share increased

Apple share increased by about 3% on September 13 owing to the reports concerning iPhone 7 pre-orders made by T-Mobile and Sprint.


Apple released two new iPhone models at its autumn product release on September 7. However, Apple announced that it would not release the pre-orders of opening weekend this year. The media assumed Apple lost faith in the sales of iPhone 7.

T-Mobile claimed that they received the largest pre-orders for iPhone 7 on a single day. While Sprint announced the two models pre-orders of iPhone 7 increased by 375% yoy.

It is worth noting that the leading mobile operators are AT&T and Verizon in smartphone market in United States. They have been the iPhone cooperative dealers for a long time. There are no reveals of opening weekend sales for iPhone 7 from these two companies.

Thanks to this good news, Apple share increased by 2.84% on Tuesday. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be available at retail stores on this Friday.

Apple iPhone encountered first decline since 2007 in past two quarters. The decline in sales volume was over 10%.The Nikkei reported that Apple upstream suppliers received 30% fewer mobile component orders. The Wall Street analysts felt negative against the sales volume of iPhone 7.

There are also Tech media reported the first evaluation concerning iPhone 7. Many media thought iPhone 7 is lack of highlights. But some experts felt iPhone 7 is still the one that owns best performance in the market.

Pokémon Go created over $500 million in revenue in 63 days

App Annie reported that Pokémon Go, an AR game released by Nintendo, created over $ 500 million in 63 days after release. Pokémon Go hit a record among Nintendo’s mobile games.


App Annie predicted that the revenue of Pokémon Go by the end of this year will be reached to $ 1 billion with such development speed. It will be just 6 months to reach such achievement.

John Hanke, Niantic Labs CEO,announced that Pokémon Go has been downloaded for over 500 million times at Apple release. Nintendo and the Pokemon Company will debut the wearable product Pokemon Go Plus on September 16.Pokemon Go Plus allows players to catch the numen without using mobiles. When Pokemon Go Plus gets close to where numen locate, it will flicker with blue light.Then users can press the button to catch them. If it works, the light will
become colorful with seven colors. If it fails, it will become red.

Nintendo and The Pokemon company plan to introduce Pokémon Go to Apple Watch by the end of this year.

Pokémon Go is launched by The Pokemon Company which Nintendo owns 32% of its share and Niantic Labs. Niantic Labs is an independent company that splits
off from Alphabet.

Pokémon Go has created over $ 500 million via iOS and Google Play store worldwide. The introduction of Pokémon Go to Apple Watch will contribute to more
profits. Danielle Levitas claimed that there are 1,762 games on wearable platforms, increased by 25% yoy.

There are also experts analyzed that the downloads of Pokémon Go declined. It is inevitable that its revenue will decline in the future.

While SuperData Research revealed taht the current revenue of Pokémon Go is $395 million. Its figure has a gap from App Annie’s.

Apple Watch Series 2 still has flaws compared with Gear S3 Frontier

Apple released its new generation of smart watch: Apple Watch Series 2. It is upgraded with GPS and water proof function.


These two new features sound great. GPS allows users to track their running speed and distance without connecting Apple Watch Series 2 to iPhone. Users

don’t need to worry about the watch is damaged when it drops into water with the water proof function. Water proof function is also important to those users who wish to track their heath condition while swimming.

It is obviously that Apple wants users to consider Apple Watch Series 2 as a real fitness device. It is a pity that this smart watch can not access the data through cellular network. Apple Watch Series 2 has an important flaw as it lacks the data connection function. While Samsung Gear S3 Frontier has LTE connect function.

It is lack of data connection function so that the users can not download music from Spotify. It indicates that users have to carry the iPhone with them when they go for running.

If Apple Watch Series 2 is set with both music and fitness functions, it will be great as many of runners don’t wear an airphone while running.

The application of Apply Pay gets affected as well. Apple Pay requires cellular network connection. Users can only use the Apple Pay function on condition that they use it with iPhone.

Apple has not provided a solution for Series 2 users to use Apple Pay as Samsung Gear S3 does without data connection. Samsung allows users to apply

Samsung Pay of Gear S3 Classic to accomplish five transactions without connecting LTE. Samsung Pay supports more payment platforms as well. Once users connect the Gear S3 Classic to the smartphone, the payment will be cooperated.

LTE connection function may help users to apply some specific services and applications on smart watch. A highlight function on smart watch is Uber service. Users can just press the button to call a taxi.

In fact, Apple Watch Seies 2 requires users to carry with the iPhone and wallet when they go for fitness. Samsung claimed that Gear S3 is also compatible with iOS device. It is unclear when it supports iOS device.

Android Apple Music is welcomed by Android users

A good news came from Android community the night before Apple releases its new autumn products. Apple Music got 10 million downloads at Google Play.

apple music3

Apple released the Apple Music service in June. 2015. To popularize Apple Music, it offered three-month free trail. While Apple Music was introduced to Android OS, Android users also enjoyed a three-month free trial to experience this app.

It requires encourage to release Android Apple Music to Apple. To help user overcome the transition period from Android platform to iOS platform, Apple also released Move to iOS app. However, this app was criticized by Android users as no-good. Before long Move to iOS app received the criticisms, Apple released an Android Apple Music.

Android users also need to log in Apple ID and verify bank card info to apply Apple Music as iOS users did. Apple Music charges 10 yuan per month after a three-month free trial. If users no longer to apply this app, they can cancel the subscription in setting by manually. If they wish to upgrade to family membership, they need to reset info via Mac or iOS device.

In fact, Android Apple Music has been receiving much concern since its release. It was just a beta version when Apple Music introduced to Google Play in last November. It received 3,800 comments on the first day it was introduced, including complaints and likes. Some users both own Android and iPhone devices. They are happy that Apple offers such service on both platforms.

The success of Android Apple Music comes in several aspects. Firstly, the design of Apple Music caters to the character of Android platform. Though Apple Music was a service provided by Apple, and iOS feature design were welcomed by users, Apple considered the characters and users habits of Android before it was being debuted on Android platform.

Apple designed different navigation mode for these two platforms: tab bar for iOS and Drawer for Android. The most favorite module of Apple Music is For You. It hides other modules to Drawer in Android Apple Music to highlight the importance of For You to Apple Music.

The share mode on these two platforms are different. Android 6.0 users can use Direct Share feature to share with different contacts, while iOS users
can apply AirDrop feature to share with friends.

Apple keeps modifying Android Apple Music and adding new features during the updates. It supports MV display as well.Apple released the official version of Android Apple Music after half year’s testing last month.

Apple Music has lots of exclusive music in order to attract users. It is also one of element that it obtains many supporters on Android platform.


Facebook Messenger releases Instant Video feature

Users are able to use the install video feature on Facebook Messenger from September 1st. The traditional instant messaging feature will be switched to instant video.

instant video

This piece of news verified that any social networking app will have a video frequency feature in the end. Another interesting phenomenon is that Facebook will launch the similar function if Snapchat has.

Facebook Messenger launched the video call feature which was similar to FaceTime in 2015. To encourage more users to apply its platform, it added a lightweight add-on which allows you share the video from a small window of the app. Facebook claimed in a blog article that ” Instant Video is a reflect of the popularity and tendency of video, we hope that we are able to have the products upgraded all the time.”

The Instant Video is to offer convenience for users. They can open the video function and share their experience with friends whenever they like.

Such Instant Video of Facebook Messenger is a bit different from Snapchat’s. Facebook Messenger users can open the conversation feature, click the video icon on the top right corner of the app and start the real-time video then. While Snapchat users can only do the real-time video sharing on condition that two users open the instant video at the same time.

Facebook Messenger has been busy in upgrading its products recently. The White House announced last month that citizens can send messages to President Obama through Facebook Messenger. However, the replies of White House account to citizens are made by a robot instead of President Obama himself. Obama will only pick up some messages to read.

The most competitive rival of Facebook Messenger is Snapchat. Facebook Messenger considers Snapchat as a threat to its development thought Snapchat has
fewer users group.