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Will Google give up Nexus smartphone

Nexus is the own brand smartphone business of Google. But the sales volume of Nexus was poor in mobile industry. It was rumored that Google would give up its own mobile plan and Nexus brand previously.


According to the confirmed source, Google will give up Nexus brand when it releases its own brand products in the late of this year. It will also make some adjustment in software business.

Android Central reported that Google will give up Nexus brand when it releases new smartphone series later year and apply other brands.

It is not sure which new brands Google will apply yet. Some British media previously reported that it may release smartphone named as Google. However, this piece of news had not been confirmed.

Google Nexus free hardware plan involves in smartphon, STB, iPad and other products. Nexus did not get much attraction from the market. In United States, the smartphone market is mainly led by mobile operators. Samsung and Apple smartphones can be sold with the compatibity of mobile operators.

Google Nexus is not supported by many mobile operators as it is distributed by Google official channels which limit its sales. Google claimed to set an example in smartphone industry by Nexus. However, the smartphone configuration and performance of Samsung’ and Apple’ flagship products are better than Google Nexus.

Nexus was released by the cooperation of Google and HTC in 2009. Google was incapable to design smartphone, so it replied on professional mobile companies. Huawei also designed a handset of Nexus for Google last year.

It is assumed that the new smartphone brands will be marked with Google logo.Besides the changes of smartphone brands, Google will also make adjustments in software. Each new Nexus smartphone deployed the latest Android OS in the past. To those whom wish experience the latest Android OS, they will buy Nexus.

Google will release its new own smartphone and then distributes to consumers in September. A new flagship smartphone of LG will be the one that deploys the latest Android OS this year.

German SAP acquires startup Altiscale

German software enterprise SAP is now acquiring huge data startup Altiscale and the official announcement is supposed to be made in a few weeks, reported Venturebeat.


Altiscale is a provider of Hadoop cloud service. It was initialy named VertiCloud and established in 2012. Its headquarter locates in Palo Alto of California. Altiscale currently has about 90 employees. It encountered the brain drain early this year. The existing clients of Altiscale include Devicescape, Glu Mobile, MarketShare and ShareThis.

The transaction amount of this acquisition may be more than $125 million. Quoted from the confirmed source, Altiscale investors will receive three or four times of their investment amount when the acquisition finishes. So far, Altiscale has raised $42 million venture investment. Its investors include Accel Partners, AME Cloud Ventures, Northgate, General Catalyst Partners, Sequoia Capital and Wildcat Venture Partners.

SAP has been engaging in improving its cloud products. This acquisition helps it to obtain a well-known provider of Hadoop cloud service. Raymie Stata, co-founder&CEO of Altiscale, established a company named Stata Labs in his early career stage. Stata Labs was acquired by Yahoo in October, 2004. Raymie Stata had managed the deployment jobs of Hadoop in Yahoo till October, 2011. Raymie Stata and his team will play an important role in SAP business as IBM and Microsoft both place emphasis on cloud service. This acquisition will enhance the competitiveness of SAP in cloud service business.

The rivals of Hadoop include Qubole and Xplenty. Amazon Web Services serves Hadoop as well. To improve its competitiveness, Altiscale serves Hadoop, and Apache Spark based on MapReduce framework. Altiscale has become a competitive rival of Databricks.

Enterprises don’t have need to build new servers, storages and network infrastructures at their data centers to access Hadoop service, neither it needs Hadoop experts.

SAP refused to comment on the questions issued by reports concerning Altiscale acquisition.

Chromebook is going to compatible with Windows applications

The usability of Chromebook is obviously as it is compatible with Android system. But some developers still work hard to have Chromebook be compatible
with Windows applications.


A few days ago, Amercian CodeWavers displayed the CrossOver software of Android version on its official website. With the help of CrossOver, Chromebook
will be able to run Windows application in real time.

It is worth noting that CrossOver is only available on ChromeBook which equipped with Intel processor.

CrossOver is a Windows applications compatible software made by CodeWavers. By using CrossOver on different systems, it enables Mac, Linux to run
Windows applications.

CrossOver is not a simulator itself. It lets Windows applications run properly on other systems besides Windows OS by using some invocation mode.

In order to run Windows applications on Android devices applied with Intel processor,CodeWavers released CrossOver for Android devices in the late of

Theoretically speaking, Android mobile which applied with Intel Atom can run Windows applications properly with CrossOver.

Since Google announced to transplant Android eco-system to Chrome OS, CodeWavers started offering support to Chromebook. It is more meaningful to have
Windows applications run on Chromebook to users.

Judged by the show-how on CodeWavers,there are limited Windows applications compatible with Chromebook now. Those compatible Windows applications seem
unstable. Google has not announced when it will release the final Chrome OS for Android applications, therefore, CrossOver is still at the preview

Clash Royale did not perform in past months

Tencent purchased 84% of Supercell stock share in June, whose estimated value reached $10 billion thanks to this deal. It seemed Tencent overstated the assessment of Supercell judged by its current performance.


Supercell debuted Clash Royale which combined with fights and Twisted Fate in the beginning of this year. Clash Royale was considered as the second Clash of Clans. Clash Royale was applied with the same art style and enjoyment and rivalry as Clash of Clans did. It was supposed to be another champion of mobile game.

The estimation of Superdata denied this guess. Clash Royale suffered revenue decline four months in a row since March, declining from $133 million in March to $62 million in July.

The performance of Clash Royale did not perform well in the rating of App Store either. AppAnnie pointed out, it ranked top one for three months since March in the list of top-earning games at App Store. Its earning rating fell to top 10 in August which was fewer than Clash of Clans’.

Supercell stated its goals on website that it aimed to launch games which can be played for years. It seems Clash of Clans reaches its goal. It is a bit early to say whether Clash Royale could be played for years or not.

There are heat competitions among game developers. Pokémon Go which released in July and developed by Niantic has become a world-class game. But the release of Pokémon Go is not the main reason for the decline of Clash Royale. Its decline owed to the design itself.

Balance performance is an aspect that Clash Royal failed to handle well. Though Supercell released balance dispatch each month, the effect doesn’t sound well.

It is not a good start for Tencent. No one can promise its future. Supercell did not hand over its operation to Tencent yet. It is hard to say how far this game goes.


Q2 2016 Worldwide Mobile Games Downloads increased by 22%

Game industry welcomed a new hit in Q2. The worldwide downloads of mobile games in Q2 2016 increased by 22% yoy.


The mobile games obtained an obvious growth before the release of Pokémon Go which was debuted in June.

Sensor Tower made a report of Q2 2016 mobile App store downloads. According to the statistics, games are still the most popular app that downloaded by users in App Store and Google Play Store. The worldwide mobile games downloads increased by 22% yoy.

Pokémon Go made a great hit for mobile game industry. Its download growth made a record which meant that its downloads will continuously grow in Q3.

Among the downloads of App Store and Google Play, received largest downloads in Q2.

Subway Surfers, Piano Tiles 2 and Clash Royale also made better performance. Based on the figures provided by Sensor Tower, Clash of Clans ranked in
top 30 concerning downloads, while Mobile Strike ranked in top 84.

Game downloads are normally ranked first in iOS and Google Play app downloads. There were 5.23 billion game downloads made for Android system in Q2
2016, while 1.14 billion downloads to tools. There was a great gap between these two app downloads.

In iOS system, there were 1.83 billion game downloads made, followed Photo & Video app downloads.

The mobile downloads increased a lot than last year and its downloads is much larger than the app ranked in second place.

Google releases more Cloud Database services

Google cloud service has been coming off Amazon AWS and Azure in enterprise cloud market. Google aims to obtain more market share of cloud service.


Recently, Google released new database services include Cloud SQL, Cloud Bigtable and Cloud Datastore to display its strength in cloud market. Those new cloud services are available besides applying on Google App Engine.

Google was unable to compete with Amazon and Microsoft in cloud service as the limitation of commercial database software. Google announced to open source for Cloud SQL, Cloud Bigtable and Cloud Datastore at blog page of cloud platform. Those cloud services have excellent performance on different databases.

Google has excellent performance in AI and machine learning aspects. However, it has limitation in database processing solution. From this announcement, it implies that Google’s cloud database service has upgraded to commercial level.

Dominic Preuss, chief product manager of Google Storage and Database, claimed it has made a milestone in cloud platform and aims to serve the best public clouds for enterprise database applications. The challenge it will meet is to apply Google Cloud platform in different scale of enterprises.

Google also aims to upgrade its cloud database software to support Microsoft SQL Server. It may help Google obtains more potential clients to support cloud database software on different platforms.

Will Cisco streamline 20% of its workforce in weeks?

Cisco, the world’s biggest network equipment manufacturer, plans to cut 14,000 jobs which accounts for 20% of its workforce.

It is said that Cisco headquarter where locates in San Jose of California will announce job cut news in a few weeks. Up to August 17, Andrea Duffy had not responded to this piece of news.

Since the appointment of CEO in June 2015, Chuck Robbins has been engaging in producing products based on software internet, security and management to increase its performance. More and more clients accept its products due to the favorable prices and excellent functions.

Cisco will release its Q4 earning report after American Stock Exchange closed on Wednesday. Analysts predicted that its Q4 revenue declines by 2% yoy, down to $12.6 billion.

According to Bloomberg statistics, Cisco has 73,100 worldwide employees by the end of April. It was in August 2014 when it streamlined workforce last time. It cut 6,000 worldwide employees then.

Cisco has great interest in software business, judging by its current acquisitions. It acquired Jasper Technologies for $1.4 billion in February. However, Cisco released quarterly report in May showed that it met difficulties to adjust its business core. It takes time to solve such problem.

Exchanger department, Cisco’s most profitable department, made $3.45 billion in revenue in Q3, declined by 3% yoy. While second profitable Router department declined by 5%, with $1.89 billion.

The sales volume of Chromebook is expected to reach 17 million sets by 2023

Many of people have heard about Google Chrome browser, but they may not know about Chromebook laptop.Chromebook was released by Google in 2011. It cooperated with Acer and Samsung to launch this series products.


With a few years promotion, Chromebook is approved by the public by virtue of its excellent performance and usability.

Statista, marketing research agency, showed 5.4 million Chromebooks were sold in 2015. The popularity of Chromebook in United States is more welcome than Mac series. In addition to this, Chromebook has been ranking in the best-selling products list on Amazon website.

Chromebook did not draw much attention from the public as iPhone did when it was released. How far will it go? With the full support of Android applications, we believe Chromebook will receive better sales volumes in the future.

The latest research verified this point, showing that Chromebook will become one of the most popular mobile computing device in the near future. GlobalMarket Insights assumed its sales volume will reach 17 million sets by 2023.

Though Chromebook has excellent performance and usability, the availability of software limits its promotion. Chromebook is considered as a bigger browser by the public so far. This situation is expected to be changed by adding Google Play in the future.

Education field will be the major market of Chromebook. According to the statistics showed, 60% of Chromebooks were bought by students in 2014.

Apple reveals the achievements of ConnectED:32,145 poverty students access to iPad

Apple announced the achievements of ConnectED plan today. Up to now, there are 32,145 public students access to iPad in 2016 school year in poor areas.And 9,042 teachers were sponsored with Mac and iPad device.


Besides hardware devices, Apple offered tech support and wireless network update services in 114 public schools of 29 States by ConnectED plan. These services include 4,434 hours of Professional Learning Specialists and 189 miles of internet cable installed in schools.

ConnectED was initialed by President Obama in 2013 that aimed to encourage tech companies to develop public school services in poverty areas. Obama wrote in the state of the union address that Apple invested $100 million in this plan.

Apple stated on ConnectED website:” We will donate an iPad to each student, a Mac and an iPad to each teacher and an Apple TV to each classroom. We are working on the complement of this plan to offer better support and service for them.”

With those donated devices, the students and teachers can connect to the world by ConnectED. Apple sent a team of 20 workers to help the school to build wireless internet. Then it offered training sources for school teaching and administrative staff to show them how to maximally use the donated devices.

The Professional Learning Specialist services enhance the efficiency of using high tech products. Most of specialists were teachers. They can offer
customized live support and counseling service for management staff, teachers and students to reach their goals.

Besides Apple, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon also joined ConnectED plan,donating about $100 million free internet connect service. Adobe, Autodesk,Microsoft and other companies offered free or discounted software.

Apple acquires startup Turi for $ 200 million

Apple has acquired Turi, which specializes in machine learning and artificial intelligence, reported GeekWire. Turi was named as Dato and GraphLab before.


This acquisition showed that Apple is stepping into artificial intelligence and machine learning fields. Apple takes this opportunity to explore its business scale in Seattle. It has been building engineering center in Seattle in past two years.

The acquired price for Turi is about $ 200 billion. It meant that the benefit of Turi’s early stage sounds fantastic. Carlos Guestrin, Turi CEO and Professor of University of Washington, refused to make any comment on this acquisition.

Some confirmed source indicated that Turi team will stay in Seattle and develop data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning with Apple team. Turi held the Data Science Summit conference in San Francisco recently, demonstrating its leading position in this field.

Turi helps developers to add machine learning and artificial intelligence to applications. Its product lines include Turi machine learning, GraphLab Create, Turi Distributed and Turi forecasting service. Those products helped the enterprises with different scales to better utilize data.

Turi was initially an open source project of Carnegie Mellon University led by Carlos Guestrin. He joined team of University of Washington in 2012. Jeff Bezos once sponsored his machine learning project for $2 million. Then Guestrin split Turi from University of Washington and established his own company-GraphLab.

GraphLab raised $6.75 million financing from Mandrona Venture Group and NEA one year after spin off. It raised another $18.5 million financing in 2015 again.

Turi is one of companies launches machine learning and artificial intelligence in Seattle. Many of authorized experts predicted that Seattle will be a center of emerging industry.

Apple has finished 15 acquisitions since the early of 2015, Perceptio, VocalIQ, Emotient and LearnSprout included.