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IBM plans to launch the fastest supercomputer Summit

Since China launched the fastest supercomputer Sunway TaihuLight, IBM revealed it plans to launch a faster supercomputer than Taihulight. Its new product is called Summit. It is said that its performance will work much better than TaihuLight.


TaihuLight’s performance ranked first among supercomputer top 500 list. Its running speed is three times faster than the one that listed first three years ago. TaihuLight is the first supercomputer that doesn’t apply the American semi-conductor technology.

It is estimated that Summit will be delivered to Oak Ridge National Laboratory of the Energy Department by 2018. Its computing performance will be updated a quarter faster than its original performance index.

It initially set 150petaflops for Summit’s performance, 200petaflops for deliver peformance. The planned performance index of TaihuLight was 93 petaflops and that peak performance was 124.5 petaflops. It is said that this IBM Summit is worth of $325 million.

Summit will apply IBM Power 9 processor and NVIDIA Volta GPU to deal with Mathematics copocessing. The predecessor of Summit was called Titan supercomputer which had over 18,000 nodes. Summit will have about 3,400 nodes, each of which has 500 GB RAM and 800 GB NV RAM.

To increase the I/O for consumers, IBM will apply the InfiniBand EDR node to connect the internet. If things go well, Summit could solve any urgent computing challenges all over the world.

The cheapest Indian samrtphone will be delivered next week

It previous reported that a cheapest smartphone would be made from Indian market. Lately, Ringing Bells announced it will start delivering Freedom 251 from June 30, reported CNET.


Freedom 251 is the cheapest smartphone that Ringing Bells attempts to introduce to its citizens. It only sells at Rupee 251 ( $ 3.7), amount to the
price of a cup of coffee.

In February, Ringing Bells hit the headlines of all kind of medium when it announced to release Freedom 251. It run the pre-orders business mode for Freedom 251 as well, and promised to deliver this device by the end of June.

“The company prepare to deliver over 200,000 devices,” said Mohit Goel when being interviewed by IANS, the founder & CEO of Ringing Bells.

The public doubted Ringing Bells whether it could release such a cheap smartphone or not. The previous reports revealed that Ringing Bells modified Adcom Ikon 4s as the tester of Freedom 251.

Mohit Goel once claimed that Ringing Bells teamed up with several software companies to test Freedom 251 when he was interviewed by India Times. He admitted that each of Freedom 251 would lead to Rupee 140 to 150 deficit. It seeked for government allowance.

Freedom 251 is a starter of Android smartphone. It has double SIM cards, 1GB RAM,1.3 GHz, 8GB storage space and 8 mega-pixel rear camera.

New releases concerned: iPhone revenue accounted for 65% of Apple revenue in Q2

Tim Cook considered 2015 as the most successful year in Apple’s history by the end of 2015. Its annual revenue reached $ 234 billion.


This feature impressed the public. The statistics showed iPhone sales volume reached 48 million units in Q4, 2015, increased by 36% YoY. In the meantime, Apple held about $ 205 billion cash in hand. Such a good performance excited its investors. Its share once increased to $ 120 where it was close to its highest price contributed to the Q4 statistics.

Will such performance cause any problems for Apple’s further development? It is easy to note that the excellent iPhone sales volume could be an issue for Apple.

As is known to all, Apple might over reply on iPhone sales if the smartphone market keeps prosperous. However, Apple’s Q2 2016 earnings warned the investors who took reasonable attitute towards iPhone’s future. iPhone encountered sales decline of 16% YoY which led to a 13% decline of quarterly revenue.

Judged by the current situation, iPhone revenue still accounted for 65% of Apple’s total revenue in second quarter though its sales volume declined. In compare with, iPad revenu only accounted for 9% of Apple revenue and Mac revenue accounted for 10%.

The investors might concern what’s Apple key product? In last quarter, its other products’ revenue increased by 29% YoY. These products included Apple Watch, Apple TV, Beats earphone and other hardware products. They contributed 42.0 billion to Apple’s revenue which was equivalent to 4.3% of iPhone revenue.

Apple might be working on new products before the key product is being introduced. Tim Cook implied there will be more innovations launched.

MacNN is said to be closed on July 1st: 21 years of reporting Apple news


MacNN, which has been reporting Apple news for 21 years, is about to shut down on July 1st.

Charles Martin, whose editor of MacNN, posted this news on its website. The news named End of the road for MacNN: 21 years of changes for Apple, and for us.

“It was amazing that we have run such a long business. Among the existing IT websites, only TidBITs and Macworld are older than us. Now, we are told to end this website,” quoted from the news.

Martin wrote that we were kidding ourselves, it was the worst thing that Apple became an IT giant to our website. It turned out to be true. There are a lots of news concerning Apple reports on different websites. It is no need to keep running a customized websites for Apple news.
MacNN was established in 1995. It was only available on Mac operating system then. With the development of Apple firm, it is easy to obtain the Apple news in variety of websites. MacNN has difficulties to become the outstanding one among them.
MacNN considered other websites who reported Apple news as members of family instead of competitors. News websites such as Business Insider, BuzzFeed and The Verge are more popular ones. Some smaller websites faced difficulties to keep running. Gigaom was close down last year and ReadWrite was acquired by Wearable World. IDG stopped publishing MacWorld magazines in 2014 and keeps running MacWorld website.

MacNN still has a lot of active fans on its forum. The website will keep running till the end of this month.

Compensation gap by gender is huge in US Tech industry

To female IT employees, Atlanta might not be a best city to work. Comparably, a pay comparison website, made a survey concerning the compensation gap between men and women among the Atlanta technical companies. It turned out that the compensation gap is huge.


Jason Nazar, whose CEO of Comparably, claimed the company investigated over 10,000 employees who work in technical companies. The questionnaire involved in genders, races, educational background, which city they work, what the positions are, and even share percentage.

Altanta had the largest compensation gae by gender with 72%, while Salt Lake City had the smallest gap with only 10%.

To female employees who work in Atlanta technical companies, this feature is frustrating. Their average wage is about $ 43,000 less than males’. Minneapolis ranked by second with a 52% of compensation gap.

The compensation gaps were better in other cities. In Dallas, the women’s median compensation women were $ 95,900, while men’s were $110,000. In Salt Lake city, the median compensation of women was only $ 8,200 less than men’s.

Though the compensation gap shrank a lot, the whole situation in the tech industry is still frustrating. The median compensation gap was only about $ 8,000 in the better performance cities. In some city, the median compensation gap reached about $43,000. The worst was to younger females as their basic salaries were huge gaps compared to males’.

Microsoft WP share dropped sharply while Android share increased

Microsoft keeps restating that it won’t give up Windows Phone, however, its platform is in a critical situation. It lost a great amount of users each month. According to the statistics provided by Kantar Worldpanel Comtech, the market share of Windows Phone dropped sharply by then end of April, 2016.

Most of consumers chose Android devices after they abandoned Windows Phones. A small portion of them chose iOS devices.


Dominic Sunnebo, director of Business division of Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, stated that iOS users share received the first increase since last October in accordance with the statistics. However the growth rate was only 0.4%. The user increase of Android devices benefited from former Windows Phone users. Its share increased by 10%. But there were also 21.8 % of iOS increase coming from Android platform.

It is consideration that former Windows Phone users chose Android platform as it has diversity. There are more brands and types to chose, offering with variety prices. By contrast, iOS offers fewer mobile types and is lack of latest key features. To many people, iPhone is expensive.

Windows Phone user share encountered universa drop. In the United States market, its share dropped from 3.8% to 1.3%. It cut price for Lumia series there. While its share declined by 0.3% in Chinese market, with current 0.7 %.

Eureapean market where Windows Phone were most popular also suffered great loss. It lost more than 8.4% user share, specially in Italian market.

Though Microsoft addressed that it won’t end Windows Phone platform, some improvements did not work as expected. It may disable Windows 10 Mobile OS and Windows Phone departments soon.

TechCrunch: How Microsoft makes full use of LinkedIn assets after the acquisition

Microsoft announced to acquire LinkedIn at $26.2 billion recently. This merging deal is an important one for both of Microsoft and LinkedIn.

The purpose of acquiring LinkedIn is that Microsoft to provide more services for enterprises. This deal will make up business deficiency. The acquisition allows Microsoft obtain more important policies to compete with Salesforce.

Microsoft focuses on software business. As far as social networking service and content are concerned, LinkedIn would make profit for Microsoft. Microsoft acquired Yammer at $ 1.2 billion in 2012 to develop the social networking. LinkedIn has widely social networking sources to attract more employers and employees which contributes to more sales channels.

Microsoft also plans to merge LinkedIn with CRM product to create the integrated sales tool. Its Dynamics CRM and other systems will avail of Sales Navigator tool to analyze users’background information in order to promote sales.

In terms of this acquisition, LinkedIn’s other business also have great attractions. For example, LinkedIn acquired to offer online study tool for users. It aimed to make breakthrough among career development platforms. It is likely that will help Microsoft to sell its software and attract more users to use Microsoft products on the study platform.

LinkedIn encountered user growth, revenue growth and stock decline resulted inits defensive situation.

LinkedIn has been introduced to more than 200 countries and it obtained 105 million monthly active users. Its registered users reached 433 million. Its monthly active user grew 9% last year despite of poor performance. It still has potential to help Microsoft to further develop some business sections.

Fewer global Venture firms invest startups, Asia might be an exception

In the Q1 2016, the venture capital put on startups declined overall, which was equal to the figure of Q4 2015. The capital flowed into startups declined by 8% in this first quarter. This situation impacts greatly on financial status of worldwide startups.


Silicon Vally is honored as the cradle of technical startups. It produced Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and so on. However, these firms encountered the stock market declines as well. The decline in stock market contributed to fewer venture capital on startups at present.

It has an inkling of this matter in last December. LinkedIn and Twitter are good examples as they share price declined respectively by 49% and 51%.

Compared with December, 2015, this February was the last low point and the Nasdaq Index declined by 17% which received a lots of concerns from startups. Therefore, Fidelity Investments decided to cut the evaluations of 19 private enterprises. The cuts ranged from 5% to 38%, with an average at 15.5%.

As expected, a great amount of people attempted to invest the technical startups. China becomes the one who invested most on startups. According to Bloomberg report, the government guided funds in 2015 increased by $231 billion. In increased by three times under the government management within a year, up to $338 billion. The investment pressure let investors down which led to great loss for startups.

The venture capital of Q3 2015 was $10.2 billion and declined to $4 billion till Q1 2016. The decline rate was over 45% which was great obvious in comparison with the global decline.

It seems the venture investments recovered a bit judged by some big deals. For example Alibaba invested on Lazada for $1 billion and Apple invested
on DiDi for $1 billion recently.

Samsung plans to launch two bendable smartphone models in 2017

There are great competitions among the manufacturers of smartphones. Innovation and creativity are important to obtain more market shares for smartphones. Samsung has great awareness of producing something we have never met before for the public.


Bloomberg reported that Samsung might be able to launch two bendable smartphones in the beginning of 2017.

The idea of launching bendable smartphones was formed since showing off a prototype device sporting a folding OLED display at the Society for Information Display exhibition in 2008.

It is reported that these two bendable devices will feature OLED screens. One of the devices will be folded as a dressing box, the other one will be a phone/tablet combo which could be unfolded into a 8-inch screen from 5-inch screen.

Samsung named the project concerning the bendable devices as ” Project Valley.” These two bendable smartphone models will be released at MWC exhibition as soon as next Feb.

It released the below concept video of a phone that folds into a tablet last year, revealing the answer to the age-old question of what women really want.

The screen technology will be a field where Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone to compete with. According to the confirmed source, Apple and Samsung both put OLED screen into the plans. Apple will apply the OLED screens for its 2017 series iPhone. If Samsung really debuts the bendable smartphones at next MWC exhibition next Feb., it has great chance to obtain more user share from Apple.

The samrtphones which uder the codename of ” Project Valley” reportly won’t be named as Galaxy S range.

Alphabet dismissed Nest CEO Tony Fadell

Google’s parent firm Alphabet just made an important adjustment for management group. The adjustment showed one of the principles of new operation framework: Alphabet is the integration of independent companies but all subsidiaries should be supervised by its parent firm.

When the subsidiaries encounter trouble, Alphabet has the right to appoint new CEO. Tony Fadell, Nest CEO was replaced by Marwan Fawaz who served as senior officer in Motorola. Google acquired Nest at $ 3.2 billion in 2014.

The confirmed source indicated that Alphabet management team is in charge of the CEO recruitment instead of Fadell. Alpahbet has the right to lead its subsidiaries and form its own features.

In the past year, Nest was trouble in product quality issues, postponement of new releases, internal conflicts and failure of sales expectation.

Fadell stated on his blog that he started planning to leave the company from the end of 2015. Nest’s spokesman claimed that it was Fadell who made the final decision to leave Nest.

When Alphabet was established in last August, its CEO Larry Page claimed that the management team is responsible for capital assignment and setting goals for subsidiaries’ revenue. These goad would be accomplished by powerful leadership and independence.

Chairman of Alphabet board of directors Eric Schmidt claimed that the subsidiaries CEO would be responsible for the punishment if they do not perform well.

99% of Alphabet revenue is from Google. The other subsidiaries lost $ 802 million in last quarter.

Larry Page made an statement concerning the dismission of Fadell, he addressed that Nest’ revenue increased by 50%. It seems that the shake-up of CEO is welcomed by the public.