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Jawbone will stop producing Wearable device due to market defeat

In the past year, Jawbone was trouble in managing business and the lawsuit with Fitbit. The Fortune quoted from confirmed source that Jawbone planned to make over the wireless loudspeakers business and focus on the development of wearable device. However, some medium reported that Jawbone will exit the wearable market.


The confirmed source revealed that Jawbone is seeking for buyers to make over the Jambox wireless loudspeakers business. Jawbone is also working with the third party enterprises to clear stocks of louder speakers.

Jawbone was once the popular star among wearable industry in US. It suffered a great amount of troubles in the past year. It announced to cut 60 employees last November, accounting for 15% of its total workforce.

Recode reported that Jawbone initiated a new around financing in the beginning of this year. Its market value was down to $1.5 billion while it valued at $3 billion in past April. The decrease of assessment indicated that investors doubt about Jawbone’s prospective.

Jawbone was trouble with a series of lawsuits as well. Flextronics sued Jawbone violated the contract of OEM, with $ 20 million unpaid wages.

Jawbone sued Fitbit violated its patten rights by hiring Jawbone employees to steal confidential technology. However, the verdict is in favor of Fitbit.

It is unclear whether Jawbone exits wearable market for good or not. It is also reported that Jawbone has possibility to release new wearable device in the future.

Apple, Fitbit, Garmin, Polar, Samsung and Microsoft all manage the wearable products. Among the manufacturers, Fitbit is in the leading position as it obtained 25% of user share in this market. Jawbone wearable device is out of top 5 list worldwide.

News Use Across Social Media Platforms report: 44% adults get news on Facebook

Pew Research Center did a lately survey that about 6-in-10 adult Americans get news from social media platforms, 18% of them are regular readers.


As a part of research in social media and press industries, Pew Research Center use the data from 9 social media platforms to analyze their readers’ coverage ratios and attributions. The survey was made between Jan. 12 and Feb. 8, involving 4,654 interviewees

The news plays different roles on different social media platforms. 66% of Facebook users get news from this platform and 59% Twitter users get news from Twitter, while 70% Reddit users go to Reddit. Tumblr only gets 31% of its users share. The other five social media platforms get maximum at 20%.

The the use of different social media platforms, Facebook leads the pack. About two-thirds Americans get news from Facebook which means about 44% of American adults do that on Facebook.

YouTube is the second popular media platform for coverage ratio,up to 48%. However, only about one in five YouTube users get news from YouTube. The percentage of American adult readers on YouTube is about 10%. The coverage ratio for American adults on Twitter is 16%, with more Twitter users to get news from it.

Most social media users get news on one site, such as Facebook. 26% of social media users get news on two sites, while 10% of them get news on three or more sites. The user shares are duplicate.

Some news users are seeking news with intentions, some are not. Instagram, Facebook and YouTube news users most likely to happen upon news online, but LinkedIn, Twitter and Reddit news users are more evenly divided between news seekers and non-seekers.

Concerning the groups of news users, Instagram attract more youth and non-white. The top 5 active social media platforms are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and LindedIn. Besides Facebook, the other 4 platforms attract more female news users.

NOKIA may cut 15,000 jobs worldwide

Quoting from the Labor Union staff, Nokia is possibly to cut 10,000 t0 15,000 jobs worldwide as a part of cost- saving plan, reported Reuters.

As a part of 4 1 billion cost- saving plan since the merging with the Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia will cut jobs in countries worldwide. Nokia confirmed that it will meet employees who are from different countries in a few weeks. However, Nokia did not reveal theexact number of unemployment.

Risto Lehtilahti, a Labor Union staff from Oulu of Finland claimed that they do not know the exact number of job cuts, but they assumed Nokia would cut 10,000 to 15,000 jobs worldwide based on the Union notification.

Nokia refused to comment on this news. It currently has about 104,000 employees. It reported the job cuts in Finland last week. Nokia announced that it would cut 1,032 jobs in Finland then.

Besides, Nokia announced the job cuts other countries: German is 14,000, French is 400 but hire 500 more researchers there. When it negotiated when Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia promised the French government to offer 500 research positions.

Another Labor Union staff Tuula Aaltola stated that some posts will be completely canceled, some posts are due to duplicate and some posts will be transferred to developing countries.

CWA Lisa Bolton addressed that Nokia carried out the job cuts one year ago in US. It has already laid off 500 employees, cutting half of CAW’s employees. Bolton concerned that Nokia will start another job cut plan when the merging is finished.

In the past 10 years, Nokia laid off thousands of employees due to the recession in cell phone industry. It announced to acquire Alcatel-Lucent at 15.6 billion Euro in last April.

Facebook recruits more talents to build London VR base


Oculus, HTC, Sony become the most important elements in VR industry. Daily Telegraph reported that Facebook is for the research and development of Oculus VR and has built a R&D center in London.

In 2014, Facebook spent $2 billion to acquire Oculus to step into VR industry. The worldwide VR market got more attention when the acuquisition was made. Many of the technology companies started business in VR industry, launched helmet hardware, VR games or edited videos.

According to the report, Oculus’ headquarter is located in Redmond, Washington State. Now, Facebook set up a VR R&D institute in London.

The director of London Oculus R&D team is Mike LeBeau who acted as senior engineer in Google for the launch of voice search software. He joined Oculus in this January and works in London office.

He claimed in January that the company will launch some cool products in London. It indicated that London R&D center plays an important role in Oculus.

Lindedin revealed that London Oculus has 12 engineers now, eight of them joined the company in the past six months. What’s more, London Oculus office is still seeking for talents.

London becomes a important R&D base that out of US for Facebook. It will be the first oversea R&D base of Oculus.

Oculus set branches in six cities in US and it also set offices in Hong Kong and Seoul. Zuckerberg has raised great expectations on VR technology. He felt that VR technology is not only a network game platform, but also a next generation computing platform.

Microsoft plans to release Bing Concierge Bot to rival Google Assistant

Google released a newly virtual assistant Google Assistant at I/O 2016. It could automatically help users to finish the mission by means of conversations.For examples, it could help to book restaurants and set alarms, play music and do search.


To a certain extent, Google Assistant’s features are excellent than Apple Siri and Microsoft Cortana. For example, when users ask “what time is now in London”, Cortana could give a correct answer, however, it could not answer the questions related to the previous one. Such as she will fail to answer ” how is the weather like in London?”

However, Google Assistant could solve the questions easily. It seems like Microsoft will strike back soon.Mary Jo Foley from ZDNet revealed that she read a recruitment information for Bing Concierge Bot from Microsoft.

It introduced that Bing Concierge Bot will be a highly productive intelligent agent. It will communicate with users on Skype, Messenger, SMS, WhatsApp and Telegram. It acts like a human being as it could finish the tasks as per users’ order. Bing Concierge Bot can make make natural correspondence when users communicate with it with natural languages.

For instance, when users ask Concierge Bot that to book a restaurant at Italian shopping mall for them, it will ask how many people for? When it receives the confirmation details, Bing Concierge Bot will book a restaurant then.

Its operating principle is similar to Google Assistant which was released on May 19. However, Microsoft did not reveal much information concerning Bing Concierge Bot so far.

Facebook video advertising service is introduced to the third-party websites

The social networking giant Facebook announced on Monday that it would help advertisers to promote their ads on third-party websites, streaming medium and articles. It meant that the competition among Facebook, Google and other service supplier becomes intension.


Facebook claimed that the firm will help advertisers to promote ads on Daily Mail, Mashable, The USA Today, streaming medium and articles. Facebook shares the advertising revenue with the third-parties websites and medium suppliers. According to the customary practice, Facebook might get 30% of advertising revenue that displayed on the third-party websites.

The digital publishers invest much on online videos nowadays. Facebook stated that this plan may help other companies to benefit more from advertising ads.

If Facebook’s new advertising service video is popular applied by publishers and medium, the industry competition will become heater.

Some of publishers established relationships with Facebook as they reply on Facebook to increase website traffic and post more content on Instant Articles.

The public concerns much about Facebook’s News Feed which is the increase engine of network advertising. Its advertising revenue increased by 57% in Q1, with $ 5.2 billion. Facebook addressed that the duration users watch video content on News Feed each day reached 100 million hours.

In the meanwhile, Facebook claimed itself as an important network advertising brokerage firm. Facebook once reported that the annual revenue of Audience Network reached $1 billion.

Facebook received $17 billion in revenue in 2015. Promoting the video advertising business could contribute to the increase of its revenue. eMarket predicted that American’s expense of video advertising will increased by 28.5% this year, up to $9.84 billion.

Google released an input method tool for iPhone

It is reported that Google released a new input method tool called Gboard for iPhone. It is featured with Google Search, emojis, GIF and gesture input.


The installation of Gboard is similar with the third-party ones. The application will guide users how to add Gboard to iPhone input method list after it was downloaded.

There is a logo of Google on the top right of input method keyboard. Users can use Google Search through the keyboard directly. It allows users to obtain the search result and share it instantly regardless of they are sending messages or using other devices. Therefore, if users wish to share a cool resturant or a new released movie with friends, these results are easy to be searched and obtained.

The other button on the keyboard would help users to obtain the emojis or GIF animation. They are both compatible with search. To search GIF animation, the Gboard input mothod can be used on Giphy and Tumblr websites to search. The searching results are different with other input method Giphy Keys which was released in previous week. However, they both offer high quality service.

The reviewers assumed that the experience of Gboard will be great due to the gesture input feature. This feature is similar to SwiftKey’s or Swype’s. Gboard’s input prediction is not as perfect as SwiftKey’s, but Gboard is still able to predict which word that users wish to input.

Wall Street concerned for new iPhone as Apple share dropped below $90

Apple share dropped below $90 on Thursday since 2014. Wall Street concerned that there will be less demand for new iPhone which Apple will released later this year, reported Sina Tech.


Many of Wall Street investment organizations hold Apple’s share. Its share dropped to $89.47 on Thursday at US stock markets, closing at $90.34, with a decrease of $2.35%.

The Nikkei Asian Review quoted the confirmed resource that the component suppliers in Taiwan received fewer orders from Apple in the second half of 2016. Apple would release its new iPhone in September as customary practice.

Apple’s market value ranks behind Google parent company Alphabet due to the decrease of stock price.

According to Thomson Reuters, the market value for Apple and Alphabet are about $495 billion by the close of Thursday US stock markets. In the past year, Apple has been shrinked for $200 billion, equivalently a Verizon or Walmart.

The stock price for Apple component suppliers also declined. For example,
Skywords’ share price declined by 4.54%, Broadcom’s declined by 1.95% while Qorvo’s was 1.76%.

In its Q1 earnings report, Apple revealed that iPhone quarterly sales encountered the first drop. Wall Street feel negative for its the demand of iPhone 7.

As smartphone market in the downturn situation, Dialog Semiconductor who supplies chips for iPhone and other smartphones decreased its expected revenue last week.

HP Inc will establish HP Tech Ventures to finance startups

HP Inc announced on Tuesday that it would establish HP Tech Ventures. Its business will fall within financing the startups in 3D printing, IOT, Immersive computing, smart intelligent and robot fields.

An attendee at the Microsoft Ignite technology conference walks past the Hewlett-Packard (HP) logo in Chicago, Illinois, May 4, 2015. REUTERS/Jim Young

It is said that the HP Tech Ventures will be run in Palo Alto, California and Tel Aviv, Israel. Senior manager, Chief Distrupter Andrew Bolwell will be responsible for its business. His direct supervisor is CTO Shane Wall.

The Wall Street Journal reported that HP Tech Ventures will support some internal innovative products, especially from HP labs.

It is well-known that HP was split off two independent listed companies, Hewlett-Packard enterprise and HP Inc. The main business of Hewlett-Packard enterprise is servers and storage system. It has an independent investment institute called HewlettPackard Ventures.

It is worth noting that the tech giant Intel also established professional Ventures department called Intel Capital. This department is the important element of promoting the development of computing and communication platform. It invested the potential startups to promote the development of internet economy.

Intel was established in 1991. It has spent over $6 billion to invest more than 1,400 companies in 40 countries. Among them, 180 companies were acquired and the other 160 became the listed companies. The Intel Capital made key investment in smart intelligent devices, robots, drones, IOT, cars, cloud services, OpenStack and data analysis.

IBM’S Venture Capital Group, Microsoft Ventures, Qualcomm VenturePartners, Google Venture and Google Capital act as the investors more or less. The difference from the traditional ventures is that they also offer support of technology, products, marketing strategy besides finance support.

Robert Runa things highly of Amazon share growth

Robert Runa claimed that Amazon share has great potential market to be the best share that hold for long-term. He predicted that the value of Amazon share will be increased to $100 million by 2017.

Runa acts as the CEO and chief investor of Surevest, he stated when he was interviewed by CNBC that Amazon nearly dominates its market and beats its rivals. He suggested the investors invest its share in the consideration of long-term investment.

Amazon share increased by 2.25% on last Friday, closing at $673.95. Runa estimated its share price will be increased to $800 by the end of this year.

Chamath Palihapitiya, the founder &CEO of Social Capital gave an surprising estimation at Sohn investment conference which held in New York. He assumed that Amazon share value will be increased to $3,000 billion in 10 years.

He claimed that there will be a company that reach the market value of thousands of billion, that is, Amazon. Palihapitiya predicted that only Amazon retail business will be increase to $10,000 in 10 years.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos just sold 1 million shares of Amazon stocks during the weekend, valuing at $671 million. It is said that the sales of those shares were scheduled before. Amazon spokesman did not make any comments on this news.

However, executive of Jack Mohr considered Amazon’s market value was over estimated. He claimed that the expense will be added with the revenue growth on some occasion. The experts overstated the capacity of cloud service. He suggested many companies turned down the Amazon cloud service platform such as Apple and Spotify.

Runa also suggested that the retail industry should not be a good investment.