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Snaptchat daily video views surprisely increased by 150% with a year

Quoted from Bloomberg report, the daily video views of Snapchat are up to 10 billion times though Snapchat was a Burn After Reading app that designed to share photos. There are more and more people apply it to watch videos now.

Snapchat announced the video views in February, coming with 8 billion times per day. The record it made in November, 2015 was 6 billion times and backwards to April was 4 billion times.

Calculating by the latest figure mentioned above, Snapchat’s video views increased by 150% within a year. Speaking of Facebook, its daily video views were 8 billion times in November, 2015.

The Vanity Fair magazine assumed Snapchat is running ahead of Facebook in video field. But it cleared that the measurements of Snapchat videos are different from Facebook’s.

Snapcat limits the length of video within 10 seconds. Therefore, Snapchat users will post a great amount of videos to complete a whole story. This policy could drive users to post and view more videos.

In comparison with Facebook, its videos duration are longer.

Snapchat obtained 500 million users and keeps attracting more potential users, however, its users growth is far away from Facebook’s 1.09 billion daily active users.

In addition, Facebook’s video views will be increased sharply after it released the live video feature. It is worth noting.

Samsung Electronics obtained $4.56 billion in profits in Q1, with 13.6% increase

Smasung Electronics released its Q1 2016 earnings on Thursday. Its net profit reached to $ 4.56 billion with the stimulation of flagship smartphones. It received a 13.6% increase on year-on-year basis.

It made 49,700 billion KRW in revenue in Q1, with a $ 5.65 % increase compared with last year. Its operation profit was about 6,700 billion KRW ( about $5.84 billion).

Its performance in Q1 was better than its expectation. According to Bloomberg statistics, analyst assumed its net profit would be 4,420 billion KRW and revenue would be 48,800 billion KRW.

Samsung released Galaxy S7 ahead of iPhone 7 to obtain more consumers to update their smartphones. It helped Samsung to make up the chipset business and LED business decline as smartphone demand decline around the world.

Dohoon Lee claimed Samsung released Galaxy S7 ahead one to three months and decrease its bottom price could stimulate more purchase on the condition that iPhone S6 sales decline.

Apple, the most comptitive rival of Samsung released its last fisical earnings on Tuesday. Apple’ quarterly earnings drop for the first time since 2003. The shipments of iPhone were 51.2 million sets in second fiscal season.

Samsung Electronics suffered a great loss in the first quarter due to the change of exchange rate. Its component business got affect most.

Counterpoint Research analyst Neil Shah claimed the demand of high end smartphone revived in the first quarter, however, its low-end smartphone sales increased as well. The report that Counterpoint Research made on April 7 addressed that the shipments increase of Galaxy S7 increased by 50% compared with Galaxy S6 did last year.

IDC: VR sales is likely to reach 9 million units in 2016

IDC claimed that the sales of VR devices is likely to reach to 9 million units in 2016, according to oversea media report.

IDC assumed the sales of VR devices were only 350,000 units in 2015. VR units increase by a lot based on these predictions in 2016.

It stated that the growth of VR sales partly benefited from the consumption of independent VR consuming edition.

The survey estimated that Oculus, HTC and Sony will reach the sales volume of 2 million VR devices in 2016. Oculus Rift VR has been selling since March 28. HTC Vive is supposed to be released later this month. While Sony PlayStation VR will be released in October.

Lewis Ward, chef of IDC game department claimed consumers will purchase VR devices as they wish to play VR video games. He predicted that there will be more VR games released by Christmas holiday which will lead to sales increase.

IDC indicated that the public is more interested in AR devices than before, such as HoloLens. However, the Augmented Reality devices are not ready for universe application.

The survey showed that among the screenless VR devices, Samsung Gear VR is the most popular one. Those devices have to connect with smartphons and adjust the definition of objects that users have access to by a built-in sensor.

It assumed there will be more screenless VR devices made by companies to popularize its application. By 2020, there will be supposed 64.8 million VR devices being sold each year.

However, Gartner gave a different prediction for VR sales in 2016 as it assumed there will be only 1.4 million VR devices being sold this year.

Amazon ended MyHabit website to focus on expanding Fashion business


Amazon just ended its subsidiary website which was launched in 2011. Though Amazon ended this business, the CEO of will continue to serve Amazon and make a newly Fashion team.

According to fashion news website WWD report, will be totally closed by the end of May. The reason why Amazon ended this website is to simplify its fashion products and focus on Amazon Fashion service.

Related reports from LinkedIn indicated that CEO Garth Mader has already joined Amazon Fashion team. It is said that Garth Mader will take up the manager and be responsible for recruiting managing employees for Amazon Fashion team.

With the emerging of internet flash sales, there are related companies established, including The initially flash sales business was to provide some products to designers and sell them to its subscribers in the deadline.

However, the flash sales business lost its drive soon. The used flash sales giant Gilt sold its with $250 million this year. Gilt was valued at about $1 billion before.

However, Amazon never releases the related business data. Judged by the end of, the performance of MyHabit might be ordinary.

Amazon is famous for its innovative management concepts. However, Amazon will end those innovative business once it finds they are lack of increase potentiality. Days ago, it just shut down Amazon Local website.

Regular subscribers have to pay more for video content on Netflix

American streaming video service supplier Netflix announced it will increase the subscription fee among over its 22 million US subscribers in the following months.


Started from May, 2015, Netflix increased the charging standard to $ 8.99 to its new US subscribers. It made another adjustment last October, increased to $ 9.99. However, the previous two adjustment did not mean a lot to its regular subscribers. It meant that its regular subscribers only need to pay $ 7.99 or $ 8.99 per month to enjoy the service valued at $ 9.99 per month.

These favorable polices will come to an end to its regular users in the following months. Netflix claimed that the firm will end those measures in succession in 2016. It will carry out the charging standard to its regular subscribers from May. The process may take for a while but it will send notifications by email to those subscribers.

Netflix revealed that the regular subscribers account for ove half of its US subscribers. It announced on Monday that it has 45.71 million subscribers in US that means at least 22 million Netflix subscribers are affected the new charging standard.

Netflix predicted that only a few subscribers are unsatisfied with the new charging standard as the regular subscribers get accustomed to using Netflix service. And Netflix keeps improving its service and importing more contents.

United bank of Switzerland analyst assumed 3% to 4% subscribers will cancel their subscription.

Netflix indicated that it will carry out the same charging standard to its international subscribers though most of its subscribers are from US.

Why AmazonFresh did not make a success? reported that Amazon’s fresh service AmazonFresh has been released for 9 years and still performed flat. The main reasons for its failure are its service price, products quality and geographic factor.


However its other services made great success. Amazon launched the Amazon Prime service in 2005. It has been welcome by its subscribers since its release. The subscribers can enjoy its free delivery service within two days and the welfare of watching online videos and reading ebooks.

Following the Prime service, it launched the first storage service, that is, the rudiment of Amazon Web Services. This project obtained $ 2 billion annual revenue now.

It is said that Amazon Prime is the main income source for AWS so far. It has 51 million subscribers around the world. The sales volume of AWS increased by 70% last year.

AmazonFresh disappointed the consumers and investors for some point. Its performance is far behind AWS.

AmazonFresh was expanded to Los Angeles after 6 years it had been tested in Seattle. This service has been promoted in several cities. Prime Now which launched in November, 2014 has been expaned to over 10 cities, its increase rate runs faster compared with AmazonFresh.

The analyst assumed its subscribers would speed up AmazonFresh’s expansion, however, it did not. NPR predicted that this project would be introduced to over 40 cities by 2014. 9 years after it had been released, it only obtained 0.8 % market share in grocery industry.

It charges $299 subscription fee for AmazonFresh each year, including the standard Prime service. Genral speaking, the Fresh orders are free to be delivered when the orders are over $50. To the Prime subscribers, it doesn’t sound reasonable to pay more $ 299 each year. Whole Foods and Kroger only charge $149 annual subscription fee for whose purchase over $35 each deal.

Amazon has teamed up with U.S. Postal Service, UPS and FedEx to deliver fresh orders. However, the operation mode of grocery delivery is different from others. It only works in densely populated regions.

Amazon was introduced to the top five density cities, its market potentiality seems to be saturation. It will face much challenge to expand more market share.

Apple will end iTunes Allowance on May 25


Apple announced to end iTunes allowance on May 25 without specific explains. Parents could transfer quota money to their children’s iTunes accounts through iTunes Allowance service in order to purchase iTunes Store gift cards, products from iTunes Store, App Store, iBooks Store, Mac App Store or even membership of Apple Music.

The statement showed that users could not be able to create iTunes allowance account by April 13. The existing accounts are valid until May 25. The allowance left on the iTunes Allowance account will be transferred to payee’s baci iTunes account instead of disappearing.

The reason why Apple ends this allowance service is unclear. It previously made many negative reports as the children could not help purchasing goods though iTunes Allowance limits the expense from $10 to $50 per month.

iTunes allowance was introduced to the publich when Apple released iTunes Store in 2003. Apple never reveals how many people are using iTunes Allowance.

In recent years, Apple brought in other methods to manage family expenses. It is worth noting its Family Sharing option. The family members could check each other’s purchases. Apple also provides parents notification option to approve their children’s purchase.

Apple spokesman confirmed the news concerning the off business of iTunes Allonwce. He suggested users apply the “Ask to Buy” and “Family Sharing” features to manage their children’s purchase.

Microsoft E3 2016 will be held in June 14

The Build 2016 conference was just over, and Microsoft is busy in preparing for E3 2016. Microsoft officially announced the release date of E3 2016 at PT 9:30 am, on June 14.


E3 is the solemn conference in game industry. There will be many game manufacturers and developers attending besides Microsoft. For instance, the players are familiar with Bethesda, CD Projekt Red, Take-Two, Ubisoft, Activision, Sony and Nintendo.

EA has confirmed not attend this E3 exhibition and planned to hold a EA Play conference on June 12. The prevue of Titanfall 2 has been revealed. It is sure that the first show of Titanfall 2 will be released on EA Play. Activision, Disney and Wargaming will be absent from this E3 conference.

Microsoft will release new generation of Xbox One at E3. Forza Horizon 3 will be released though Microsoft has not announced the scale of E3.

Microsoft calimed to introduce Forza Motorsport to more platforms. It has released pc Forza Motorsport 6 edition. It is likely that Forza Horizon 3 will be introduced to Xbox One and PC.

Microsoft announced that Hololens are available for developers at Build 2016. Microsoft may continue to introduce the games development on Hololens at E3.

Microsoft will reveal the display of update system for Xbox One and Windows 10 as well as the development of UWP at E3.

Fluent: 60% of Apple Watch users will buy its 2nd generation

Apple doesn’t reveal much information of Apple Watch 2 so far, however, most of its existing users plan to upgrade their device based on the survey of Fluent.


According to the newest report made by Fluent, about 60% of Apple Watch users claimed to purchase its 2nd generation when it is being released. To Apple firm, this figure sounds inspired. However, other statistics concerning Apple Watch do not sound positive along with this report.

It is reported that Fluent interviewed 2,578 passers-by randomly. It only to find that 8% of them own Apple Watch. They claimed one of the reasons for their decision whether to purchase Apple Watch or not is its price.

Even though Apple decreased the selling price of Apple Watch after the spring conference, it still charges at least $299. To those iPhone users, it is still a bit expensive.

The user share of other smart watch is close to Apple Watch’s, based on the survey. It indicated that most of the interviewees do not have smart watch yet. To those existing Apple Watch users, the reason that hey chose it was its attracted features and convenience. Fashion and reasonable price are not the noting elements.

There is little news about Apple Watch 2. The last report concerning Apple Watch 2 was reported it will be debuted at WWDC this year. Its highlight of its newest version is to be thinner at 20-40%.

Galaxy S7made great contribution to to Samsung Q1 operating profit expectation

Bloomberg reported that Samsung Electronics announced its Q1 performance. Its ring growth of Q1 operating profit increased by 7.49% and its year growth was 10.37%, up to 6,600 billion KRW.

Its first quarterly performance was better than expected. The analysts predicted that Samsung Electronics would receive 5,530 billion KRW.

Bloomberg analyzed the reason for its excellent performance in first quarter was the release of Galaxy S7. It helps Samsung to obtain more market share and fans among Apple products and Chinese smartphone brands.

It released Galaxy S7 in March that was one month in advance in comparison with its predecessor. As reported, the sales volume of Galaxy S7 reached 9 million units in the first month it was being released. It was three times more than Galaxy S6.

In addition, the production of curved-display screen for Edge verision went well. It made sure the supply for market demands.

Dongbu Securities analyst Yoo Eui Hyung claimed the most important reason for profit growth contributed to the price cut of mobile marketing.

Samsung Electronics cuts the quantity of smartphones so that it could focus on launching more competitive devices. Bloomberg reported that Samsung smartphone shipment quantity in first quarter was 78 million units while it shipped 82 million units during last shopping season.

Strategy Analytics analyst Neil Mawston suggested that Galaxy S7 will be the best seller of Android smartphone around the world in 2016. Its cheaper series will have sound performance as well.