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Google introduces Fiber Phone service to challenge Telecom giants

fiber phone

Unlike the Chinese families, there are still many American families use the landline phones. Google is seeking for business in landline phone service. It just launched the Fiber Phone service which is a part of the Google Fiber project.

Google Voice is an application that offers phone service. If users are using the Google Voice, then they will be familiar with many features of Fiber Phone.Users have no limit to make cheaper international calls, choose your phone number. The voice mail could be recorded and sent to them with text or email. Its features include junk-mail filtering , no disturbing, caller Identification, call waiting or 911 calls.

It is similar to Google Voice, users could set their phone numbers on different devices.When they stay at home, they could set the phone numbers on landline ones. When they are out, they could set them on mobiles or office phones when they are at work. No matter where they are, they could be in touch.

In the statement, Google claimed that Fiber Phone service is only available in some districts. It is yet to announce its specific cities. Google Fiber is only available in four cities in US so for, including Provo of Utah, Kansas city of Missouri, Austin of Texas and Atlanta of Georgia.

Google will expand its Google Fiber service up to 7 cities this year. Fiber phone service might be tested in one of those cities so far. It might introduce the Fiber Phone service to all of the cities are available with Google Fiber in the future.

Google aims to obtain more market shares from AT&T and Comcast by promoting Google Fiber project. The landline subscriptions keep decline as more and more people turn to mobile calling.

The data quoted by U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: there are only 40% of American adults use the landline phone service by 2013.

Dell encounters debt stress for acquiring EMC

The confirmed source indicated that Dell is likely to sell its IT department to NTT with $ 3.5 billion. Dell and NTT did not make any comments so far. The confirmed source claimed that such deal will be released with details in a few days.


The core enterprise of Dell IT department is Perot Systems which was established by Ross Perot and acquired by Dell in 2009. Perot Systems specializes in launching electronic casebooks and remote medical devices.

Since last September, Dell planned to sell its IT department. The source suggested Dell originally planned to sell the IT department along with its non-core business. It asked for a price at $10 billion so that Dell could pay for some debts.

In October, 2015, Dell announced to acquired EMC at $67 billion. Judging from its transaction amount, this acquisition was considered as the biggest deal of merger and acquisition. The transaction was officially approved by FTC last week. Dell attempts to obtain more share in cloud computing and mobile security fields to compete with Cisco, IBM and HP.

Dell got into debt due to this acquisition. Its founder hopes this acquisition could help the computer develop into the giant in cloud computing and mobile security fields. Some experts analyzed this transaction offers favor to Dell to explore market under the circumstances of pc demands recession.

The EMC acquisition will be completed in a few months. Michael Dell claimed that it needs more capital to complete this acquisition. We will see whether this news is true or not.

Mesosphere declined Microsoft’s offer of acquisition

It was reported last year that Microsoft attempted to acquire Mesosphere cloud startup at $150 million. However, Mesosphere declined its offer.


Today Mesosphere announced to start a new round financing. The amount of financing will be reached at $73.5 million. HP is the major leadership of this activity, while Microsoft is the major participant.

As reported, the market value of Mesosphere is over $ 1 billion at this financing activity. It will increase its financing amount up to $122 million this time. Andreessen Horowitz and Khosla Ventures are its investors.

It is an important stragetic measure to invest small-size startup to HP enterprise and Microsoft. They both aim to further strengthen the construction of cloud service in order to help clients to manage the data center.

DCOS is the flagship product of Mesosphere. It simplies installed process of applications for the large-scale data center. It is as easy as you open a ordinary communication app.

Verizon uses its DCOS to manage the data center, while, Apple, Twitter and Airbnb use its Mesos app to supervise they massive data.

Mesosphere CEO Florian Leibert said their scale of operations are huge and unprecedented.

Mesosphere promised that one could be easily handle the popular cloud services, such as Spark and Cassandra as long as he installs DCOS at the data center.

The highlight is that DCOS would let your data center and cloud service infrastructure look like a mainframe computer if you install DCOS on cloud service such as Azure or AWS.

Even though the acquisition of Microsoft and Mesosphere did not come into being, they teamed up to launch Azure Container Service in the hope of helping developers to launch more apps quicker.

Apple Pay is said to support website payment soon

As reported, Apple Pay is ready to support website payment. According to the confirmed source, Apple expressed to its potential clients that Apple Pay is going to support website payment by the end of this year.


Apple Pay allows users to finish payment by fingerprint authorization. Users have no need to input their credit numbers. Its new feature will be compatible with iPhone and iPad Touch ID. Users could surf the internet on Safari to shop on iPhone and iPad devices. Apple considers promoting such service on Apple laptop and desktop. It is still unclear when Apple launch this new feature.

The technical giant expressed itself to the potential clients Apple Pay will be explored to mobile websites by the arrival of shopping season. It is likely that Apple will announce this news at WWDC in June. However, the news also pointed out such service’s arrival is possibly changed over time.

Introducing Apple Pay to mobile websites would help the company to rival PayPal directly. PayPay launched One Touch payment term to websites and applications. Over half of top 500 networking merchandisers use One Touch. To iPhone users, Apple Pay could be fast and most convenient payment term.

The proposal of Apple Pay on websites confirms to the change of consumers’ consumption habit. According to the data of comScore, the traffic that consumers visit mobile shopping websites through browsers was about 9.8 billion times, while the traffic through mobile applications was 8.1 billion times.

If this proposal turns out to be true, it will contribute more sales to mobile websites.

Apple cuts Apple Watch price to introduce the new models and strap options

Apple announced the price cut for Apple Watch on its spring release held on March 21st. Apple Watch was released last April and welcome by Apple fans.


This entry-level Watch sport was previously priced at £299 for 38mm model and £339 for 42mm model. Apple offered £40 discount from the asking price for all Apple Watch series.

Users only need to pay the 38 mm Apple Watch sport for just £ 259, while the 42mm wearable device costs at £ 299. It might attract more potential users to buy it.

Apple CEO Tim Cook claimed during the announcement for the price cut that the company wants more people to be able to access Apple Watch and enjoy its features during their daily life.

Apple also introduced several new Apple Watch strap options besides the Apple Watch price changes for the wearable devices.

Some users want to change the watch straps to give it a new look. Cook suggested that one-third Apple Watch users prefer to change their bands regularly.

The strap is made from woven nylon which features a unique four-layer construction. The strap is also available for several colors.

In addition, Apple has added new yellow and apricot sports straps, a black milanese loop band and new leather options for the wearable devices.

The price cut and new straps for Apple Watch are available now. Besides Apple Watch, the company also adjusted the price for its iPad Air.

What new Apple devices will debut on its spring conference?

Apple has sent its official invitations for the spring conference which will be held in Cupertino, at 10 am , on March 21. The theme of the spring release is called “Let us loop you in”. There are more details of this conference waiting to be revealed.


AppleInsider predicted that it might debut the following devices in this conference:

The 4-inch iPhone

The 4-inch iPhone is said to be the replacement of iPhone 5s that Apple promotes as its featured product during this conference. As reported, it will apply some inside components as iPhone 6s does, including the 12 megapixel camera, A9 processor. It is also compatible with Apple Pay. If Apple announces to stop producing iPhone 5s at the conference, then its iPhone devices will all support Apple Pay then.

It is rumored that the 4-inch iPhone will be named as iPhone SE. In view of the selling price of iPhone 5s is $499, some experts predicted that the iPhone SE will be sold at $499. It will go to the market soon after this conference.

Newly 9.7-inch iPad

Apple is supposed to debut the new generation of iPad Air 2 no matter it is named iPad Air or iPad Pro. It launched iPad Air 2 in 2014.

It is estimated that the new iPad share more similar functions with iPad Pro, including Smart Connector port, 4 loudspeakers and A9X processor. Apple might launch the Smart external keyboard that is compatible with Smart Connector. In addition to this, Apple might announce its third party components of Smart Connector. The new iPad is supposed to sell at $499 in accordance with its customary practice.

Apple Watch watchband

It might release new watchband with different styles and color for Apple Watch, including the Milanese Loop that leaked in January. It seems impossibility that Apple launchs the successor of Apple Watch on March 21.

New Mac

Some of Mac series are out of its refresh cycle. It is unclear whether Apple will release new Mac at this conference. Or will it release new Mac independently?

Apple should upgraded the latest Intel processors for MacBook Pro and 12-inch MacBook now. The new processor might allow Mac runs 20% faster. And its battery life will be upgraded to 30% longer.

Above the prediction are based on the reports of AppleInsider. We will figure out what new devices that Apple brings to the public soon.

Snapchat revenue grows faster this year, expected to reach $350 million

It is reported that Snapchat’s annual revenue in 2016 is expected to reach between $ 300 million and $350 million. It received the revenue of $ 50 million last year.


Advertising business belongs to periodic business. General speaking, Q4 is the best season for Advertising business in a year. It is reported that its annualized return of Q4 2015 reached $100 million. What a surprise!

It reported that Snapchat raised $175 million from Fidelity Investments last week. Snapchat insisted the same valuation of financing this year. Based on its prediction for revenue, Snaptchat’s current price-to-sales ratio is 50 times while Facebook’s comes with 17 times. Snaptchat did not make any confirmation concern this news.

Snapchat has over 100 million daily active users. It seeks ways to enter commercial mode. It attracted Coca Cola and Samsung Electronics to advertise on its platform. It charges $0.99 for the auxiliary functions such as message replay. It recruited Mattel former senior officer Drew Vollero as its first CFO.

Snapchat has several sources to create revenue, but they are concentrated on Ads. It launched Live Stories service where Advertisers could purchase ads . Advertisers could also purchase ads on Snapchat Discover. In the meanwhile, it sells sponsored photo filters which is welcome by political candidates at present.

The growth of revenue is contributed to American presidential election. Bernie Sanders advertised 9 days on Snapchat before he run for Iowa election. Republican candidate Ted Cruz once availed of Snapchat to attack Democratic candidate Donald Trump.

The key for its revenue growth is to stable its advertising business. Evan Spiegel claimed last May the company would make IPO in a proper time. It helps to realize this goal if the its annual revenue meets the expectation this year.

Facebook has least stressed, most satisfied employees

According to the latest report, Facebook has least stressed, most satisfied employees.

Payscale interviewed the employees from 18 technical companies. It turned out that 96% Facebook employees are satisfied with their jobs.

least stressed

Facebook got the highest score for employees’ satisfaction in the list. Google employees’ satisfaction ranked as third. Apple’s is in eighth, Tesla’s is in 11th while Amazon’s is in 13th. What’s more, Facebook employees has least job stress. 44% of interviewed employees felt stressed.

Payscale claimed that the survey was based on questionnaire survey from 33,500 technical employees. The error limit is 10%.

Glassdoor just report the list of best employers, Facebook ranked in fifth. While it is not in the list of best employers made by Fortune.

The well-paid salary is the important element to employee’s job satisfaction. The early career median pay employees, they normally get $ 116,000. To mid-career median pay employees,their average salary will increase to $149,000. In compare, Google employees they will have average pay at $151,600. LinkedIn employees will get $159,600 for mid-career median pay.

This figure of Facebook is not included the share value that employees hold. The higher that its share price goes, the more that its employees get.

Facebook also offers sound welfare for its employees. Its employees can enjoy free lunch and snacks. There are beer bar,playroom and barbershop for employees. It offers 4 months paid paternity leave. It covered each of employee with heath insurance.

The average age of Facebook employees are 29 year old. Only 32% of them are females. It announced that it will hire more female and minority employees.

Indian $4 mobile suspected as fraud, refunding to its pre-orders users

Can you share the experience of cheapest mobile you have used? Can you image how does a $4 mobile look and work? Indian supplier Ringing Bells once claimed to provide the cheapest smartphones.


According to the confirmed source, Ringing Bells started refunding the pre-payment to its pre-order users concerning the purchasing of cheapest smartphone. Ringing Bells was accused of cheating consumers after an investigation on this business promotion.

It reported that Ringing Bells would provide samrtphone called Freedom 251, selling at about 24 yuan. Its payment platform CCAvenue claimed that the company has started refunding the pre payments to consumers who made the pre-orders at 86 rupee. There were about 14,800 consumers made 30,000 pre-orders for this smartphone.

This type of smartphone will apply the pay on delivery payment terms in the near future. Avenues CEO Vishwas Patel claimed that:”the distributors asked for refund of all pre-orders due to the negative reports and government surpervision.”

Indian officer Pramod Tiwari stated last week that the refund has been activated, and it would be complete next Monday. He suggested that Ringing Bells plan was a fraud. However, the Ringing Bells founder denied this charge.

Ringing Bells spokesman confirmed the decision of pre-orders refund. He claimed that the company would release official news on Monday concerning the refund.