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Amazon might explore the mobile business

Fire Phone met its Waterloo during the campaign. Amazon now plans to explore the mobile business.

The Information website reported that Amazon wishes to cooperate with smartphone manufacturers to integrated its service. Amazon is negotiating the cooperation with the cellphone brands. The integrated level of related cellphones should exceed its pre-installed level.

It aims to encourage the users to register as the Prime subscribers for experience its services.

Amazon launched Fire Phone in June, 2014, selling at $199 with two-year contract. While its lock-less version sold at $650. It cut the selling price rapidly in six weeks. Till August, 2015, the lock-less Fire Phone only cost $130 and faded out the market gradually.

Amazon dismissed some employees who worked in software center due to the failure of Fire Phone. It cut $170 million asset in the third quarterly report in 2014. Its new plan sound familiar with Fire Phone, but Amazon will authorize the manufacturer to produce the hardware.

Amazon applications are pre-installed in some of Samsung and AT&T cellphones. It reported that Amazon wishes to make a deep integration so that obtain much convenience from Android system.

Kindle lines apply the Android system, thus Amazon obtains a great amount of API to rival with Google. Amazon offers Android application store, application shopping feature, moving ads, CloudHybrid, Maping API, ID certification system and other features are similar with Google Play store and Google Play service.

Nearly all the Android application manufactures signed the Authorization Rule of Google Play. Due to the rule restriction, Amazon has difficulty to add its service in the devices.

Therefore, Amazon might avoid to use the service that rival with Google directly. Fire Phone offers the FireFly application that recognizes the music, tv shows, actors, arts and books with scanning.
Amazon and Facebook attempted to dump out of the Android ecosystem. They met difficulties as the authorization rule it signed with manufacturers limited this.

Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley resigned his post

U.S. mobile mapping server Foursquare announced on Thursday that its first round financing reached $45 million. What’s more, its CEO and Co-founder Dennis Crowley would resign his post. Jeff Glueck, current COO would take over his job.


Foursquare claimed that the financing was initiated by Union Square Ventures. Andreessen Horowitz, Spark Capital DFJ Growth joined the financing. Morgan Stanley joined its latest financing. Foursquare implied it obtained extra financing this round.

One year before it was approved for the new round financing, Foursquare just transformed from a consumption goods company. It becomes a enterprise serving company now.

Foursquare has difficulties to obtain advertising revenue. Its potential users are confused by Foursquare application whether it is a game or a rival to Yelp.

Steven Rosenblatt joined Foursquare in 2012, leading the company to create an advertising sales team in order to bring more profit for the company. Foursquare split its Flagship application into Swarm and Foursquare. The company split off the check-in feature and assigned it to Swarm application. Users can post its location details to their families and friends.

Foursquare did not reveal the estimated value of company in this round. It was reported that Foursquare financing this round would decrease half of its past round.

Even though Dennis Crowley resigned his post, the investors still feel positive for Foursquare’s development. Fred Wilson, the co-found of Union Square Ventures stated in his blog that he spoke highly of Foursquare and Dennis Crowley.

Yahoo lost one third employees in 2015, the employment might continue

New York Times reported that Marissa Mayer attempted to recover Yahoo’s core business in the past few years, however, the result seemed negative. Its inside working environment seems depressed recently.

Yahoo’s employees are not satisfied with Mayer’s attempts. She failed to recover its core business and started to carry out the radical strategies: cutting jobs. She started planing the restructuring and cutting jobs. The confirmed source implied that Yahoo would announced this plan by the end of this month.

New York Times interviewed over 15 employees and former employees. The conversations indicated that many of its employees lost faith in Mayer’s leadership even though they keep working on this positions.

It is reported that over one third of its employees left the company last year. Mayer approved a great amount of sum for employees retention bonus who received job offers from other companies in case of the brain drain. It is unfair to other employees.

Glassdoor did a survey and it indicated only 34% of Yahoo employees see hope for the company. While there are 61% of Twitter employees feel Twitter has positive prospect, 77% of Google employees feel their company is improving. Scott Dobroski said the statistics showed that Yahoo employees lost faith in Mayer and Yahoo.

Yahoo claimed it keeps recruiting employees and the applicants are increasing. Some employees hope to be fired so that they could get the severance allowance. Some are positively looking for new jobs. It is not easy for Yahoo employees to find a new job as some employers might consider the failure of Yahoo has related to its employees.

Nick Parham claimed that brand name is very important to employers. They pay much close attention to those applicants who worked for Facebook and Salesforce due to their successful strategies.

Samsung New Year Message: business development will be harder in 2016

According the report of Reuters, Samsung claimed it predicted the business environment will be harder in 2016 due to the global economic weakness and intense competitions of memory chips and smartphones in such field.

Samsung announced an statement on Monday, its CEO Oh-Hyun Kwon pointed out during the New Year message to its employees that the economic weakness will continue in 2016 and the emerging market faces higherfinancial risk which will bring more uncertain issues.

Oh-Hyun Kwon did not reveal the specific prediction. At present, the worries from the public concerned Samsung 2015 4Q business performance is under its initial prediction.

Korean Investment revealed another report on Monday indicated:” the fewer demand of semiconductor and LCD business and price decline affected more aspects than we predicted.”
Korea Investment decreased Samsung’s predicted operating profit of 4 quarter from 6,800 billion KRW to 6,400 billion KRW. Thomas Rueters invested 36 analysts concerned Samsung’s operating profit in the fourth quarter of 2015. It concluded the average figure is 6,800 billion KRW. It decreased by 8.1% (7,400 billion KRW)in comparison with the third quarter.

Oh-Hyun Kwon stressed that its major business will face more challenges in 2016, however, it did not provide the specific financial predictions.

Samsung is supposed to release the official earnings in the fourth quarter of 2015 on Friday. It implied in October that the earnings of fourth quarter would be under the third quarter’s due to the fewer demand of accessories business.