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Apple smartphones obtain more market share than Samsung’s in south Korea

The market share of iPhone series add up to over 50% in high-end smartphone market.


According to the statistics from South Korean mobile communications industry, half of its high-end and mid-range smartphone market was taken by foreign brands there, Samsung and LG could only keep their seats in low-end market.

SK telecom revealed the sales documents of smartphones in December. It classified the smartphone market as high-end configuration with luxyry price smartphone market, good quality and reasonable price mobile market and cheap mobile market.

iPhone 6s, 64GB obtained 28.2% market share in high-end configuration with luxury price smartphone market, iPhone 6s 16GB came as second, Galaxy Note 5, 64GB came as third, coming with 13.8%. While iPhone 6s Plus, 64GB obtained 8.1 %, ranking in fourth. The total market share of iPhone series add up to over 50%。

Google Nexus 6p, 32GB accounted for 34.6% in mid-range mobile market, ranking first in this market.

Samsung and LG made leading positions in the low-end mobile market. Samsung Galaxy clamshell ranked the first in 3G market, accounting for 24.8%, Galaxy J5 and Galaxy Grand Max come respectively as second and third. LGClass and Bandplay ranked in the fourth and fifth.

Samsung’s total market capitalization ranked 13th in ICT industry as KISDI reported in August.

Apple has been ranking the first in ICT industry for three years in a row.

American top 10 smartphone Apps of 2015: Microsoft’s excluded

Nelson revealed the latest data that the American top 10 smartphone Apps of 2015 are from Facebook, Google and Apple. Microsoft did not rank in the top 10 list as the the software firm that receives the highest revenue in the world.


There are three apps from Facebook in the top 10 list. Facebook ranked the first for the second year for its major application. Facebook Messenger ranked in the third, while it ranked in the seventh last year. Instagram placed in the eighth this year.

Among the top 10 smartphone apps, Google has five apps in the list. YouTube ranked in the second, Google Search was the fourth, followed by Google Play, Google Maps and Gmail.

Apple Music and Apple Maps were the nineth and tenth in the top 10 list.

With reference to this report, Microsoft will learn what its consumers look for an app. It could not provide such app for its consumers so far. And Microsoft does not make statements concern the Nelson report.

Microsoft is working hard to promote Office 365. The developers allows their applications to use on mobile devices on the basis of Windows 10. Due to the fewer users to use Window 10 on mobile devices, the developers are unwilling to launch more apps for such platform.

It is no surprise to find Google and Apple in the list as Android users don’t need to download to use Gmail, while iPhone users can directly connect to Apple Music.

Microsoft should learn from Facebook’s case as it doesn’t obtain its own OS but still attract so many mobile users regardless which brand of cellphone they use.

Morgan Stanley predicted iPhone sales volume decline in 2016

Morgan Stanley released a search report that surprised Apple. Its analyst Katy Huberty predicted that the sales volume of iPhone will decline in 2016.


Huberty wrote in the report that his estimation of iPhone sales volume will decline by 6%. Apple launched first generation of iPhone in 2007 and sold 1.4 million sets. The iPhone sales volume increased by years then. Since the release of iPhone 5s, the sales volume for iPhone has never declined.

Statista’s statistics showed the sales volume of iPhone increased to 125 million sets by 2012 and 231 million by 2015.

Morgan Stanley assumed it would sell 218 sets of iPhone in 2016 fiscal year, decreasing by 5.7% in comparison with 2015’s. He lately estimated Apple would sell 224 sets of iPhone in 2016 calendar year, decreasing by 2.9% year-on-year.

He decreased the predicted sales volume of iPhone as its expensive price. What is more, the demands of smartphone in developing countries are saturation.

If his prediction comes true, it will make a great hit to Apple as iPhone contributes a lot to its revenue and profit.

Pacific Crest claimed in August that the sales volume of iPhone 6 were unrepeatable. It suggested the investors prepare for the decline of iPhone sales volume.

Apple share price decreased from $132 in May to $113 till now. It might relate to prediction of the iPhone sales volume decline.

Morgan Stanley also predicted the revenue growth rate of Apple fiscal year would be 2%. Apple Watch and other new services would be the main sources for its revenue growth.

Twitter displays the Promoted Tweets to unregistered users

Twitter announced on Thursday that when the unregistered users click the Twitter news into Twitter website via Google search or News stories, it will display them the Promoted Tweets.


Promoted Tweets is Twitter’s major advertising product. It will be displayed in its default timer shaft and users search results. The news it announced on Thursday meant that it will display the Promoted Tweets to the unregistered. It proved that even though its user growth runs slower, Twitter’s advertising revenue is still growing.

Twitter claimed that there are 500 million unregistered users worldwide visit its website without a Twitter account but the Promoted Tweets could only be accessed by 320 million accounts.

Twitter COO Adam Bain indicated that there are over 800 million people can access to the Promoted Tweets after it is being introduced to the unregistered ones. He said:” only a few networking companies are able to do this. Those 500 million Ad audiences were impalpable by the advertisers in the past.”

The current Twitter registered users are only one-fifth of Facebook’s but it keeps promoting it. Twitter suggested that it aimed to promote its content to more fields. The unregistered users can read the Twitter content via news websites, tv channels and Google. Promoted Tweets is an important measures to obtain more users.

Bain said there were 500 million unregistered people can access to the Twitter service by search Twitter news on Google, email links, text messages or the embedded Twitter news. According to the revealed statistics in last November, it had 500 unregistered users to use the Twitter service.

Twitter’s third quarter revenue reached $569 million, increased by 58% year-on-year. Twitter is trying to promote its platform better by launching Moments. And it will select some Advertisers to develop the Advertising service in US, UK,Japan and Australia.

Smart Battery Case comes to iPhone 6 & 6S

Apple announced on December 8 that it launched a new accessory for iPhone. Its official name is called Smart Battery Case. It is a customized battery protection case that Apple made for iPhone 6 &6S.

Official Smart Battery Case looks similar with the former official iPhone 6 and 6S shell case, except it is made with longer bottom part and rear embossment.


It offers two color versions for iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case: White and Grey. It applies the one-piece structure. The elastic edges are soft and easy to put in and take out. It protects the iPhone 6S even when it is being charged.

Smart Battery Case is compatible with its system and able to check the electric quantity of iPhone and Smart Battery Case in the notification center. The status of iPhone and Smart Battery Case will be showed in the lock screen when it is being charged.

It is compatible with the Lightning port, the power supply will protect the smart case when it is being charged. It works with Apple 10W and 20W chargers. What is more, the Smart Battery Case is able to exchange data.

iPhone 6s that equips with Smart Batter Case can last for 25 hours by calling, 20 hours for watching videos and 10 hours under 4G browsing websites.

iPhone Smart Batter Case started offering on December 8. Users can buy it via its official website or offline stores, pricing at 848 yuan.


TOSHIBA seeks to split off its PC business

It is reported that TOSHIBA seeks to split off its personal computer business and attempts to combine it with other companies’ PC business.

TOSHIBA was exposed due to financial scandal early this year. It forced several senior officials to resign. The plan for split-off of personal computer business is to help the computer out of the non profit department.

TOSHIBA admitted that it made false reports concerned the departments earnings. It concealed the fact of profit decline. The firm planned to sell partial semiconductor business to Sony and considered to sell the left of business share as well.

TOSHIBA is meeting several PC manufacturers, including Fujitsu and some other foreign enterprises.

Fujitsu announced its plan for split-off PC business in October. It stated on last Friday that the company did not make a final decision as it was considering among the options.

The Nikkei reported that TOSHIBA combined with other manufacturers concerned PC business. Vaio joined the PC business combination. While Vaio spokesman denied it did not join the discussion concerned the combination.

The share of TOSHIBA declined by 1.1% on last Friday. Matsui Securities anaylyst Tomoichiro Kubota felt the news was positive but it should be reformed 5 years ago.

According to the statistics from Euromonitor, TOSHIBA accounts for 2.3% in worldwide laptop and iPad markets, Apple takes up 21.1%m while Samsung takes up 13.2%. TOSHIBA stops producing the desktop computers.

PC business is the important source of revenue for most Japanese electronic enterprises, but most of them quit this filed.


Consumer Reports :MacBook ranks top 1 for most satisfied laptop

Consumer Reports revealed that Apple Macbook Air and Macbook Pro maintain the most satisfied laptops in the market. The average failure rate of Macbook series is lower than Windows series.

ZDNet claimed that the report provided by Consumer Reports was targeted on 58,000 users who bought laptops from 2010 to 2015. They made feedback concerned the error rate and failure rate each year.

20% of users claimed they encountered the different errors every now and then within three years, most of them are serious system problems. However, the failure rate of Apple Macbook series is only 10% respectively MacBook Air is 7% and MacBook Pro is 9%.

Consumer Reports pointed out Macbook became the most reliable laptop in the past year. Its former three years only received 10% of failure rate, following Samsung and Gateway. The latter two laptop brands received 10% of failure rate. The failure rate of Lenovo, Toshiba, HP,Dell and Asus are 18%-19%.

If it is measured by the yearly failure rate, the average failure rate for MacBook series is only 3%-4%.

The failure rate of Gateway NV series is 13%, Gateway LT and Samsung ATIV Book received a yearly average failure rate at 14%. Levono ThinkPads and Dell XPS came with15% of the yearly failure rate.

The report suggested that MacBook users run them longer time than Windows users each week. The statistics showed that the weekly average service time of Windows laptops is 20 hours, while MacBook laptops’ is 23 hours.

What is more, 71% of the Macbook users are complete satisfied with the devices. Windows laptops only got 38% of satisfaction.

Apple Music brings in Sonos player

Sonos announced on Monday that Apple Music subscribers would be soon added the songs into its play list via Sonos player.


Apple will release the trial service of Sonos player on December 15. It means the first time that Apple integrates its music streaming service with the third-party external hardware equipment.

Sonos claimed that all its player users will be able to join the Apple Music’ trial service. This trial service offers them to use Apple music three months for free. Users can use Sonos player to play Apple Music songs on iOS, Android, Macs and PC devices.

It is said that the typical feature of Apple Music will be displayed on Sonos application, including “For you” function, Beats 1 music radio, and My music.

Sonos revealed that the cooperation concerned Apple Music between two firms began in June. After Apple Music was launched, they made converted efforts to integrate Apple Music and Sonos player.

So far, Sonos application is not available on cell phones, iPads, and PC to play streaming music. It works as a remote control so that the users can play their favorite songs.

Apple seldom brings external hardware to its applications. It adjusted its policy after it released Apple Music. For example, it launched Android Apple Music.

Apple Music can directly play music on other external players via iPhone or iPad after it connects to bluetooth and AirPlay.

It is unclear whether Apple Music will be compatible with more music players.