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Amazon Prime Instant Video might offer the third-party videos

Bloomberg quoted that Amazon Prime Instant Video members will be able to use other on-demand video networking service, reported on November 27.

The Prime subscribers can add other online contents to their accounts, including famous movies and TV channels. It is going to sell Amazon-made products next month as well.

The Prime Instant Video service will attract more new clients to battle with Netflix and Hulu. Amazon’s next plan is to develop its home entertainment business.

Prime Instant Video service will be as important as cable television service, Roku, Apple TV and Fire TV in the future. The difference for Prime Instant Video from the cable television is the lack of live shows.

Amazon did not reveal the amount of Prime subscribers. Consumer Intelligence Research Partners predicted Amazon Prime obtained 44 million subscribers in July. It becomes the second hottest internet television service in US, while Netflix came to first.

Amazon Prime offers the third-party tv shows via Fire TV, competing with Apple TV, Roku and Google Chromecast. Amazon ended the sales of its rival products at online stores this year.

Amazon is now working on launching a live tv shows service besides the adjustments of Prime Instant Video. It still discuss with the cooperated medium concerns how to provide this service. Apple also has plans to explore its business strategies.

Black Friday: Google encourages people to use Android Pay for Charity

The Black Friday is coming soon. Google would like to take this opportunity to popularize Android Pay. It announced today that each time people use Android Pay from November 24 to the last day of December, will get one dollar donation to support the public education.


What’s more, if people use Android Pay for shopping on Black Friday, that is on November 27, Google will double the donation for public education. Google limits the donation amount at $ 1 million to avoid consumers’ unlimited enthusiasm for charity.

Google attaches importance on the popularization of Android Pay, judging from this promotion. Android Pay might be the priority project in its future developing strategy.

Speaking to other technical giants what owns payment app, Apple Pay uses increased stably. It is rumored that Apply Pay teamed up with the four major national banks in China and will be introduced in China next Feb. As to Samsung Pay, it promoted with $ 50 gift card to encourage Amercian Samsung users to use its payment app. In addition to this, Samsung also did a small payment test in China.

It seems Android Pay still has long way to enter mainland market. The competition for obtaining more market shares become intense. Will Apple and Samsung be threats to Alipay if they are introduced to China?

5 features that iPhone 7 might update

ValueWalk reported that the expectation to next generation has been a hot topic to the Apple fans. The public starts discussing what suprises will the iPhone 7 bring to us.

iPhone 6S had just been released for two months and many of iPhone users are still under the adjustment of new handset. However, the Apple Fans start predicting what new features it might modify.

iPhone handsets are popular in Indian market. The sales volume of iPhone 6s made a new record. It offers more time for Apple to study and launch its next generation iPhone 7. Even though iPhone 6s seems to be perfect, there are still many aspects required to modify. After all, every bean has its black.

There are five features it might update: Screen, Camera, Design, Waterproof and Eye-tracking.


iPhone screen seems to be out of date in comparison with the Android handsets. It was reported that Samsung has much chance to be the supplier of iPhone 7 to provide OLED screen. But this rumor was denied by KGI securities analyst.

It is supposed to update its screen resolution. Many of its rivals use 2k or even 4K screens. Even though it brought 3D touch for iPhone 6s, its resolution is still weak. Its contact ratio is lower.

What’s more, it might update the antireflective coating technology as it applied for iPad.


Camera becomes a factor to enhance the cell phone’s competitiveness. Many mobile manufacturers update their technologies of camera, and the superiority of iPhone fades away. It is rumored that iPhone 7 camera will come with 16 mega-pixel and apply ISP image processor.

According to Apple’s traditional, iPhone 7 will be applied new design language to bring us bran-new appearance. iPhone design is always a main factor to lead the fashion.

It will make a great achievement for its waterproof feature for iPhone 7. It will be convenient to use the cellphone in rainy days. It will be well-connected with Apple Watch as well.


IBTimes reported that Apple is launching a unique eye-tacking system. We might be able to experience such technology on iPhone 7 in the future. Such technology will be iPhone 7’s gimmick.

It is definitely that Apple will update new features for its next generation iPhone products. No matter what features it updates for iPhone 7, we will see in the third quarter of 2016.

Google reduces its Apps bottom prices in developing countries, exclusive China

Google Android system obtains 1.4 billion users so far. The Android users do not have the habit to subscribe software, thus the Android developers receive limited incomes.


To stimulate users to subscribe Android software, Google announced to reduces its Android Apps’ bottom prices globally.

ZDNET reported that Google Play store offers different versions in compliance with the local culture. Their prices are different due to their national currencies. The lowest prices for Android App was one dollar before.

Android cell phones attract more and more users in the past few years. Its users mainly distribute in developing countries, such as Asian countries, South America region and Middle East. The local people relatively earn fewer there, therefore, they do not spend much to purchase mobile software and games.

According to the statistics made by AppAnnie, the income of downloads on Apple Store is 80% higher than Google’s, while Google Play’s downloads are 90% higher than Apple’s. The downloads in India, Indonesia, Vietnam account for the majority.

The developing countries that Google reduces Apps’ bottom prices are including Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Hungary, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, Mexico, Peru, the Philippines and Ukraine.

Google only adjusts the bottom sale prices, it depends on the App developers whether they want to adjust the sale prices. It offers flexibility to the developers to decide their prices.

Google is selling low end Android cell phones in Africa. It promises to sell the cheap mobiles down to $50.

China mainland is not in the list of those developing countries which Google adjusts the bottom prices. It previous reported that Google Play will come back to mainland market.

Lumia 950XL unlocked now and shipped by November 25 in US

It is just like Lumia predecessors’ traditional, the new flagship mobile became silent after it made a great hit in the market.


There are not lots of subsequent news reported concerns more details. The consumers even don’t know when it will be released. It is lucky that they don’t have to wait for a long time as Lumia 950 XL will be released soon.

Lumia 950 XL started to offer online pre-orders on Microsoft’s online stores in US lately, selling at $649. Microsoft claims that all the pre-orders for Lumia 950 XL will be shipped on November 25, 2015. There is only one week left.

It is worth noting that consumers will get a free Display Dock if they make pre-orders for Lumia 950 XL via Microsoft Lumia Offers app. Users can experience similar Windows 10 system on an external display by connecting Display Dock to Lumia 950 XL. It is the most important feature for Lumia 950/950 XL.

Lumia 950 XL has a 5.7 inches WQHD display, embedding 20MP camera with ZEISS optics. It comes 32GB storage/ micro SD 200GB. It applies Windows system.

Industry and Information Technology has approved its authentication. It means Lumia 950/ 950XL will be released in domestic market soon. It is likely that they will come in December.

Lumia 950/950 XL are expected to obtain more shares. We are not sure whether they will bring us excellent and distinctive experience. We will see when they are introduced to the market.


YouTube launches monthly flat Music App

The competitions become intense in the music streaming media market. Apple Music released the iOS and Android apps and YouTube recently launched the YouTube Music as well. It means the users can use the independent App to experience the high quality music videos.

youtube music

YouTube announced the monthly flat products days ago. Users pay $ 10 for monthly flat will be able to experience music videos without Ads. YouTube Music is the supporter of subscribed music service.

YouTube Music runs similar pattern as the others do. YouTube Music recommends interesting content, songs and music videos to its users. It also allows to replays specific songs.

YouTube signed contact with some singers to obtain the exclusive music copyrights. Now the users will be able to listen to their songs on YouTube Music.

The non-subscribers have no access to experience free-ads, offline and pure music videos on YouTube Music. YouTube offers 14-day free trial for paid service.

Spotify and Pandora rank in the top two in the music streaming media market. Google availed of Google Play to launch the $10 monthly flat steaming service but it did not attract many users.

YouTube enjoys great popularity than Play in media service field. Google proved YouTube to launch the independent music App. Google connects YouTube and Play services. Users can share these two services at the same time by paying one of the subscriptions.

Apple Music received 6.5 million subscribers according to its previous report. It is unclear the amount of YouTube and Play subscribers.

YouTube Music offers Android and iOS versions, downloads are exclusive available in US.


Amazon launches Prime Now for carryout service

Amazon announced on Tuesday that it will offer carryout service for its Prime memberships in selected areas of Los Angeles. This means Amazon will offer its prime members who live in the shinny south California a one-hour delivery on thousands of products.


Amazon claimed that it teamed up with Umami Burger, Baby Blues BBQ, Hurry Curry of Tokyo and some other restaurants for the carryout service.

In addition, Amazon offers the delivery service for Sprouts Farmers Market and Ehrewhon Natural.

The prime memberships can order the products made by the mentioned retailers via Prime Now application. At present, Prime Now is available on iOS, Android devices and Amazon’s own device.

Amazon will extend the Prime Now service in the selected areas in the future. Judging from Amazon’s announcement, it will charge additional fee for the Prime Now service in the future.

Even if it surprised the public that Amazon starts its career in carryout service, it is an interesting trial. Amazon has been trying to start the fresh courier business, and it open a store for fresh delivery already.

Amazon also faces the competitions with Postmates, Doordash, Seamless and Uber in carryout service. Amazon has superiority in free delivery, but this advantage will be gone soon.

Amazon promised to extend the Prime Now service in other districts in Los Angeles in the following days, however, it did not reveal whether it will offer such service to other cities in US.

Google took over Fly Labs to strengthen Google Photos

Fly Labs, US video editing tools startup confirmed on November 8 that it was taken over by Google. This startup company once launched several video editing tools and claimed to edit more than 20 million vidoes.

Fly Labs will be added to Google Photos in Mountain View branch. Google Photos was made to store photos in this May. Last month, Google announced that the active users for Google Photos was over 100 billion. Google hopes to popularize this application.


When Fly Labs announced this news, it claimed with pleasure : ” Google Photos will be a new application for your daily life memory. It is supported by Google machine learning and computing visual technology. Its application complies with the reason that we built the company. We look forward to blending our technology in Google Photos.”

In addition, Fly Labs added, its applications are free to use now. There are no more purchase requirements while running them. Its applications will be free to download in three months.

Google doesn’t make any official annoucement cocnerns this news yet. It is unclear how much of acquisition price for Fly Labs. Bue the financing limit for Fly Labs is under one billion dollars. The scale of company is small.

Fly Labs focuses on iOS and launches photo or video editing tools for it. It is unclear why Google took over Fly Labs. But it is interesting to see how Google integrates Fly Labs’ technology into Google Photos. Google Photos can automatically select and store the best photos from Android and iOS devices, the strength of editing photos and videos will make it more attracted.

Microsoft teams up with Red Hat

Microsoft announced it established cooperative relationship with Red Hat on November 5th. Red Hat will provide Azure, Microsoft Cloud Service with related Linux technical support.

There were heat competitions between them, finally Microsoft embraces open source. Microsoft is more compatible and open now. It is hard to believe there were rivals.

From 2012, Microsoft added the support of Linux in Azure, and the existing Azure virtual servers that run Linux accounts for 25%. Microsoft even used Linux to support the application of Azure last year. It announced that the programming frame .net totally open source in 2014. In the meanwhile, it announced MS-DOS were open source.

At the BUILD conference held in San Francisco this May, Microsoft announced its Cloud Service is open source. All of its Microsoft applications are run on the basis of Linux. Microsoft and Red Hat came to a deal in November and will cooperate to develop the application of next .NET, including OpenShift and Red Hat Enterprise Linux .

According to Microsoft’s previous revealed documents, it had plan to support Open Source community in 2004. Microsoft has been the giant in this industry. As the demand of Open Source, the market requires to be compatibly. Microsoft becomes a total open source company in 2015.

Google also offered Android Open Source for obtaining more opportunities and market share. Microsoft could take Google’s experience for reference.

Dell will sell $10 billion assets to remit burden of EMC acquisition

It is reported that Dell plans to sell $ 10 billion non-core assets, including software and service in order to reduce the heavy burden of EMC acquisition.

Dell announced that it realized the EMC acquistion with $ 67 billion last month. It was the largest acquisition deal in the world technology market. Dell will be indebted at $49.5 billion after the deal is done.

The insider revealed that Dell has been meeting the Rating Agency concerns selling its non-core assets. The assets Dell might sell are including QuestSoftware, SonicWall, AppStore and Perot System.

He implied that Dell won’t sell the hardware asset includes servers this time. It was hoping to dominate market by EMC acquisition and rival with Cisco and IBM, while hardware assets play an key role for its competitiveness.

For the EMC acquisition, each share is $24.25 in the Cash component and the rest of deal are special shares. The special shares aim to show the market value of VMWare.

The acquisition is expected to be completed from May to October, 2016. If the deal goes successfully, Dell will be the Enterprise solutions giant. It will make full use of its existing cash, stocks and debts to realize acquisition. Michael Dell, Silver Lake company, Temasek Holdings will offer cash support to carry out the plan.

When it announced the EMC acquisition on 12th, October, the EMC share was $33.15 each. Its share was closing at $26.35 on Monday.