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What Apple will do next with $206 billion cash

The total cash amount that Apple holds is $ 206 billion at present, a large portion of the sum is from overseas. Apple’s cash reserve is equal to the GDP of Czech Republic. As listed company with the highest market value in the world, what will Apple do next with $206 billion?

apple cash

Some investors may doubt that Apple will return more cash as bonus to its shareholders. Actually, Apple did. Apple spent $50 billion to inspire its employees by dividend and stock buyback.

Washington D.C politicians hope Apple could transform its offshore capital back to US. Its current cash reserve in overseas reach $178 billion.

First and foremost, Apple can use the cash reserve to invest and bring much profit for its investors and motivate the diversification of products. Thus, it could lessen the dependency of iPhone.

The revenue of iPhone products accounts for 62% of total revenue. Frankly speaking, Apple Watch might not be able to bring $1 billion income for Apple.

It rumored that Apple had plans to explore business in motor vehicle industry. In fact, Apple has enough capital to realize this event. Its future acquisitions might relate to the plan of launching motor vehicle in 2019.

Tesla Motors might be the target for Apple’s next acquisition. Tesla Motors’ current market value is $ 27 billion. It won’t be too hard to realize it with Apple’s firm foundation. But Apple needs to make win-win plan to persuade Elon Musk,CEO of Tesla Motors.

BMW might be in Apple’s consideration. BMW’s product is high-quality and popular in motor industry. It launched two motor vehicle cars, i3 and i8. Cook visited the headquarter of BMW last year and its manufacturer named Leipzig. BMW’s current market value reaches $60 billion.

Uber is also working on launching self-driving cars. The company valuation is growing fast. It plans to financing $1 billion with $60-70 billion’s company valuation.






Microsoft invested Apple in 1997


Steve Ballmer, former CEO of Microsoft claimed that investing Apple in 1997 might be the most crazy thing that Microsoft has ever done, quotation from the statement when he was interviewed by Bloomberg.

A deal made by Microsoft and Apple not only helped Apple got rid of being bankrupted, but also gave Apple hope. Their cooperation allowed Apple won opportunity for innovation. Apple made full use of that chance to complete its recovery in the technology industry.

As a part of the deal, Microsoft agreed to purchase Apple’s stocks that have no voting power with $150 million. In addition to this, they both signed an extensive agreement term concerned patent cross-licensing authorization.

According to the term, Microsoft promised to support Mac’s Office version in the following five years. As a return, Apple would also make commitment to set IE as Mac’s default browser at the same time.

Steve Ballmer said Apple did an excellent. Steve Ballmer came back to Microsoft in 1997 and Apple faced the situation to be banktupted. Microsoft and Apple reached for a settlement of the lawsuit, and Microsoft agreed to invest Apple as a part of settlement.

Steve recalled that it might be the craziest thing we had ever done. Apple has firm foundation of innovation. Their company would be run as the most valuable one if they have enough capital.

The Apple fans was anxious for their settlement in the beginning. However, this was the great achievement made by Steve Jobs. He ended the patent lawsuits between two firms and gave Apple to catch a break to innovate new products with the invested funds.

Jack Dorsey donates $200 million of Twitter shares to motivate staff

As Jack Dorsey has officially worked as Twitter’s permanent CEO and the Square company that he works as its CEO becomes a listed company, Dorsey began to take measures to make reformations inside the company.

He announced that he will donate one third of his Twitter shares to the company’s employee stock option in order to motivate them. Those stock shares will be used to reward its employees.

Dorsey returned his individual shares to the company for times during his tenure of office in Square.

He claims that he hopes to own a small amount of share of big company instead of a great amount share of smaller company. He is confident that Twitter will perform better.

The latest closing price of Twitter share is $29.15, therefore his donation is worth $214 million.

He is one of the co-founders of Twitter. He left Twitter for some reasons in the past years. He established Square then. Currently, Square becomes a listed company and its share price has increased much.

This is not his first time to donate company shares. He donated partial shares for times to the company in Square, and he also avails of partial shares to build the foundation that encourages innovation.

Due to the shortcoming of usability of Twitter’s product, it has difficulties to win more long-term and loyal users. More and more users choose Snapchat and Instagram. Twitter’s popularity got affected.

Twitter has been working hard to carry out new measures to improve the usability of its products, restore the relations with third party application developers.


Microsoft spends $152 million to build new Irish campus

Microsoft’s new Irish campus that locates in Dublin was announced to break ground today, reports on October 21,2015.


Its new Irish campus exactly locates in Leopards town, the south of Dublin. It plans to spend $152 million to this campus, covering an area of 370,000 square inches. Its total building area takes up 7.4 acres.

Independent Ireland reported early today that it is Irish campus where Microsoft will gather its 1,200 employees who work in Dublin.

Cathriona Hallahan, head of Irish branch suggested Microsoft further expand its business in Ireland. Hallahan said: ” we emphasis on developing the investment projects in Ireland and will approve that we can attract European talents. We consider the Irish projects as our green channel to march into European markets.”

Ireland becomes one of the vital parts for Microsoft’s business. Ireland lost its Celtic Tiger leadership since the financial crisis burst in 2008. Ireland encounters at an all-time high in economic recession and unemployment rate. Therefore, Microsoft’s investments in Ireland will create some job opportunities for many people.

Microsoft claimed that the foundation-stone laying ceremony of Irish campus is to congratulate the 30th anniversary of Irish branch. The Irish branch is the first data center that Microsoft built in oversea.

It is worth noting that Irish data center is also the place where Microsoft store private emails and other accounts information.

Micron CEO cuts 50% salary catering to spending cuts measures

It is reported that Micron submitted report to SEC on last Friday that its CEO, Mark Durcan asked for 50% basic salary cut to cater to its spending cuts measures.


Micron confirmed that its Pay Commission has cut Mark Durcan’s half basic salary, cutting down to $525,000. Mark Durcan’s action was in answer to its spending cuts measures. He salary cut took effect on October 18.

As one of the biggest memory-chip makers in the world, Micron is the only DRAM memory-chip maker in America. It launches NAND flash memory chip at the same time. Micron announced on October 1st that its fourth quarter sales benefit dropped a lot due to the impact of average selling prices decline. In spite of this, its sales performance was beyond Wall Street’s expectation. The share of Micron has fallen a cumulative 47% this year. Its share was closed at $18.5 last Friday, declining $.016 compared to its former day.

Uniscom planned to purchase Micron at the expense of $23 billion early this year but failed. They did not make a final deal in fear of the disapproval of American regulators.

It was reported on last Tuesday that WDC and Micron negotiated with SanDisk, considering the acquisition of the SanDisk. SanDisk hired an investment bank to estimate the possibility of selling its business. It is said that SanDisk share a flash memory chip factory with Toshiba in Japan. If SanDisk wish to sell its business, it needs to make agreements with Toshiba.

SanDisk is one of the current biggest flash memory chip makers in the world. Micron is its rival in flash memory chip business. WDC hopes to enhance its competitiveness in flash memory chip business with the help of SanDisk.

Alipay compatible with iPhone 6S, adding 3D Touch feature

iPhone 6S has been released for a while. Those softwares no matter hot or not has been gradually updated to support the new mobile devices.

Each iPhone product has its own signature function. The major feature of iPhone 6S/ 6s Plus is 3D Touch. There are more and more softwares updated to be compatiable with its 3D Touch feature since iPhone 6S being released. It turns to Alipay now. According to confirmed resources, Alipay has made another update on iOS terminal, adding support for iPhone 6S and its new functions.


Besides to Alipay, Wechat also updated to support 3D Touch feature. Apple Watch and MacBook products had supported sensing technology before 3D Touch came to us, only that it was called Force Touch.

The foreign medias made comments on iPhone 6S as the most sincere iPhone since its release. 3D Touch becomes a major functions to compete with other rivals.

iPhone 6s can sensitive sense your touch with potency dimension. You can click, swipe, do Multi-Touch on its predecessors, while you can also Peek and Pop features iPhone 6S. When you use the 3D Touch, you will sense its response besides viewing the screen.

You can experience Alipay on iPhone 6S with this new update. It offers convenientce for your daily need.

Surveys report that loyalty index for Chinese iPhone users up to 80%

Katy Huberty, the analyst from investment bank Morgan Stanley raised Apple’s target share price and iPhone shipping performance on Monday. She considered Apple’s reasonable target share price is $162, increasing by 45% of its current share price.

Katy suggested in her investment reports that the shipping performance of iPhone will increase 12% in 2016, increasing by 3%-7% on the basis of her previous estimation. She aims at the share price setting at $10.52 in 2016, comparing $10.29 from her previous estimation. And she sets the target share price from $155 to $ 162.

She also mentioned a great many details of smartphone publishers. According to its survey result of AlphaWise, the update period in US and China has been accelerated. It comes out the loyal index for American users up to 93%, while Chinese users’ account for 80%. More and more iPhone users are willing to spend money on updating to new series due to the popularization of 4G network and preference of famous brand devices.

It suggests 38% American users plan to buy new smartphones next year while 75% Chinese users plan to change new ones next year. 47% American smartphone buyer have plan to buy iPhone, increasing by 9% for the same time last year. And 42% Chinese high-end buyers plan to use iPhone, increasing by 2% for the same period last year.

Apple’s share price declined $0.19, down 0.14%, on the stock of $111.96 on NASDAQ market. The bottom price of Apple share is $92 while the highest price is $134.54 in the past 52 weeks.

YouTube launches a new iOS app with built-in editing tools

YouTube released a new version of its own app for iOS devices. This app is qualified with a much-requested feature–editing tools. The app is basic, limited to cropping, filters and the option to overlay a soundtrack.


The editing tools are simple and effective to use. There are also other new features made in the update.

YouTube’s iOS app supports Google’s signature Material Design and it comes with an modified layout and swifter navigation.

Users can access to the favorite channels, recommendations, and do subscriptions by swiping or pressing on the icon of iOS app. What is more, they can also process of uploading a video.

But there are also some different voices. Some of the YouTube users are not happy with this update. In addition, they made a large number of negative comments on the App Store.

To those who are against the change felt that Google has failed to take advantage of iOS 9 features, picture-in-picture viewing, SliderOver and Split View included.

Some others even criticized the new layout as the left sidebar and the red header dominate the top of the screen.

Users now can be able to free download the version of YouTube iOS app from the App Store. Why not experience this new update app?