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Apple sold a record 13 million iPhones 6S and 6S Plus handsets within three days


Statistics from Apple as it reported that the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus sold out more than 13 million units between them within three days on the market. It set a new record in comparison to the sales volume of its predecessors.

iPhone 6S and 6S Plus began on sale in some major markets such as UK and the US on September 25. The Apple Stores started their business time at 8 am sharp.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said the sales results of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus has marked in Apple’s history as its sales past any previous first weekend ones.

According to the previous record, Apple sold 10 million handsets of iPhones 6 handsets. Apple took three days to sell 13 million handsets units for the first weekend sales results which was remarkably.

It received positive feedback from customers. Customers love 3D Touch and Live Photos much. The company plans to introduce iPhones 6S and 6S Plus to more customers in even more countries on October 9.

Apple made official press event about releasing iPhones, the new Apple TV and iPad Pro on September 9. The latter two devices will be also introduces to an extra 40 countries on October 9, such as Italy, Mexico, Russia, Spain and Taiwan.

It reports that iPhone 6S and 6S Plus will be accessed in 130 countries by the end of this year.


E-book sales drops down as readers return to the pysicial books

In the past five years, the readers prefer the digital books much, and the writing books encountered a cold period. Right now, the printed books are much popular again in comparison to the past five years. There has been an unexpected twist for this situatin.


New York Times quoted the statistics from Association of American Publishers indicates that a 10% decline of E-book sales appeared in the first give months of this year.

Even though the digital books become popularity, the printed books are still in a firm position to fight with. Not all the people love to read to digital books. Many of them prefer to read both of the digital and print ones. So there are still great demands on print. Print is refusing to diet out.

The statistics from Forrester Research also show the sales of e-reader are declining as it compared the sales of e-readers with 2014 and 2011. The e-reader sales reached 20 million in 2011, while it dropped down to 12 million last year.

One of the reasons for the e-reader decline is high e-book prices. It is not cheaper to read for digital ones. Many of the e-book contents cost as much as their print counterpart. If the e-book subscription services still charge much from its readers, they may lose many of its fans. As a result, many readers will return to print.



Microsoft’s flagship Windows 10 phone could be expensive


It is reported that Microsoft’s flagship Windows 10 phones, the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL could be costed as much as the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus do.

According to the figure from Spanish retailer Ecomputer, it offered the Lumia 950 at the price of £659, while Lumia 950 XL offered at £ 749. Those prices are close to the ones that iPhone 6S and 6S Plus cost in European continent.

Since the mentioned prices are not set by Microsoft itself, the prices for Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL may not come as so hight. Microsoft will make an official announcement for its new phones in a few weeks. Things will be clear then.

Microsoft’s headquarter, Redmond firm will make a new product launch in New York on October 6. It will introduce the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL alongside. The new handsets are expected to capture more focuses from the public.

Since there is no official information about the new handsets, the Lumia 950 is rumoured to use a 5.2-inch display with a 1440 by 2560 resolution. It runs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 chip, has a 3GB of RAM and 32 obtains 32GB of storage. While Lumia 950 XL is rumoured to come in a 5.7-inch display with a resolution of 1440 by 2560, a Qualcomm 810 chipset and 3GB of RAM.

The new phones reportedly to be released with a next-generation Surface tablet, Microsoft Band and the budget Lumia 550 handset.

Overnight charging iPhone won’t destroy its battery

If you happened to overnight charging your iPhone, just feel easy as it won’t make impact on the slightest.

Its tech writer Jesse Hollington gave proves in answer to recent reports that ovenight charging does lasting damage.


He stated that one can’t be overcharge an iPhone or any other electronic devices. He claimed that when your iPhone is plugged in and reaches 100%, the iPhone switches to external power and it runs battery from that.

The explanation bases on that any device that uses a Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer battery must incorporate a charging cirucuit that cuts off charging power when it reaches 100%.

He recommends the you the preferable way to charge your iPhone or device is before running out the battery. There is limited number of “charge cycle”s for a Lithium Ion batter which is about 500 in the case of an iPhone.

When you just use 10% of a complete charge cycle and charge your iPhone up from 90%. It means you could charge your iPhone up from 90-100% 5,000 times before you had have to worry about running out of charge cycle.

If you stick to using your iPhone until the battery goes dead, its battery life will be shorten. Therefore, there is no need to use up the battery before you recharge it.

The pre-orders of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus goes well. You can pay close to Apple news if you are interested.

A Ford app allows you to control your electric car from wrist

Ford’s latest app for the Apple Watch and Android Wear that allows the electric car owners to control their cars with the mentioned wearable devices.

The app is called MyFord Mobile. Its fuctions come as remote climate controls, locking, and unlocking, range and charge status and even more. It will be more convenience with this new app when you drive Ford.

MyFord Mobile will show you the walking directions to your parked car. It happens that many car drivers may not remember the exact locations of their parked cars. It will be easier to find your car with the application of this new app.

This software is suitable for those who own both a smartwatch and an electric car. You can also apply this app to C-MAX Energi, Focus Electric and Fusion Energi cars.

MyFord Mobile’s core app for iOS and Android also upgraded some new features for the new version, it is added the pinch zooming on Google Maps and an alert that guides you locate the nearest charging station.

Ford is just one of the automakers that applies the smartwatches to control cars. The previous news from BMW concerned that it is testing a watch app in order to lets users to control the Knight Rider style car from their wrist.

Tatsumi Kimishima will Nintendo‘s new president

Nintendo presient and CEO Satoru Iwata sadly passed aways at 55 in July. Its managing directors Shigeru Miysmoto and Genyo Takeda were selected to operate the company in the interim in order to find a new president to run the company.

Nintendo announced on September 14 that it will appoint its managing director and head of human resources Tatsumi Kimishima to be its new president.Miyamoto and Takeda remain their positions at the company and will return to their other duties as a new president being selected.

Kimishima is familar to top-level leadership at Nintendo. He was selected as president of Nintendo of America in 2002. He got promotion to be the CEO of Nintendo of America in 2006 and kept in the same role until Iwata’s assumption of duty in 2013. Beofre Kimishima works for Nintendo, he worked as CFO of the Pokemon Company.

He has proved himself with leadership skills, and he will be a unique president than Iwata was. Miyamoto and Takeda remain in top-level positions. They will work together to keep the enthusiasm spirit within the company.

Miyamoto, the creator of the Mario, Zelda and Pikmin games, he will be in the role of creative issues, while Takeda will handle with technology issues.

It will be the test for Kimishyma’s leadership skills in the following years. Now the company teams up with DeNA to launch its first mobile games NX which is expected to be released next year.

Apple TV will import Guitar Hero Live, Skylanders SuperChargers and Geometry Wars 3



There will be several games imported to Apple TV this autumn.

Guitar Hero Live, Skylanders Superchargers will be launched on Apple TV soon. The former one was previously reported that it will be there.

Apple TV’s functioning is compatible with Guitar Hero Live’s Bluetooth Guitar controller. Therefore, the users can experience it on a console as well as Apple TV.

Jamie Jackson, Guitar Hero Live creative director, addressing that they are eager to offer an opportunity to bring back Guitar Hero with a new way as Guitar Hero live had been accepted and applied by many fans. The feedback of Guitar Hero Live came well.

He continued that they are excited for the new launch of Guitar Hero Live next month. The fans will be able to play the game on consoles, mobile handsets and Apple TV this autumn. It will make their lives more exicted and fantacy.

The Skylanders will be also launched on Apple TV, and Geometry Wars 3 will come with all of the same 3D action.

Harmonix, the Rock Bank developer, working on a game for Apple TV, titling Crossy Road which is a multiplayer version.

Apple TV’s remote will be updated and launched in Ocotber. It features a touch pad and allows for motion gestures.

HTC’s Aero phone will be released on September 29

It reported that there will be some major smartphones released on September 29. It will be a busy day on the tech calendar as the report indicates HTC is also planning to release its new flagship smartphone in Japan on the same day.

Google has reported that it will release its new Nexus and Nexus 6 handsets on September 29. What will happen? Will the companies face much competition for introducing their new products?

The news of HTC that will release Aero handset comes from Twitter tipster@UPleaks. Who transalate text from a Janpanese invite that reads “double flagship”.

As its previous reports, we have learned that HTC is working on another attempt at a flagship handset after its commerical failure of the HTV One M9. The device is rumored to call Aero and indicates it is upcoming to the public.

There were reported implying that the Aero would be introduced at an event on September 6, however, HTC just announced a launchpad for the mid-range Desire 728.

HTC faces an embarassed situation as it was demoted from the index of Taiwan’s 50 lagerest companies as its shares dropped rapidly in value. It will attract more attention from its failure case if it could launch a successful flagship for the public again.

The BBC has plans to launch iPlayer and Music discovery service catering for kids’ flavors

The BBC firm has showed its great interests to launch some services to help kids to stay in a digital-first age where government cuts are ongoing threats. It had made some initiatives for offering the services.

There is a kid-friendly version of BBC iPlayer called iPlayer among its inititiatives. It also proposaled a music discovery service based on Playlister service.

According to the description of BBC Director General Tony Hall, the iPlay is a single, online front-door for children. The children can access great knowledge or content from the BBC and its trusted partners.

iPlayer will allows users to acess a broader ranger of contents than Cbeedies and CB BC. The conten is suitable for pre-school students and young adolescents.

Hall said all content will be free of commercial elements for its targeted cusomters. The parents don’t need to purchase the official mechanise as their children will see them on the screen. Commercial elements will be seen on this service then.

Whatever songs they have listened or played on the BBC’ radio channel, the new Music discovery service will host them as that they could find them easily next time they listen to. The fans can be able to access the songs they have played on-demand for a limited time.

The new music discovery is an extension of Playlister. They users can export playlist of music from their favorite shows to other apps with the help of this new service.

Apple admits more efforts need to be done on Apple Music

Apple has ackowledged that it requires to make more efforts so as to improve its Apple Music.

Oliver Schusser, the vice president of iTunes said the company has been managing to make modifications to the streaming service that launched in this June, reports the Guardian.


Schusser told the reporter that there will be a lot of work need to be done to enhance Apple Music’s performance.

He said the company focuses on editional and playlists on Apple Music. It sounds appearently that their teams all around the world work on that focus. The company is now working on adding new features on Apple Music and weeding out some certain things on it.

He claims that the Apple Music Connect is performing better as more and more artists connecting to their fans. But the company isn’t stagnant. They are working on the improvements for it for the rest of the year.

In response to critics of the Apple Music’s usability, he said that Apple Music is their priority and they have received a lot of feedback from the customers. Apple Music was a big launch in 110 markets instantly. It is no doubt that they got a great amount of feedback. Apple is engaging to make Apple Music better with the help of customers’ feedback.

The Apple Music Festival addressed a load of new acts on September 3, including Take That, The Weekend and the Chemical Brothers.