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Apple’s iPhone 6S front camera for major upgrade

A massive leak seems to have revealed all about iPhone’s specs shortly after Apple announced the iPhone 6S will be released on September 9.


9to5Mac shared those information online,but much of the news merely backs up the previous reports. There is something you need to know about iPhone 6S.

The leak includes some new information about the handset’s upgraded front camera. The new update iPhone front camera supports panorama shots, slow motions fliming and 720 video recording.

Apple promises to introduce flash functionality to iPhone selfie snapper. It is made to run by the display taking on a white glow instead of an LED sensor.

From the details, some information confirmed its previous rumours, setting a 12-megapixel rear camera with 4k video recording, a Force Touch display, and a next-generation A9 chipset among its features.

Details tell us there will be one more color option as remoured, an Apple Watch-aping Rose Gold model will be released with Space Gray, Silver, and Gold versions for its debut.

If you look forward to seeing a scratch-proof Sapphire glass display for iPhone 6S, you might be disappointed this time. It is reported that Apple will keep using lon-X glass at the moment.

Instagram update will allow users to upload portrait and landscape photos


Instagram has upgraded its service with new format changes that enables users to upload portrait and landscape photos.

The users can upload the “one in five photos or videos” that are no in square format with its new format changes. The update version makes it easier to share contents among users.

Instagram announced the changes in a blog post published on August 27.

The spokesperson claimed that they were excited to announce its changes of Instagram format, the users can not only share square posts but also photos and videos in both portrait and landscape orientation on Instagram.

The square format will be served for the users as always. The visual store which the users attempt to share will come first. The format changes will make the sharing of story simple and fun. And it allows users to share the comments with the ways they like.

When the photos or videos display, the nearly one in five photos or videos are not in square format. And it seems a bit complicated to share this type of content on Instagram.

You will be able to adjust the orientation to portrait or landscape instead of square by tapping the format icon when you choose a photo or video to upload. When you share the photo to others, they will see a full-sized version of its beautiful and natural character.

Kim Kardashian also uses this feature on Instagram and her follower reached 44,005,604 earlier this week.

LG plans to launch its first flat 4k OLED TV at IFA 2015


LG has confirmed its plans to produce a new range of TVs at next IFA trade show which will be held next month. It will launch the first commercially-available flat 4k OLED sets as well.

It is said that the new TVs will be designed in 55-inch and 65-inch size options by this South Korean firm. The new TV sets will support high dynamic range (HDR) technology.

Details unveiled from the company that the new TVs will join the market by two curved OLED variants. One is with HDR while the other one is not. Both of the two curved OLED variants come with slim factors that measure in at 4.8mm.

High dynamic range technology displays the technology that leading to brighter and holder colors and deeper blacks. However, the content with native support for the format is in short supply. The company faces great challenge.

In the meanwhile, the streaming giants Netflix and Amazon have confirmed that they have plans to broadcast in standard in the near future.

WebOS 2.0 operating system comes to LG’s next wave of TVs. The most outstanding features of new operating system is to enable super-fast boot times and built-in speakers from Harman or Kardon.

Sony Xperia Z with a new camera teach will be rolled out on September 2

It is just a few days left for Sony Xperia Z5’s debut. This new handset is coming closer to the public. There was new teaser image from the Japanese manufacturer that confirms this news.


This new handset has been the topic of leaks and rumors for a long time, Sony has confirmed that Xperia Z5 will be refreshed with an excellent phone camera tech. The users can witness this refreshment a few days later.

From the official Twitter-based tease, it shows a blurred out image of the handset that taking a photo. Xperia Z4 will display a new camera-focussing tech to the users.

Sony not only has made impressive camera improvements for the Xperia Z5, but also has revealed when its next-gen iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 rival will be unveiled.

Xperia Z5 will be officially debuted on September 2 that supposes to be the shinny handset of next week’s IFA gathering.

Sony will be released this handset at Berlin-based press conference at 4.15pm CET. Then there will be more live news about the company’s new smartphone offering then.

UK had failed to bring the Xperia Z4 when it had been released. But this time,it is expected to bring Xperia Z5 to the local market.

Nintendo plans to make a gaming console without an opticial disc drive


News leaked from a recent patent application that Nintendo has plan to launch a gaming console without an optical disc drive.

The rumored gaming console is not sure whether it is related to the company’s upcoming games system that code named of NX.

According to the patent’s abstract, it is said that it is an example system includes an internal hard disk drive storing a programme and/or data, it has a communicating unit transmitting/receiving a programme and/or data via a network as well as a processor executes a programme stored in the hard disk drive to perform game processing.

The patent’s abstract implies the example system do not contain with an optical disk drive for reading out a programme and/or data from an optical disk.

The rumored gaming console is said to support some kinds of “display unit” games which is similar to the capabilities of the Wii U GamePad.

It reported that the NX gaming system will be roll out in the beginning of July 2016. Nintendo might be ask its supply partners for production trails for the new gaming console this October. Surely, there will be more specs and details unveiled from the company.

You have chance to beta test PS4’s next major update now

If you are a user of PS4, able to access the internet as well as having a master account, then you may be taken into consideration of experiencing the beta test for the console’s next major update.


Sony will introduce the beta programme on September 2 for the test. And it allows the PS 4 users to sign up to be a membership to beta test via the PSN Beta website. The update has not been released yet, so it may be a great attraction for the PS fans.

PlayStation senior product Manager Adam Grant wrote on the PlayStation Blog indicating that the company will run a beta programme to test its new features before they launch the next major system software update for PlayStation4.There are always lots of aspects to be considered before a new app is launched.

He added:”if you would like to experience the PS4 at the new features in advance, and would like to give us your precious feedback about the service for our improvement, don’t hesitate, sign up via PSN beta website as soon as possible.”

The beta testers are allowed to roll back to their previous PS4 system software update whenever they like during the programme test.

Sony just offers limited applicants to experience this test. So you need to hurry up to sign up when you are available.


BBC iPlayer adds My Programmes feature and Live Restart for TV


BBC iPlayer has made a new update that adding a host of new features to make its service more personalized to the customers due to their viewing habits.

The highlight feature for the update is Live Restart and it allows the users to skip back to the beginning of live programming even if when you are watching the shows.

The Live Restart is available on PC. It has been applied around 40% of the 17,00 TV attached devices that being used across iPlayer in the UK.This new feature is being used by more users on a regular basis.

The catch-up capability is supported by further features, coming a new “My Programmes” tab. It offers you a personalized home for your individual iPlayer experience.

My programmes will list your favorite and earmarked shows for future viewing as well as prompt the latest episodes in a series you have ever watched.

Finally, the latest iPlayer patch is set to make jumping between devices even easier and it also comes with a cross-device pause and resume being thrown into the mix.

So you can watch the rest of the show a part of a show on the iPad during your breaks and continue it where you paused when you get home.

The updates on iPlayer promises to give users ever greater control their experience there and allows them to watch the latest shows.

The iPlayer update features are being released on today August 19. These two features will be introduced to all compatible devices in the following weeks.

Twitter’s government data requests double in the UK


Twitter reported that users data requests from the authorities have doubled in the UK in the past six months. The figure from the social network’s transparency confirms Twitter’s claim. It shows there were 299 information requests submitted between January and July, and the number increased from 116 in the last six months.

Twitter indicates that the figure complied with 52 percent of these data requests. The tech support of Twitter denied those requests that all nine content removal orders when it received during the period in question.

BBC News reported that the removal requests were mainly connected with the defamatory statements and prohibited content.

There are figures reported that UK law enforcement becomes the biggest requester of Twitter data in the European Union.

There was also a worldwide requests rise up to 52 percent from January to July,it is the biggest increase as Twitter began tracking the figures in 2012. From those request rise, the US could be the top one requester. Japan ranked as second and Turkey came in third. UK was marked as another “top requester” since this action.

When submit request online, he needs to make sure to fill in the requested information, otherwise his request will be denied.

Windows 10 installs reach 27 million

Comparing to Windows 8, Windows 10 becomes a great success as it has gotten 27 million installs. For Microsoft, Windows 8 becomes a bad memory to its development.

27 million installs means Microsoft won a 3.78% of the operating systems market in two weeks, while Windows 8 spent six months to reach that level of adoption.

The users had expected the Windows 10 for sometime. When its free download accessed, it is no doubt that it could attract lots of users.

The figures showed that Microsoft products are welcome and popular in the UK market. It has a 7.56% share of the market as The Inquirer reported.

Windows 10 is a seamless operating system that is made to work and sync across PC, mobiles,tablets and a series of other devices. It comes in seven different flavors: Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows 10 Education, Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise, Windows 10 loT Core.

It had announced that Windows 10 is free for the first year if you are running Windows 7 desktop or Windows 8.1 on desktop or mobile. And it won so many users since it had been released to PCs on July 29. If you use other operating system, you need pay related cost to upgrade a specific edition. It will be releasing the mobile phone edition in the coming months.

It is illegal to use iTunes to rip CDs due to UK copyright law

It is not allowed to rip a CD, otherwise you will break the law due to the recent changes to UK copyright legislation, even though you use iTunes to do that. If so, you will be put in prison.

The High Court amended a piece of legislation last month which it allowed the people to rip CDs and DVDs for personal uses, one of the main purposes of the Apple Softwar

It is unbelievable that it is breaking the law now to use iTunes to rip CDs . The Intellectual Property Office considered those CDs and DVDs should be protect as copyright works.

TorrentFreak reported that : “It is a crime to make private copies of copyright works without permission from the copyright holder. Base on the law, the users can not shift format from one medium to another either. It could be considered as a crime as well.”

Will someone be arrested to the prison for exporting his music collection?It is unlikely. The government is still figuring out the implications of this law.

The government statement indicated that: “This part of the law is very complex area. The government is carefully considering the implications of ruling and the available options before it takes into effect.”

The government has no idea any cases of copyright holders having prosecuted individual s for format shifting music solely for their own personal use.

The UK government do a research online for collection the public opinions about this legislation. If you are interested, you could find more information from the UK government official website.