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Google Translate adds 20 more languages

Google Translate has made a great modification for support. Its supported languages has been extended from 7 to 27.


The users now can use the Google Translate to convert Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Duth, Filipino, Finnish, Hungarian, Indonesian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian to English, or convert English to those languages.

It also added One-way Hindi and Thai translations from English to its new update. Google Translate was only able to translate English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. With this new update version, there will be more users to apply this service.

Google Translate is available for iOS and Android users. The app can convert the text in three ways, typing, speaking or pointing their camera at the words to make it work.

Google Translate product chief Barak Turovsky said they need to keep updating the app as there are still many languages out of list. English is an international language, but there are only 20 % of world’s population speaks English. There should be more languages added to this app.

The Google Translate update helps to solve a few more language barrier. You could communicate better and get more world’s information with this app.

You can also user Google Translate on the web and Chrome browser.

Facebook tests with Linkedln-style profile tags to support emojis

Facebook plans to launch a new profile tags feature that having similar functions to its professionals-skewed rival Linkedln.

The Verge got the confirmation from the social network that Facebook is testing tags and it reported that the tags were created as part of an internal hackathon.


You may love Facebook again with this new feature. The Facebook explained that the profile tags are an innovative tool that allowing you and your friends add tags to your profile to highlight things that describe you and what you like.

The Facebook users are able to add their own tags and receive tags from friends by approval as well. In addition to this, the users are capable of using emojis on Facebook.

The Facebook server will send users a notification with option to agree with when a friend adds a tag on their profiles. If they agree, the tag is visible on their profile. Or they could also decline their friends’ requests.

If the users agree with a friend’s request for adding a tag, other friends are able to like the tags as well. It may cause those tags to appear in descending order due to the number of likes.

Facebook updates its new features all the time for its social network. It is reported that it has been working on a Siri-like personal assistant powered by humans.

Amazon Prime Music hits in the UK

Amazon is joining the competition with other brand music devices in the UK as it launches its own Spotify rival.


It is called Amazon Prime Music. This streaming service is free. It also offers on-demand access to more than 1 million tracks to potential and existing Amazon Prime customers.

This streaming service joined book hire offering, TV and film service. Its features come with more than 500 playlists, all bespoke creations by a range of leading musical influences.

One million tracks is a great amount. This track list is under 30 million songs offered by other platform. So it is not surprised that you could not find some big names on rival streaming services.

There are certain tracks can be used from the likes of One Direction, George Ezra, Bob Dylan, Madonna, Ella Henderson and Royal Blood, but their complete back catalogues are not supported.

You could find the likes of Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Rihanna but their works may not be able to stream on Amazon at present.

If you want a broader music selection, the Prime Music will allow you to complete tracks from your collections to add custom playlists. Then you can download the songs for offline listening.

Amazon Prime Music is available across iOS and Android with the Amazon Music app. Users can enjoy Amazon Prime Music on all Amazon hardware and desktop apps on PC and Mac.

Amazon Prime Music is not a monthly charge. It is being bundled in with an annual Prime membership. And this service will refund you £79 each year.

Amazon has plans to open “drive thru” grocery store

There were previous news about Amazon working hard on delivering goods to residents quicker with different means of transportation. To attract more clients, it still works hard to make more useful proposals.

The US residents in some states can older groceries from Amazon Fresh, but they are likely to move a step further to offer service for more clients.

Silicon Valley Business Journal reported that the Amazon company hopes to open its first “drive-thru” grocery store in the near future.


With this grocery store, the shoppers can place their order online and pick up their goods with a scheduled time instead of having the Amazon staff delivered. They can pick up the fresh ones as they like.

It is reported that Sunnyvale, California will be the first place for opening the grocery store. And there is evidence showing that a real estate developer has presented his plans for a 11,600-square-foot building.

It is obviously that the local people will be able to find the grocery store at 777 Sunnyvale Road. It can hold eight cars to wait to collect groceries.

In addition to this, Amazon is going to open more grocery stores throughout Silicon Valley.

It is said that Amazon Fresh delivery service will be introduced to London as well in this September.

Regulation for limiting drones flying with “dronecode”


As there are many people flying drones around the residents, the Civil Aviation Authority suggested a “dronecode” should be employed to limit those drones flying over the sky.

This regualtion comes into force with immediate effect, it makes the regulations on where and when you can use the drones. Be sure you are staying away from airports. This proposal has been prompted by some near-misses with passenger jets.

You may feel it is cool with its name “dronecode”, but it is a hi-vis-wearing, it comes with clipboard=holding list of healthy and safety instructions.

The instructions will guide you what you can and can not do with your drone. And you need to make sure your drone is being seen by others.

The CAA sets you must be in line of sight with your drone all the time when you fly it. And it limits the flight parameters to around 500 meters. And you can not fly your drone beyond 122 meters in the air.

It is defined as criminal offense if you fly the drone near to aircraft or helicopters. For those people who ignore the law, they could be at risk of sentencing to jail for a maximum 5-year term.

Stephen Landells told BBC:”As for the drone operators, they need to put safety first in minds when they operate the drones, and make sure there is no influence with commercial manned traffic.”

There are other rules drafted that camera-equipped drones should be at least 50 meters away from the people, vehicles and buildings.

No TV networks use YouTube’s premium service yet

YouTube has been working sometime to introduce a premium subscription-based YouTube service to TV networks. But there is no sign that the TV networks would use this service at the right moment. It seems Google meet some difficulties at this point.


Reporting from Bloomberg, Many YouTube’s partners have teamed up with the company for the new paid platform, but it looks like the TV networks have less interest in this service.

The premium model has been supported by 90%of YouTube’s current starts, however, there is not one TV channel has signed up to the premium service yet.

Some people think that some of the big media companies view the video sharing website as a promotional outlet for clips and highlights in comparison to full-length shows.

It exists the complication of rights agreements for shows between TV networks and YouTube and its competitors. The networks considered that YouTube seemed to allow users store and watch videos offline. The premium service may have economic conflict with Netflix.

The Google-owned site has possibility to run its Music Key service into the YouTube premium service as well. YouTube made a standalone gaming service last month and it is available to use on Twitch.

It is breaking the law to rip CD again in the UK

It comes to be illegal to rip CDs and DVDs for personal use in the UK once again. There was law to indicate that it is fine to rip the CDs or DVDs. Now this change surprises the public after nine months the law was introduced.

This change resulted in last month that a High Court judge ruled against the legislation change made in October 2014 due to its lack of copyright levy.


A group of music industry organizations challenged the law and resulted in such decision by the High Court judge. This group comprises of the Musicians’ Union, UK Music, and the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors( Basca). They filed a petition to the High Court.

UK Music CED Jo Dipple said it is very important to pay respect and fairness to songwriters, composers and performers that stating into the law.

He added: “the music shows the country culture and history. It is only right that Government gives us the standard of legislation our music deserves. We would like to team up with the government to protect our works.”

The U-turns make great impacts on CDs, DVDs e-books and any product concerning copyright that can be digital duplicated. We will see how the law implement this change.

The government said this change is made by “considering the involvements of the court ruling and the available options” in accordance with the ruling.

Will Openreach and BT be split under Ofcom review



It is reported that BT and its Openreach service could be compulsively split into two companies due to a review made by Ofcom.

Most of the UK’s internet service providers user Openreach fixed-line network.So the company is requested to offer providers with equal terms.

Its competitors revealed that Openreach service did not work well under BT, thus, the communications observers doubt if Openreach could work better as a separate company to compete with its rivals on the equal terms.

Ofcome chief executive Sharon White said the purpose of this review is to ensure the public get best quality communication services.

Ofcom hopes to promote equal competition, investment and innovation between providers.It allows everyone benefit from better coverage, choice, price and quality of services in the near future.

This review indicates the beginning of Ofcom’s Strategic Review of Digital Communications. This strategic review is executed every decade and led to the creation of Openreach.

Ofcom also took the feedback for other options into consideration. It agrees with the proposal that keeping the current model or imposing greater control over Openreach’s wholesale charges, and it even makes worse penalties when Openreach fail to deliver.

The BT spokesperson said the communication industry has made great improvements in the past decade with intense competition and popularize the application.

The UK makes outstanding performance and it did better than its European peers regarding superfast broadbrand. It made great impacts on BT investments in fibre at the height of recession.

The proposal made by Ofcom is to make well balanced investment between provides. It may lead to a even promising industry with positive competition.

Samsung plans to launch its thinnest ever phone,Galaxy A8 with 5.9mm



Samsung has officially announced that its new phone Galaxy A8 in launching. This phone would be the thinnest phone of the company ever made.The company old version phone flagship Samsung Galaxy S6 seemed to be a bit heavy to the users. Now the newest phone Galaxy A8 will be designed at a mere 5.9mm thick and it is a full millimetre skinnier than the super svelte iPhone 6.

The Galaxy A8 is designed as a mid-range size, offering with a solid,arrat of specs if not ground-breaking by the users.

Its settings inside come with a 5.7-inch,1080p Full HD Super Amoled display with a 64-bit Sanpdragon 615 processor. It has handset features 2GB of RAM and its internal storage comes with 16GB. Its handset storage can be expanded to 128GB with the application of microSD.

Galaxy A8 camera comes with a 16-megapixed designed on the rear, and it also set a front camera with 5-megapixed shooter. The camera features will attract many selfie fans.

Its battery comes with a sizeable 3050mAh. It can last longer time each time user charges. Its system applies Google’s Android 5.1 Lollipop OS. There will be three colors of the 151g A8 offered for the customers. Coming in black, white and gold color shemes.

There is no confirmation when it will be offered in China or if it will be offered here. This A8 will be handed a UK release.

Amazon bans shaped like guns’ iPhone cases

A series of iPhone cases which look like guns have been banned by Amazon to cater to the petition proposed by Stephen Lawrence’s best friend.

Duwayne Brooks OBE has been engaging in a great many of community safety proposals as he witnessed the dealth of Lawrence in 1993 when he was stabbed at a bus stop in south east London.


He is latest effort is to ban the gun-shaped cases as these cases will mislead others that a person is carrying a dangerous weapon when he placed it in his back pocket.

A middle age man told the reported from Evening Standard that a senior officer of the Met’s firearms and Taser reference ground acknowledged him about the cases.

He said that the cases are not good enough in his opinions. They have been informed that people have been hurt for carrying the cigarette lighter “guns”.

He added: ” with the iPhone cases, the people in the public could report you that carrying guns.”

When the people carry these cases, they could mislead others. And you may get caught if someone got shot around you.

It is wiser to ban the cases in UK rather than wait for the police officers to shoot someone who carrying an iPhone case. The local people don’t want the cases popular in London or major cities.

Amazon confirmed that the third party responsible for selling the product yet to met its listings criteria.